Hospitalized Dad gets no calls from his Daughters: The price paid by a Whistleblower

Popular Video on Parent Alienation produced jointly by a mother and father victim

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

FYI to all my regular followers across the country: I have been MIA for the past two months due to my admission to the emergency room on December 22, 2020. As a judicial whistleblower who took a stand against the corruption of parents and children in America’s divorce and family courts, I was subjected to an escalating level of retaliation over a twelve year period. Had it been one or two government persecutors over a short term, most human beings could have withstood the onslaught, but in my case, I was challenging a service providers gold mine, hence the targeting of me on multiple fronts was severe, relentless and without conscience. The combined stress, anxiety and daily fear of orchestrated incarceration finally took its toll with an early diagnosis that was not good.

That diagnosis was communicated to my daughters through e-mail (my only provided form of contact) and their “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol. I did not expect that a dedicated father, never found to be unfit or even accused of abuse, could be denied so much as a phone call while hospitalized for more than four weeks. But my daughters had been so alienated and brainwashed with family court’s encouragement that no call or expression of concern was given to me on Christmas, New Year’s Day or any day since. Meanwhile our government remains committed to preventing parent-child separations involving illegal aliens at our borders.

Parent alienation among legitimate American citizens continues to escalate without any accountability whatsoever, and those with sufficient qualification to expose this growing epidemic are targeted and persecuted to extinction to protect a trillion dollar industry. Like the tobacco, drug and chemical industries, the lobby groups that protect family court corruption have no regard for the consequences of their actions, their false advertising and their profit motive. You can murder a person with a single gun shot or you can thrust upon him a toxic environment and accomplish the same outcome.

In my case, the latter was all but fully executed. Beyond the corrupt system which facilitated it, this begs the question, what kind of “mother” brainwashes her offspring to the extreme of erasing their dad entirely from their lives? Isn’t this the real crime deserving of a prison term? Instead the facilitators and profiteers are more focused on jailing the so-called “non-custodial parent” for “child support” whose income producing capacity has been removed through draconian collection practices. These practices earn family courts billions of dollars in federal Title IV-D kick-backs based on the number and size of support orders satisfied by a bevy of government drones.

It’s the “”elephant in the courtroom” with anything but the “best interests of the child” as a guidepost or justification. Today’s post (or “summation” of crimes against humanity) has been provided in countless reports, news conferences and parent rallies over the years, sponsored by me as the proper form of non-violent protest. But here you have the unfortunate outcome of such valiant efforts shared by fellow reformers across the country. I remain committed to this cause and predictions of mine coming true with each passing year.

Among my efforts is a tell-all book which will hopefully survive my presence and carry on with the needed posterity to achieve meaningful reform and true justice for victimized families. I will return to our weekly Thursday conference calls beginning tonight, February 18, 2021, 7pm ET, and God-willing, a renewed program for uniting good moms and dads behind this vital cause.

To illustrate how evil the system has become, this so-called “custodial parent,” Kelly Hawse-Koziol, soon to become Kelly Hawse-Usherwood (more on that later) managed the audacity of filing another support violation petition for $40,000 during the time of my hospitalization. She did this not for any financial need, having received a quarter million dollars in tax-free support to date, but to force my abandonment of parental rights in favor of the several millionaire replacements she has stalked over the years. Even prison inmates get visits and calls from their children through voluntary acts or court orders.

How did my ordeal become so inhumane in comparison, a veritable John Grisham story that bears no fiction? Read all about it in my soon to be published and updated book, Satan’s Docket. Your contributions on this site,, would be very much appreciated to offset skyrocketing medical bills and economic losses caused by my unprecedented stand against a corrupt divorce and family court system. You may also contact me directly at or (315) 796-4000.

Kindly spread the word on this publication to further offset the suppression and censorship of my message.

Thank you all.

P.S. You can join our calls every Thursday at (605) 3!3-4427; access code 583326.

8 thoughts on “Hospitalized Dad gets no calls from his Daughters: The price paid by a Whistleblower

  1. Leon……hope your ok now… wife entered ER same day as you…..I thought I was saying “good bye”….but after ten days in Oswego Hospital and Remdisivir and antibody cocktails they saved her….,AND prayer …..thank God. I got covid too but did not get hospitalized…it was awful. We are OK now…thankyou for helping parents and children from courtroom demons. God bless….David Brown…Oswego…Guy who fought “dweby Eby” and won!

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  7. I understand what you’re going through and have experienced the same level of retaliation you describe. It is real, but yet surreal when comprehending just how many people from various agencies work together to target a good parent for being a whistle blower. In my case and as a former CASA, I stopped an FSRP provider from holding mother’s kids above their heads for sexual favors. I in turn was rewarded with a “legal” kidnapping of my child and much, much more similar to what you’ve described. The evidence I’ve acquired satisfies the burden of proof for a criminal court and is quite extensive. However, I’ve proven the corruption goes all the way to the top of the Iowa Supreme Court, including the ethics division, so for all intents and purposes, I have no evidence. I’m not sure what to do, because as you point out corruption extends itself to social media even censoring our attempts to warn everyone with proof. The problem isn’t confined to the family courts. The problem is so much larger than that and the problem is becoming more brazen and allowing itself to be seen without so much as a care for how people could start to catch on. For me that is the scariest part and want to know what that means. Does it mean that “the problem” feels it has complete control to such extent it can start to rear its ugly head without worry or even wants to be seen? What is complete control over our lives? Americans aren’t immune to a holocaust and the people in control of our government have proven themselves to be sick and evil to such a degree they don’t value our family’s lives. They are of the type of humans that care less if we die. In my case I was able to prove they allowed my daughter to be abused severely as a form of punishing me for being a whistle blower to their crimes. I wish you well and want you to know the sacrifice you’ve made and what you have been made to endure is felt by me and more than appreciated. You are an extraordinary person who not only refused to compromise your integrity and morality, but endured government abuse for other victims like me. Thank you is not enough and I’ll march with you any time, anywhere.

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