More “Experts” Are Telling Us We Don’t Know How to Parent Our Own Children

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

We’ve been doing it since the beginning of humanity, centuries upon centuries, raising our children against odds much greater than we face today. Yet, apparently, we still don’t have it right according to a growing number of self-appointed experts.

Okay, so there are a small percentage out there who are raising their children poorly. But is that any reason to generalize them to the vast majority who parent properly in an increasingly complex society? Who are these so-called experts, do they have any children of their own, can they cite parenting experience of a meaningful kind (not a substitute nanny or relative), and why are they obsessed with placing child authority over that of the real moms and dads?

These are only some of the questions that must be answered before these gurus can be allowed to troll for more legitimacy. Their pontifications for profit are only doing more harm than good as readers are duped into following their diverse advice. It’s all part of this New World Order, Hillary Clinton and her 1990s book, It Takes a Village (to raise our children).

Today that village takes on a number of new faces that include communism, socialism, crime infested neighborhoods and fringe reform groups rioting for causes they do not even understand. School districts constitute yet another “village” that is being targeted as children are programed to adopt evil ways like never before.

As parents struggling to protect our children from this evil and its tentacle-like expanse, how do we come to grips with the kind that appeared last week in a headline article of my local newspaper in upstate New York? It featured a federal court lawsuit brought by a victimized family against a county prosecutor who sent out gruesome photos of a staged teen murder to national documentary groups like CBS 48 Hours and even social media.

As the July 16, 2021 article goes in the (Utica) Observer Dispatch, this prosecutor, Scott McNamara, disseminated crime photos across state lines that showed a 17-year old girl in the process of being raped and stabbed to death by her boyfriend after returning from a concert. Even the bodily remains were included among those photos in an apparent attempt to gain national attention without official purpose.

The murderer was convicted in 2019, but that does not end the public inquiry. Where does this kind of twisted, murderous conduct originate? How does a young lover concoct such an elaborate and premeditated homicide with the sadistic pleasure of publishing his photos on the internet? And where does an adult prosecutor, a parent himself, find the audacity to disseminate such photos without so much as a motion for a limiting court order?

The answers are not yet in because the lawsuit is in its infancy, but you would think that the victimized family who commenced it had suffered enough. And that brings us to the “trillion” dollar question that we all face as parents: How do we protect our children at any age from this kind of heinous behavior? Well, here’s how the “experts” are answering us:

According to Maura Priest, a “candidate professor” at Arizona State University, “parents should lose their veto power over children going trans.” Parental supervision somehow became a veto power with deference to be given to children as young as six years of age. According to the relevant medical journal article first published on June 8, 2021, our government should defer to children’s wishes once it decides that they are “informed and competent.”

That defies the very definition of children. Why is anyone giving the time of day to this “candidate professor?” But that’s just the opening act to this scary trend. In another article in Buzzfeed published on July 10, 2021, staff writer Asia McLain writes that “People Are Revealing The Single Hardest Lesson For Parents To Learn About Raising Kids. And There’s So Much Truth Here.” Her subheading states: “You have to parent the kid you have, not the one you want.” She then goes on to enumerate her advice on how we should essentially comply with an inverted order of child rearing.

In prior posts here at, I warned of this New World Order and its agenda of institutionalizing parenthood much like education was over time. But maybe it was treated as fringe or futuristic. Well it’s too late for that conversation, because it is staring us in the face now. Our government is looking more and more like communism and tyranny every day. We’re just not taking these trends seriously enough, like it’s going to disappear all by itself.

I continue to trace much of this highly censored phenomenon to our highly lucrative divorce and family courts. This is where we are told that our government acting in the “best interests of our children” before they bankrupt us in a needless contest over that almighty and antiquated custody title. This contest leaves the same children devoid of college funds. Such New World thinking has been breeding suicides, murders, and domestic violence for decades, yielding such freaks as the killer of that 17-year old girl.

This is why we can never let our guard down as parents, even those of us alienated by this equally twisted court system that values lawyer profits and federal incentive funds over the true interests of our children. To that end, I have completed a book manuscript which will be published soon and available on various national book sites. It’s titled Whistleblower in Paris to document my horrific ordeal as an aggrieved parent and civil rights attorney.

Unfortunately I learned that the publishing industry can be as corrupt as the family court industry. But with a newly signed publishing contract, I can now offer an advanced hard copy of my new release with a contribution of $30 on this site. Your name and address will appear with your credit card payment and an autographed copy will follow by mail. Electronic versions will not be available for another two months.

Educate yourself to the realities of this parenting epidemic and the intrigue which can dominate any effort to reform a corrupt court system. Order your book now and spread the word as part of your civic obligation to circumvent the censorship of this valuable site and its vital message.

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