Just Shut Up and Pay YOUR Child Support !

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Just shut up and pay YOUR child support! It’s a familiar dictate used by the ignoramuses of the world to drown out all truth regarding the family court obligation known as “child support.” This two word label has been abused on an escalating scale to result in countless parental alienations, lucrative court conflict and premature deaths among litigants and their children.

It is an overbroad and even fraudulent label which generates federal funds for court operations and fees for “court predators” as I call them. When “child support” is mentioned, the public simply assumes that the debtor does not want to support his (or her) children. Few bother to look beyond that term to learn how it has been abused for anything but a “child’s best interests.”

There is little or no accountability for tax-free, support checks used for drugs, vanity excesses, residential partners and as tactical weapons for a custody award that inevitably leads to severe parental alienation. In so many cases, the one paying the so-called “child support” is, in reality, paying the state to take his children away.

The easy way for judges and politicians to avoid this “inconvenient truth” is by detracting from it, i.e. “Just shut up pay YOUR child support,” as if the recipient has no co-equal obligation. It is an unjust system harvested over the years which automatically assumes that all moms and dads do not want to provide for their own children. And it largely ignores the monies necessarily invested by a “noncustodial” parent to provide a home for the same children.

Nowhere is an accounting made of the working parental arrangements upended by this custody and support mandate found in the funding laws.

Government is actually manufacturing bad parents. They become the silent or walking dead, victims of murder, suicides, and child abuse, others that await justice that never comes. Take, for example, Investigator Joseph Longo, a father of four, so traumatized after exiting support court that he used a common kitchen knife to leave those children without parents for life. [1] The court predators just kept pounding him with protection orders, support deductions and career damage without considering the breaking points of their targets.

Then there’s Thomas Ball, victim of an overzealous child protection agency who sat down one day on the steps of a New Hampshire courthouse to protest family court abuse. [2] But this was no sit-in, no “occupy court” mission. He poured gas over his head and burned himself alive. I cringe at the extreme pain he must have suffered before and during this holocaust. In the end, there was no national coverage, no court reforms, they merely washed his ashes into the sewer. You should’ve just shut up Tom and paid YOUR child support.

How about Walter Scott, an African-American father shot dead five times in the back in 2015? He was killed, unarmed, by a white cop while fleeing a child support warrant at a traffic stop. Unlike other BLM victims, this one was not involved in any criminal activity. It was a civil debt, and our government was now killing for money. This crucial fact is never mentioned in the ongoing George Floyd protests because “child support” is the holy grail for feminists and man-haters. You should’ve just paid YOUR child support Walt and you might still be alive today.

Of course the victims are not just dads. They include a mom who drove her children into the Hudson River rather than surrender to a custody and support order. A similar derangement caused another mom to heinously murder her two-year old girl resulting in a conviction and jail term that will never bring back the child (Gabriella Boyd).

There’s Kyra Franchetti and Thomas Valva whose young lives were lost to mentally disturbed fathers. An Albany (NY) Times Union story on October 13, 2020 revealed that a state child protection agency suppressed 725 child death reports over a decade. This is shocking but not really when considering Governor Andrew Cuomo’s suppression of nursing home deaths currently under investigation.

There’s the Iraq war veteran who attempted suicide only to be saved through my intervention, a member of our parenting rights organization who hung himself from a tree in his back yard, the mom who called me daily for help until vanishing altogether, and the dad I dissuaded from a kidnapping of his own children now hiding in Israel. A Florida talk show host who interviewed me early in my crusade was a victimized dad who took his life a few years later. Not included are the the immeasurable victims who suffered psychological and physical harm.

And the list goes on.

This is not just a public policy issue or a lack of judicial accountability. It is a highly suppressed epidemic that has caused more deaths than the coronavirus and other illnesses combined. It was the central theme of our 3-day Parent March on Washington in 2019, a peaceful protest demanding congressional hearings and a Justice Department review. It achieved nothing, only more evidence to support BLM justifications for violence. Peaceful reform is no match for the billions of dollars sent to the states to keep this corrupt “child support” system afloat.

It is the main reason why conscientious reformists are being depicted as delusional wack-jobs.

Which one are you?

[1]  Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp.2d 367 (NDNY 2011)


[2]  Mark Arsenault, Dad leaves clues to his desperation, boston.com, July 10, 2011

One thought on “Just Shut Up and Pay YOUR Child Support !

  1. Because of the BILLIONS that government receives for child support (combined with alimony in some cases) for the TITLE-IVD federal child support incentive reimbursement monies, they are causing people to become so-called “delusional whack-jobs”. What better way to maintain a system than defame the reformists? Call them names, hunt them down, falsely arrest & imprison them for a civil matter, oppress them even further by outlawing them (in violation of Bills of Attainder & Bills of Pains & Penalties clauses of the U.S. Constitution) by depriving them of employment, assets, housing, travel, ability to provde themselves sustenance & healthcare (having enough money to buy food and medicine), and depriving them of their religious beliefs. Oh, wait! They do this in Communist China!

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