Self-Representation, Corruption and the New Normal in Family Courts are Topics of the Parenting Rights Institute conference calls every Monday and Thursday (tonight, May 8th) 7pm ET; Call (605) 313-4427, Access #583326.

Family Court children services

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

With the Coronavirus pandemic in full swing across the states, and protesters around the country making a stand against extreme controls over our citizenry, another pandemic is coming when our nation’s divorce and family courts re-open as soon as next month.

But when that day comes, we cannot allow the former abusive routines to destroy families as they have been for decades. Brutal money grubbing tactics like imputed income and Title IV-D funds from the federal government will come under great scrutiny.

Parents alienated from their children during lock-down will be more furious than ever, unemployed support debtors will have a national crisis as their unassailable defense to non-payment, and family courts as we have come to know it has changed forever.

So take heart, justice is coming. We should already be planning a nationwide march in our communities to make sure that family court business changes for the better. Give us your input. Join our conference calls. It’s free and open to the public, an opportunity to do something real positive from your sheltered locations.

So let’s get to it. Contact fellow victims and help us form a powerful parent union in support of meaningful reforms. Call tonight, Thursday, May 8th. 7pm ET at (605) 313-4427. Access code when prompted is 583326. Every Monday and Thursday until the crisis subsides. You can also call me at our office at (315) 380-3420 or

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