Happy Custodial Parent’s Day !


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s the mother of Mothers Days this 10th day of May, 2020. Unlike any other, this one features quarantines, alienated loved ones, economic devastation, a killer virus, and a future that is anything but bright.

Winter squalls have invaded vast parts of the country with cold and darkness enveloping the landscape. You would think this was some kind of sign from a higher power, an apocalyptic foreboding, or maybe nothing more than a time-out for humanity to re-think its ways.

Whatever your thoughts, one thing is certain, the pre-pandemic society that placed greed and self-fulfillment over family and the values of life is gone. This lifeless microbe is now forcing us to spend more time at home, to reach out to those in need, and to acquire a whole new respect for the gifts we once took for granted.

They include the God-given treasures of fatherhood which in my case was destroyed by human gods. You would think that a successful lawyer never reported for child neglect or abuse, never charged with a crime, and a model citizen since birth, would be valued by any civilized society, but this one only proved the opposite.

Yes, my friends, the vicious quest to punish a judicial whistle blower cost me nearly everything. I was effectively quarantined for years without employment, treated as if the whole world was against me. Now the world is quarantined and the persecution reversed without anything on my part causing it.

Overnight we find a new world order, but not the one our human elite would have us subjected to. No, it’s one that our creator has in mind, whatever that may be. This invisible re-constructionist known as coronavirus has been busy doing exactly that with no regard for those who have responded to it as gods.

Indeed, in a matter of weeks it went from a footnote in China on the other side of the planet to an invader of every nation. Our own leaders are now scrambling for cover. Today’s news features the global expert himself, Dr. Anthony Fauci, entering quarantine along with top health officials due to viral exposure.

Only two months ago, Dr. Fauci was “advising” that cruises were safe and the virus would pass like so many others. Face masks were not effective then, today they are mandatory. What kind of expert is this? How much more of this human advice can we trust?

Yet, on Mothers Day, 2020, the band plays on, as if the old world order still prevails. Moms transformed into “custodial parents” by the gods of our divorce and family courts continue to shed their time-tested roles in favor of money, revenge and self-interests. And they show no regard for the harm they inflict along the way.

My ordeal is a horrific example, a perfect storm of the old world order created by greed, dysfunction and whistle blower retaliation. Kelly Hawse-Koziol, the judge-appointed “custodial parent” (due to her gender) has been abusing that title for some 14 years now with no accountability from those who empowered her.

Her goal of replacing me as the only true father of my precious daughters has been relentless. Her misguided energies were focused on attaining wealth and status without earning either. Time and again, Kelly Hawse-Koziol proved to be a virus herself, the proverbial bull in a “china” closet, no conscience, no remorse, no logic.

It all began in 2005 with a stranger named Lou Usherwood of Oswego, New York. She moved on the next year to a local guy named Joseph Flihan Jr., then a drug abuser with money in 2011. She returned to Flihan in 2012 who then dumped her in 2016, removing her from his home. Now she’s back preying on Usherwood 14 years later. How’s that for child rearing normalcy?

It’s information I received without asking: anonymous mailings, phone calls and even a person bent on doing harm which I prevented. Yes this may all sound like insanity, but I prefer the term “inhumanity.” Kelly’s greatest accomplishment in life, it turns out, will be the destruction of the real father and all the resources he accumulated over a lifetime to benefit those daughters.

Hearing her tell of it, she was being a good mother, but the record will actually show that she was a good “zombie mom.” There is simply no better way to describe “it.” To be sure, since this crisis began, I have yet to get a phone call from either daughter much less a visit using the car purchased for them through the quarter million dollars in child support paid to date.

When I demanded some basic information regarding my girls’ health and safety during quarantine, all I got was a curt and insensitive text, that’s right a text. I got nothing on my birthday or Easter since then despite my requests, and therefore I have nothing good to send to their zombie mom on Mothers Day.

Kelly Hawse-Koziol has made it clear that she will do everything she can, legal or illegal, to forge a permanent disconnect between father and child in a manner that only Satan herself could understand or approve. It’s the reason for my book’s title, Satan’s Docket, published in 2017 (soon to be updated).

Yes, the jury is now in, the presiding judge is the real one, and the verdict cannot be anything this zombie mom can look forward to. She can lie to the boyfriends, abuse our courts, deceive her daughters, extort hard-earned money, and even fool herself by living with those lies, but she cannot cannot bring back six years of lost time with my girls. And she cannot change truth.

That truth must now come out as I no longer have a need to protect adult daughters from publicity. Those days are gone like the custody world we once knew.

One thought on “Happy Custodial Parent’s Day !

  1. Chauncey Otto

    If your an attorney and you have been treated this way; and you know more about the law then the average man, what does a guy with very little money for an attorney and little knowledge of the convoluted family law have against this system. A system of gender oppression, extortion and financial slavery to another ?

    You can’t trust the court , thats for sure and you can’t trust the attorneys , the judges who do this to people were once lawyers and they are all in the same game.

    To make money and keep the system going for profit!

    It’s a crazy thing when you sit back and look at it. It’s really corruption dressed up as justice .

    It’s sad when you think about what they are really doing to society and I am so surprised there isn’t a larger outcry to what family court is doing to families and its really the government that is allowing this to happen.

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