Subliminal concoctions and a commercial avalanche prey upon a gullible audience

Dr. Leon Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

The above reproduction contains one of many unsolicited communications directed to me on my dashboard computer, a “Vehicle Health Report.” It originates with an American automobile manufacturer and begs the question: Has Detroit finally lost its mind? Do they have car surgeons and automobile hospitals now in that city? Will they require scalpels and stethoscopes at our local repair shops? Or is this yet another advertising scam for gullible car owners to increase the number and cost of service visits?

The insanity of euphemisms today has reached unprecedented levels. Commercial mowers are now lawn care providers. Do they massage the grass before slicing it to death? Garbage collectors are sanitation specialists. Do they issue reports to prosecute those who leave toxic content? All types of basic employment have become professions such that none are truly left. A GED has become the equivalent of a medical degree with no licensing requirement.

This audacious manipulation of advertising has been exceeded only by the open floodgates of commercials that dominate nearly every minute and aspect of our daily routines. There is no reprieve or parole from this avalanche of coercion. Even in the dashboard example above, the car owner is given only two choices: accept the medical examination or be reminded of it later until he does. There is no “leave me alone” option.

During the 1950s, concern for mind-control advertising led to prohibitions. You have to wonder if any are in place today given the influence of special interests and the number of commercials that dominate every television or radio channel. They often exceed the programming itself. Put another way, you may have selected a sit-com for tonight’s entertainment but what you really got was a commercial extravaganza often laced with moral depravity and repeat episodes. The latter are common with insurance and drug companies.

Indeed you can surf across a hundred channels without finding a single program in play. So bad was the bombardment in my case that I sought to limit basic cable service to movies only, then to discover that the so-called free ones came with commercials anyway. Even when remanded to waiting periods for real humans during complaint calls, we are exposed to advertisements.

The price to be paid for all this is much more than financial. The commercials of today are programmed to destroy what is left of society’s morality, self-control and common sense. And the assault is not limited to the private sector. A key example is our divorce and family courts where the advertising of a child’s “best interests” leads to families bankrupted by lawyer fees and litigation costs. The fraud here is far more insidious because it has the backing of government, a silent epidemic exposed in my newly released book, Whistleblower in Paris.

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One thought on “Subliminal concoctions and a commercial avalanche prey upon a gullible audience

  1. Glenn Svoboda

    Yes. To the Child support enforcement BUREAU a autobody repairman is called ” Autobody Technician ” Yet, the police department’s call them ” lowlife autobody man”

    Sent from my Galaxy

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