The Parent March on Washington: three years later


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

How fast time went, and how fateful our message to the federal government was during the Parent March on Washington, May 1-3, 2019. The report we delivered to more than 600 offices has fateful relevance today as families struggle to stay in contact with loved ones during the holidays.

Abusive family court edicts are contributing to a serious spike in suicides, emotional torment, financial worries and domestic violence. It’s the tip of the iceberg because, like the coronavirus virus, both federal and state leaders ignored the signs and our profound message.

The report dated April 12, 2019 was titled, A Federal Funded Epidemic and subtitled, Vital Report Justifying a Federal Investigation of Human Rights Abuses in Divorce and Family Courts. Now we have an “epidemic within an epidemic” as parents, families and their children struggle with a “New Normal” that awaits us.

During the same month, we were preparing a motorcade protest from Liberty Park in Jersey to the Washington beltway. It was our kick-off to an event that will stay in our minds for a long time to come. That evening we featured an open forum and planning session at the Holiday Inn Congressional Ballroom.

Striking parallels are found between the abuses of child support incentive grants and the abuses of emergency relief funds of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like the rewards given family courts to order the largest number and amounts of child support, our federal government is giving financial incentives for states and hospitals to label all sorts of deaths and patients Covid-related.

As concerned parents, we need to organize, fight back, and share information. You can call our office for a private exchange at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me directly at

In the meantime, enjoy the memories of our march by viewing our American Parent March video on this post. It was produced by Philadelphia Attorney Larry DeMarco, a real great guy. I will now leave you with my flurry of recent posts which document elevating corruption in the gambling, financial services and divorce industries at

2 thoughts on “The Parent March on Washington: three years later

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