PRI Conference Call Tonight, 6/25, Will Focus on Parental Rights and Corruption Protest, 7pm ET, Call (605) 313-4427, access # 583326


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay, so they ignored our first Parent March on Washington. It was peaceful, profound and all-American on May 1-3, 2019. Even Chuck Schumer did nothing to respond to our meeting in his conference room on the second (lobby) day of our event.

So what do we parents, aggrieved by a corrupt family court system, do about it? Well, if you’re a true American, the answer is simple. We do it again and this time ask whether violence is what it takes to get our government’s attention. Our cause seeks to overturn an antiquated child custody system that is causing suicides and premature deaths.

During these bi-weekly conference calls every Monday and Thursday we have been featuring speakers who have suffered losses at the hands of a corrupt and lucrative family court system. African-Americans are the most victimized there, i.e. Walter Scott who is so often omitted from the victim list of Black Lives Matter.

Walter Scott was the one shot dead five times unarmed in the back fleeing a child support warrant at a traffic stop. When we talk about parent lives, we’re also talking about those whose children were ripped away from them due to parental alienation and judicial dysfunction. When you lose a loved one, a part of you dies with that child.

So let’s talk about this! The Second Annual Parent March on Washington is tentatively set for September 16-18, 2020 using the same itinerary as our 3-day event last year. What is our theme? Do parent and child lives matter? “Two” is not just “too” but our return trip to ask our government: Do you truly prefer and praise peaceful protests or is violence the answer?

We are on the verge of making history for families everywhere. Spread the word and join us tonight and on September 17th, Constitution Day, when we will make it known that the “oldest liberty interest protected by the Constitution” (the parenting right according to the Supreme Court) means what it says!

One thought on “PRI Conference Call Tonight, 6/25, Will Focus on Parental Rights and Corruption Protest, 7pm ET, Call (605) 313-4427, access # 583326

  1. Deborah Shreffler

    As long as the corruption (monetary incentive to award kids to just one parent) exists, parental alienation will continue, no matter what protesting goes on, regardless of whether there is violence or not involved. Stop the greasing of palms and all that will be left are the personality disordered parents that want the more healthy parent out of the kids’ lives.

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