Anniversary of Parent March on Washington Brings Hope For Genuine Reform Due to Covid-19 Pandemic



By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It was exactly a year ago when a a large group of moms and dads made a bold two-mile march down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to Capitol Hill. It occurred on May 3, 2019 under police escort. We made our grievances known that day in prominent fashion without any incident.

Law enforcement agencies that granted our four permits for the march,  and rallies at the White House, Supreme Court and Capitol were ready to issue them again for this year’s event, but the Covid-19 Pandemic derailed it.

Nevertheless the current crisis may have a silver lining in the way of a stronger case for overdue reforms to the vast corruption that is occurring in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

This is the subject of our bi-weekly phone conferences, Mondays (tomorrow) and Thursdays at 7pm ET. It is free, informative and open to all. Just call in at (605) 313-4427; access code 583326. We are preparing a report and petitions to take our 3-day event in Washington to the next level.

There is severe censorship of our movement due to the gold mine that we are threatening in these courts. But if we don’t take action now, the “New Normal” will be more abnormal than ever before as hungry lawyers orchestrate more needless conflict to make up for lost profits.

You can sit idle at home and complain, or you can take profound action with fellow victims while time allows. In a few months it may be too late to obtain the vital changes to this corrupt system.

So I leave you with fond memories of the last day of our 3-day Parent March last year and invite you to get a taste of the ordeal I endured as a whistleblower in an excerpt from my court filing this past week:

Background:  Whistleblower Retaliation Led to the Persecution of an Innocent Man

As will be made abundantly clear, this is an extraordinary case that cannot be pigeon-holed into any generic format. Strict adherence will only result in a disjointed submission that begs for more clarity down the road…

Emphasis must be made at the outset that the complex nature of my ordeal was a predictable outcome of an ill-conceived witch hunt intended to punish a whistle blower. I should not be faulted or required to make sense of that outcome.

I should not be required to explain why a record 40 trial level jurists were removed from my originally uncontested divorce over a 14-year period, why a co-parenting agreement was upended by a clearly unethical divorce lawyer (and member of the originating ethics committee) resulting in the permanent alienation of my precious daughters without any report of neglect or abuse.

I should not have to explain why my parenting time was illicitly suspended by a spiteful family judge without any competent proof of unfit behavior other than such findings as a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (wedding toast), and how a gag order on my website was removed after a supreme court order was signed against that judge in 2016.

Such retributions, concealed in multiple tribunals, are not limited to trial judges. Hence I should not be faulted for the rare instance of an entire appellate department disqualifying itself on April 28, 2010 from this case after denying my November 27, 2009 motion for the same relief “without prejudice” after 23 unblemished years of practice.

I cannot be expected to show remorse for such outcomes or a high regard for our courts when that retaliation was based on a support order devoid of a recusal hearing promised on the record by a previously disqualified trial judge.

To the contrary, I deserve a better explanation why my paramount rights under the federal constitution have never been heard, let alone mentioned, in any disposition of this unduly protracted, 12-year case, why all discovery requests designed to yield truth and justice have been consistently denied, and why lawyers who have committed serious crimes and misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars in client money have not lost a single day of licensure.

Indeed, my first-assigned support magistrate was suspended for a mere six months for stealing over $7,000 in client money. Resort to federal court was ultimately terminated by judge created deference policies that entrust federal claims to this state court and others to no avail.     

To detract from an unconstitutional agenda, members of the bench and bar have laid blame on me, depicting arguments as rambling, vitriolic, or incomprehensible (despite exact understanding) in a chasmic departure from my pre-retaliation filings over a two decade period of litigation.

Such terms plucked from a thesaurus have the calculated effect of censoring speech and accountability through defamation. Our society relies on parallel First Amendment rights of free press to expose government corruption.

But an aura surrounding our judicial branch yields an undeserved immunity which empowered it here to persecute an innocent man to his demise…

To get involved in our joint crusade for justice, call our office at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me directly at


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