Victimized Parents Must Converge On Washington If Accountability and Court Reform Are To Occur

By. Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As referenced in an earlier post, I was approached by attendees of the Americans for Legal Reform barbeque to sponsor a sequel to the 3-day event, Parent March on Washington, held on May 1-3, 2019. The ALR barbeque and summer social was held at the home of Gary Jacobs this past Saturday, July 31, 2021 out on Long Island. However, as explained in that post, I would need a guaranteed minimum of 1,000 attendees and budget of $20,000 to make this happen.

People generally do not grasp the sheer magnitude of such an undertaking. But it is one that is essential to any genuine reform or accountability in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The federal government finances much of their operation through Title IV-D funding that incentivizes court conflict to benefit lawyers and service providers. This highly concealed funding program also harms children, parents and families leading to untold carnage.

Another 3-day event in our nation’s capital can shed light on this epidemic and influence meaningful reforms. At a minimum, like our last event, we must demand a Justice Department investigation of the funding abuses in these courts and congressional hearings to expose the realities of this epidemic. But such an event must be properly planned, funded and executed. It cannot be done with the sponsor assuming neglected assignments on a donated budget of under $500.

Our last event in 2019 was successfully concluded short of a miracle. It occurred without incident and featured a day-long lobby initiative, expert speakers at a hotel ballroom, a march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort, and a candlelight vigil on the Capitol lawn to commemorate the tragic victims of a corrupt system. At the time, indoor speaker venues were being offered at prices of $15,000 or more. With a lot of urging on my part concerning the vital nature of our cause, I was able to secure one at the last minute for $1,000 donated by a business partner of mine.

The march entailed the need for four permits from federal agencies along our parade route from the White House to the Supreme Court. It was a herculean task with numerous abandoned assignments that I had to take up personally together with all the associated liability risks. Without my relevant professional background, nothing like this could have emerged as none before or after it had on the subject of parental rights and court corruption.

If you would like to seriously make a return commitment, leave me a message at Spread the word!

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