Five Reasons to Buy New Court Corruption Book Titled: Whistleblower in Paris

Since the new book release, Whistleblower in Paris, was announced on June 28th, orders have already come in for an autographed hard copy priced at only $30. It includes posting, shipping and handling in addition to production costs. But the content itself is far more valuable. Obviously there is no financial motive here as any balance will be applied to reforms.

Author Leon Koziol applies his thirty years of litigation experience as both a trial attorney and targeted parent to make this a very credible read for all persons victimized in our nation’s divorce and family courts. But this book goes further to expose shocking misconduct in other courts as well.

With such alarming disclosures, it is no wonder that the retaliation was so unconscionable as to force this whistleblower to seek asylum in Paris.

Now for the five reasons:


This book is the first of its kind, taking the reader behind the scenes of the courtroom to discover what really goes on in judge chambers, including the exploitation of parents, families and children to create lawyer jobs, inflated fees and court revenues;


You can spend thousands, even millions of dollars in litigation courts fighting over your children or you can learn how to keep that money by avoiding these courts altogether. That alone makes this book one of the best buys on any market. It gives real life ordeals of parents who spent that kind of money and lost custody or child contact anyway;


Even if you’re not affected by these courts, you probably know someone who is, a mom or dad who needs to be shaken up to modern day realities or lose everything in the process. Given the suicide and murder rates arising as a consequence of oppressive custody laws, you could well save a life or at least the pain and suffering they cause;


This book is based on a true story with carefully documented events supported by more than 60 footnotes of cases, news stories and child fatalities. It is not an indictment of our justice system or legal profession but a reality check on that part which is most concealed from accountability. You will have it all at your finger tips to explore at your leisure;


Hopefully this precedent-setting literary work will motivate parents across the country to take charge of their destinies rather than surrendering their inalienable rights to a service providers’ goldmine.


You can order your hard copy of “Whistleblower in Paris” right now by making a $30 contribution on this site. Your name and address arises automatically when a purchase by credit card, pay-pal or other electronic means is complete. Your book’s estimated arrival time is 7-10 days. It’s worth the wait.

For other means of payment, call our Parenting Rights Institute office at (315) 380-3420. Our staff is limited, so spread the word so we can expand our vital efforts.

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