Educate Yourself to the Realities of Court Corruption with Newly Released Book

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Human Rights Advocate and former trial attorney

My newly released book entitled, Whistleblower in Paris, is now available in hard copy. Electronic versions will be available in coming weeks. This is a human rights odyssey based on a true story. It has great promising for court reform purposes. The educational content alone is worth many times the price.

It also features the highly unique intrigue of a litigation attorney who took a stand against his profession to expose court corruption. His interactions with victims across the country and human rights groups overseas provide added adventure to make this literary work anything but a monotonous text. You will not get this extraordinary information elsewhere.

My book can be ordered on this site,, by making a contribution of $30 to our cause. That’s the whole price of this reality course on divorce and family courts. It includes shipping and handling. Your credit/debit/ pay pal purchase will automatically provide your address for mailing an autographed copy. Get your head start now. My e-mail for more details is Due to a high volume of communications, I will respond more quickly to direct phone contacts. The book’s back cover summary is provided below.

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