Another Pedophile Judge Steps Down After Being “Exposed”

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Due to continued retaliation for my judicial reform and whistleblower activity, I have not been active on this website for the past few months. But that will now change. Since its inception in 2010, followers of Leon have been appraised of judicial misconduct in countless forms.

As a victim of New York’s dysfunctional divorce and family court system, I was thrust involuntarily into this reform movement after retaliation seriously harmed every aspect of my personal, professional and family life. Combined with my highly successful civil rights litigation over 23 unblemished years of practice, the motives for a witch hunt were widespread.

Over a 12-year ordeal in these courts, more than 40 trial level jurists have been removed from my family court matters alone. One of them, Michael Hanusczak, was one of the latest to go down after a judicial commission found that he had sexually harassed court staff, even offering one female subordinate to have 3-way sex with his wife.

Mr. Hanuszczak was one of my many child custody judges, and the news of his resignation last week raised more questions than it resolved. They transcend well beyond the confines of a judge’s staff and inner chambers, but no one is willing to investigate the wider corruption in order to protect the reputation of our so-called justice system.

For example, can a judge fixated on the female body be an impartial decision maker in proceedings between a male and female litigant? Will he have a tendency, intentionally, recklessly or subliminally, to favor women with the hope of attracting their affection?

Any incredulity over that question can be dispensed by reviewing the case of Michigan Family Judge Wade McCree who impregnated a female litigant in his chambers while presiding over her child support case. Prior to his “exposure,” he placed the male litigant on a support monitor, coming very close to incarcerating him altogether for a money debt.

Judge McCree was married at the time and permanently removed from the bench after he tried to make a come-back. The male litigant sued this judge in federal court for civil rights violations but the case was dismissed on grounds of judicial immunity, patterning my own experience when a self-policing branch of government fails to hold itself accountable. The Supreme Court refused to disturb the lower court dismissal leaving us with the shocking rule of law that adultery in chambers with a litigant is a protected judicial act.

Another family judge in my unprecedented ordeal was proclaimed by lawyers to be a “judge beyond reproach” in response to my motion for his removal in 2011. I was adamant that any session in private chambers with my then ten and eight year old daughters must not happen without the parents present (known as a Lincoln hearing). Being an office holder recommended for a judgeship years earlier, I based my motion additionally on the “political espionage” that this judge, Bryan Hedges, and district chief judge, James Tormey, were directing of family court clerks against their will. One clerk sued both judges in federal court resulting in a $600,000 recovery (judges are not immune from civil rights actions brought by subordinates), see Morin v Tormey 626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010).

Fortunately my motion to remove Hedges from my custody case was granted because only months later, this judge resigned and was later banned from holding judicial office by New York’s high court after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five year old niece, see In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013). These are only some of the stands I took to protect my daughters which caused me such horrific persecution and sacrifice.

Both federal and state appeals courts did nothing to provide me with justice, compensation or even a mention of my good government objectives in any decision. Neither did the state judicial commission, leaving me with the right to take matters into my own hands by elevating my whistleblower activity and reform efforts. That only triggered more severe forms of retaliation resembling the ordeals of Chinese civil rights lawyers Gao Zhisheng and Chen Guangcheng.

Now comes the breaking podcast news series in the Washington Post yesterday which describes the pedophile activity of Washington D.C. Superior Judge “Truman A. Morrison III.” A sixteen year old girl never gave up her quest to secure justice against this judge for sexual misconduct during the seventies and his continued abuses after becoming a judge. Like Bryan Hedges he was defended by colleagues as a judge with an “impeccable professional reputation” see additional Post article excerpts below.

Over a four decade crusade by this victimized woman, some might have called it a chase for Moby Dick, but her long term commitment finally yielded some measure of vindication when Judge Morrison stepped down after receiving calls from Post reporters. In my case, the misconduct is diverse and widespread but because I am a male victim, there is no justice being served, at least not yet.

We are now in the midst of a process to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, one that could save our nation from vast civil unrest in the event our high court is called upon to decide a disputed presidential election. We victims of court corruption must join together and use this opportunity to raise critical issues of judge immunity, accountability, transparency and greater access to federal courts for a vindication of our federal rights.

We must call on the Supreme Court and Congress to review the systemic bias and funding abuses in these courts surrounding Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (child support incentives that lead to needless conflict, violence and debtor imprisonment). We need to raise funds for paid staff and a full time commitment to meaningful judicial reform nationwide.

If you would like to help in that regard, feel free to call me directly at (315) 796-4000 or e-mail at Please share this post as we are being seriously targeted and suppressed electronically. Indeed a family court gag order on this site was removed in 2016 after I was forced to sue the abusive judge, Daniel King, in New York Supreme Court (Judge King stepped down from my case only days later.)

4 thoughts on “Another Pedophile Judge Steps Down After Being “Exposed”

  1. Hey Leon, I’m glad you decided to come back. Welcome to the Struggle.
    Although, my Struggle with Judicial Corruption is in Las Vegas, what happened to you is almost and identical parallel life as to what these corrupt mothas are doing, also to me.
    My fight started in Jan 2009 and continues today. Although now I need to take my Case to Federal Court under Section 1983. This is the other way in which the corrupt judges do NOT have “qualified immunity”
    So, Now, we need to fight this corruption with renewed Energy.
    , new tactics and new strategies.
    So, let’s start kicking some serious ass! and stop treating those corrupt criminals as
    “Honorable Judge”
    I always refer to them as the “Family-Destruction Court” and “dishonorable Judge XX”
    It pisses them off, but I follow up with FACTUAL incidents of Corruption which they cannot deny and do not want to stir up any dust by holding me in Contempt.
    “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” was famously said….
    Let’ get on with it.

    Al Castaneda
    Diligently, for Civil Rights and for Justice.

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