Dr. Anthony Pappas addresses judicial immunity and court reform on the PRI recorded conference call here.


Click the link above to hear a full recording of the Dr. Pappas presentation and exchange. Note a quiet gap before the first caller comes on which is referenced below. We could not edit it out but you might forward to discussion on your end.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

On June 1, 2020, our Institute sponsored another in a series of conference calls regarding family court reform and misconduct during the pandemic. Dr. Anthony Pappas, Professor at St. John’s University and 2018 Republican opponent to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was our featured speaker. It was noted that some callers could not access the conference. Others kept at it until successful. One participant suggested that waiting until 7pm was the ticket to get him on the call after similar frustrations.

However timing has nothing to do with this problem since the call could be set at any time. For the same reason, overwhelmed usage may not explain it as the difference between 6:50pm and 7pm is nominal. But if the site sponsor, Free Conference Call, can foreclose access to persons other than the host for this ten minute period, it can kill our series and discourage reviews of the recording due to a long quiet period at the outset.

Censorship should not be easily dismissed as a cause given the technical ability to sabotage these highly informative but controversial sessions. Facebook has already admitted to doing such things, censoring users simply because of views they dispute. Consequently you will find a long gap between the beginning of the recording and the first participant entry complaining of his frustrations with access.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Anthony Pappas addresses judicial immunity and court reform on the PRI recorded conference call here.

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  3. billy phillips

    Last Update: 2-24-2020
    One of my judges in Houston, State District Judge Bill Elliott, was a man who falsified his own death (Probate #773, Sonora, Texas, 4-18-82) using the name William Marion Elliott. His real name is William Marshall Elliott. He also died in 1998. He retired in 1995, then he became a visiting judge. The same judge had a water by-pass around his water meter, (Pasadena Police Report #91057241, 10-22-91). I got the police report and pictures by way of the open records act. I put one of the pictures in front of the Harris County Family Law Center, so everyone could see what kind of a cheap thief the judge was. He was buried (once again) in Austin, Texas. The first time around he was buried in Sonora, Texas where his parents lived. We were told, at the court house, that Judge Bill Elliott was a big-time judge in Houston, Texas. This woman thought he was dead, but he was in fact still sitting on the bench in the 311th District Court. Judge Bill Elliott did actually die on August 3, 2016.
    J.W. Elliott, Bill’s brother, falsified his own death (Vol. 1281 – Page 811, Limestone County, Texas, 8-13-73). When J.W. falsified his death; he left $7.06 inheritance tax (Vol. 1281 – Page 814, 9-10-74 – Receipt #87188). J.W. xxxxxx witnessed Bill’s probate in 1982 – nine years after his own “so-called death”! I traced some of the property in Probate #773, where Bill falsified his death, to Henderson, TX. Bill’s files were gone, but the folders were still there. All of J.W.’s files were still in tact and I got certified copies of his “so-called death”. J.W. was also a judge.
    Bill Elliott, Jr. supposedly died in an airplane crash in 1980. If he died in 1980, how could he have filed bankruptcy in 1991 (Bankruptcy #691-6057-JAC-11, San Angelo, Texas 7-22-91)? He signed a promissory note in Houston on June 30, 1982 $1,278,525.00. He was registered to vote in Harris County using an address that was a vacant lot (his mother and father were registered to vote at the same address). He was also registered to vote in Austin, San Angelo, Sonora and Nacogdoches, Texas. He was taken off the voter’s registration roll in Sonora the day before I got there to look into the records. He registered to vote as a Republican in West Texas and a Democrat in East Texas. He is not dead! Bill, Jr. is now using the middle name “Miller”. “Miller” is Bill, Jr.’s mother’s maiden name. His real name is William Marshall Elliott, Jr. Now he

    goes by the name of Billy Miller Elliott, Sr.
    Bill Henderson became the judge of the 311th District Court. I filed a Petition for Bill of Review to point out the fraud in my case. I paid the fee for a jury trial. Henderson turned down my Petition. I appealed his decision to the First Court of Appeals. The lawyer I hired, Betty Homminga, did not even show up and I had to argue my own case; which resulted in my case being turned down, If you represent yourself in a court in Houston you don’t have a chance. I appealed my case to the Supreme Court of Texas and I was turned down. One of the judges of the First Court of Appeals, Judge Margaret Mirabal, read my synopsis at a Democratic function in Pasadena, Texas and said “they can’t do this – can’t do that”. Then I told her that she was one of my judges; she didn’t say another word just turned around and walked away. Bill Henderson was indicted and convicted by a jury for bankruptcy fraud (the trial lasted a week and a half). After he was found guilty and the jury was dismissed; I left the courtroom. I found out later that Henderson then pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, which was “contempt of court” and then he was put back on the bench to serve out the rest of his term. Who ever heard of a person who is a convicted felon being allowed to continue being a state district judge? He did not run for re-election and he is still a lawyer in Texas. Now he is a consultant for County Judge Ed Emmett, in Harris County, Houston, Texas. Ed Emmett has been defeated.
    Doug Warne was elected judge for the 311th Court. I wrote a letter to the Court, which I mailed it certified on 1-12-09 (Receipt #P-298-270-933), informing the court that I had paid for a twelve-person jury and asking why my Constitutional Rights had been denied by not allowing me to have a jury trial. There was no response from the court, so I went to the court with my tape recorder and a witness (Al Johnson whom I believed to be a Federal Agent). I gave a copy of the letter to Doug Warne, who looked at it and handed it back to me. He referred me to the clerk. The clerk told me my case was closed. I asked “how can it be closed when I’ve asked for and paid for a jury trial and I
    haven’t had a jury trial yet? A few words were said and the bailiff said to me “let’s go”. When I was leaving the court room, just before I got to the bar, I was pushed in my
    back by the bailiff. At this time I did not know that this was assault. The Internal Affairs “swept it under the rug”.

    The District Attorney in Harris County (Johnny B. Holmes), who was in office at the time Judge Bill Elliott’s water meter bypass was dug up, told me in a taped conversation that “he was not going to f – – – with someone as big as Bill Elliott and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it”. I paid for the filing of a petition to take Johnny Holmes out of office, because he wouldn’t do his job (#93097714), The State of Texas vs Johnny B. Holmes, Jr., filed 7-21-93). The case was put into State District Judge, Russell Lloyd’s court (District Court #334); he dismissed it for “want of prosecution”. We wanted him to be prosecuted! Two days after the dismissal I was told Johnny Holmes transferred $87,000.00 drug seizure money to Russell Lloyd’s Court. Two to three days later, a sign was put up in front of the Family Law Center, by protestors who had been there 24 hours a day 7 days a week for over 2 years. The sign read “John “Baby Doc” Holmes, Jr. – Stealing Money – American Bank special account #113003470045314″. Russell Lloyd stepped-down from being a judge, but in 2012 he ran for a judge position and was defeated, but now he is a First Court of Appeals Judge. He took his oath of office on January 1, 2015. This is not about a divorce. This is about murder, fraud, judicial corruption, falsifying legal documents and pension fund fraud. I have a huge amount of paperwork and case law to prove what I’m saying, such as photographs, certified copies of court records, government documents, etc.
    Since 5-1-90, my ex-wife has been drawing on 26 years of my retirement. I was only married to her 17 years total, not 26 years. I worked as a longshoreman 12 years and 11 months during those 17 years I was married to her, which is where my retirement is from. I did not even have vested rights to a pension at the time of our divorce. If I had left the waterfront in 1976, I wouldn’t even have a retirement from the I.L.A. The divorce was final 9-1-76. 5-8-89 my ex-wife came back and sued me for partition of my retirement, “In the Interest of a Minor child”. My only child was 29 years old on 8-4-89
    and already out of college. The “minor child issue” was the only way any court had jurisdiction. The suit was filed under the old Divorce Case #1081838 in the 309th Court as a civil case. Then the records were illegally changed to Case #89-19351 and put in the 311th Court. After my lawyer filed the counter claim it became a family court case.
    The 311th Court lost jurisdiction when the divorce was final in 1976. My ex-wife asked

    For part of my retirement in 1976 and I said “no”. I left the marriage with $200.00 in my pocket, my work car and clothes. I paid the child support off in full before my son became 18 years old, but she didn’t run the check through the bank until 2 ½ years later (just before she went bankrupt). That’s when she filed that I was a dead beat dad. My son was supposed to have gotten my half of everything. My ex-wife and her second husband, Billy Parrish, had already been married for five years when she filed suit for 50% of my retirement. She divorced her second husband on 2-27-97, using the same lawyer, same court. She asked for, and received, 50% of her second husband’s retirement in their divorce.
    Records on the Justice Information Management Systems (JIMS) was changed on the same day as the RESPONDENT’S FIRST SUPPLEMENTAL ANSWER, AND IN THE ALTERNATIVE, RESPONDENT/COUNTER-PETITIONER’S ORIGINAL COUNTER CLAIM was filed. When my lawyer filed this document on 8-11-89, it was filed under the new Case #89-19351, then it was put under the old Case #1081838, then both the numbers were scratched out. It was put on two different screens in the JIMS to hide the fact it was even filed. 8-16-89 is when my lawyer “got in bed” or “under the table” with the “good ole boy system”. This document was never addressed. There cannot be a final judgment until all issues are addressed.
    Six issues that was in my Bill of Review to point out all the fraud:
    1. Waiver of Citation. The attorney of record notarized his own paper work.
    2. Minor Child. My only child was 29 years old and already out of college.
    3. The pension fund was not named in the lawsuit. My x-wife sued me, not the pension fund.
    4. Counterclaim. My lawyer filed a counterclaim that was never addressed.
    5. Doctrine of Latches. The court didn’t even have jurisdiction over this case.
    6. Forum shopping. They took it out of one court and put it into another court with no paperwork, no hearing, no nothing.
    Several more issues of fraud, tampering with court records, even murder.
    I can’t get a jury trial to hear my Petition for Bill of Review, even though I paid for one on March 8, 1996. I can’t even get my money back that I paid in for a jury. You don’t have to be a minority to get screwed around by the judicial system. Billy C. Phillips, 850 Elkins Lake, Huntsville Texas 77340….(936) 439 6324

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