A Philadelphia Lawyer is our next guest on PRI nationwide conference call Thursday, 5/21 @ 7pm ET. Join the discussion on family court reform: (605) 313-4427 access # 583326.

A peek at our next guest, Philadelphia Attorney Lawrence DeMarco as he interviews judicial whistleblower Leon Koziol this past week. Share this vital message for the sake of moms, dads, children and families everywhere. And join our bi-weekly conference calls to learn, network and protect yourself from divorce and family court abuse!


Dr. Leon Koziol, Former Civil Rights Attorney and Parental Rights Advocate Discusses Self-Representation in the “New Normal” created by Covid-19 Pandemic.


Long Island TV Host Chris DiMaggio Produces Highly Informative Interview of Parental Rights Advocate, Leon Koziol, in 2011 on constitutional issues in divorce and family courts.   FIT-TV TEN YEARS LATER



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