Upcoming book focuses on parental alienation as a form of legalized child abduction that has led to a nationwide epidemic. Learn more on our next open conference call, December 10, 2020, 7pm ET. Dial (605) 313-4427; access # 583326.

Above video documents the ordeals of a severely alienated mom and dad in Pennsylvania and New York. Little has changed since it was first published.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

While missing children and child abductions receive top priority in society, parental alienation continues to be ignored despite comparable sufferings. It is all part of a corrupted and antiquated child custody system that lawyers have exploited for profit and courts have allowed so as to maximize incentive funds under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Despite a Parent March on Washington in 2019, a lobby initiative the same year, conferences in Congress, United Nations and good government commissions, this growing epidemic is a cause for increased domestic violence, needless clashes with law enforcement and murder-suicides.

I have been at the leading edge of reform efforts as a judicial whistle blower exposing the related tragedies across America. As a consequence, I was targeted as a civil rights attorney and persecuted as a parent. In an up coming book, I will detail how parental alienation is cultivated and weaponized against the falsely accused, particularly those who stand up to the horrors of this epidemic. Every severe case of parental alienation should be accompanied by a judicial “amber alert” with jail terms and punishments for the perpetrators on a level higher than money debts known as child support.

This is a silent epidemic that is eating away at the very fabric of our nation, our family values, traditions and parent-child relations. The blockbuster movies of today that receive some of the highest acclaim are those that feature aggrieved dads who take the law into their own hands when the system fails them. They include Taken I & II starring Liam Niesen, Rambo Last Blood starring Sylvester Stallone, Death Wish starring Bruce Willis, Patriot starring Mel Gibson, Stolen starring Nicholas Cage, Home Front starring Jason Straham and many more.

Indeed it’s hard to find an action movie star who has not had a film of his own focused on the protection of his daughters from harm’s way. Unfortunately in the real world, such fathers are denigrated in ways unprecedented in human history. On television sit-coms and law enforcement programs they are typically characterized as incompetent, uncaring and violent. As a result we see a break down in society on all fronts, from our schools to the riots in our streets. Drug related violence is at an all time high. And despite all this, our nation’s divorce and family courts continue to push good dads out of their children’s lives.

If you would like to be a part of our reform movement, join our free conference call, open to the public, tomorrow, Thursday at 7pm ET. Call (605) 313-4427; access # 583326. You can also call us anytime at the Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 380-3420 or e-mail me personally at leonkozioljd@gmail.com. Due to the censorship we have been experiencing over the past ten years, we ask you to help us overcome it by sharing this post and spreading the word through other means.

One thought on “Upcoming book focuses on parental alienation as a form of legalized child abduction that has led to a nationwide epidemic. Learn more on our next open conference call, December 10, 2020, 7pm ET. Dial (605) 313-4427; access # 583326.

  1. Judges violate constitution and oath of office to protect each other disgrace and protect crooked car dealer proven fraud contract of 20.000.
    whole judicial system is proven corrupted to protect each other. U S Court of federal claims judge, came after me with vengeance to protect friends. But when table turned he stopped answering me back. He put judgment and submission against me in a hurry. He said I, was unable to file in federal court and dismissed saying barred. Now I, put default submissions clerks judgments and Court fail to answer submissions defaults clerks judgments. Never barred in state court but judges was corrupted. Now in federal court they file nothing but the lie I, was barred. Now they have nothing to lie about they don’t want to pay proven won case against judges, who protected 20.000 proven fraud contract car dealer that is also criminal. Swear under perjury that every word is true. The top chief justices is a total disgrace and should be facing criminal charges for their actions. What do I, need to do to get long over due justice from a crooked judicial system that stick together.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on AndroidChief justice Margaret M. Sweeney, of the u s court of federal claims administration of Justice was given to me. Need to collect on defaults Clerks Judgments and default submissions to fraud upon the court, submissions to obstruction of Justice, and judges act of professional misconduct. And Violation of the United States Constitution.
    Law codes are given and proven also case law is proven in my favor. Defendants filed no papers in federal court. After 30 days all state judgment orders are void . state court will proceed no further. All judges and courts used state barred papers to dismiss case. Also judges said Res judicta was in my case and case couldn’t be refiled. Chapman Chevrolet a car dealer is one of the defendant and Arizona law title 10 sec 11 say car dealer not barred by Res judicta. The bottom line is clerk judgment entered in district court in Tucson and adjudged by Rosemarie Marquez, using state barred papers. In District Court in Phoenix clerk judgment is ordered and adjudged giving immunity to Rosemary Marquez. Lost of immunity Articles III of the construction and Rankin v. Howard in the u s court of appeals in San Francisco. All judges dismissal are void because all use void state papers. Now Margaret m. Sweeney, chief.justice administration of Justice win my case. Three months nothing from the court and claim need to be paid. Filed on Chapman Chevrolet for 20.000 proven fraud contract and all judges came to be attached by helping Chapman Chevrolet by lying saying I, was barred by Res judicta, but the truth is car dealer not barred by Res judicta. All defendants had was a lie and barred state papers. Roman Colter, swear under perjury that all is true. Also Res judicta consequences will not be applied to a void judgment. See law code. Two clerks judgment in District court in Tucson 4;17 00487tucrm. And in Phoenix District court five02599jjt. Lost of adjudged and Immunity and Article III of the Constitution and see Howard v Rankin in u s appeals court in San Francisco. Filed submission to default clerk judgment three months ago and no answer from court. U S Federal Court of Claims has fail to answer submissions clerks default and is now in default and claims need to be paid.
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android they violate the constitution and oath of office with bold non respect of justice. Court records prove case so print because they are running.

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