Citizen Commission Against Corruption: Your Advocate for Public Accountability

A citizen commission  is your commission, a means for reforming government to benefit future generations while achieving justice for you and your family. It can keep public officials and private corporations accountable. Here we are doing the work that oversight agencies are not.  

There are too many “foxes watching the chicken coop”  these days, and most Americans are tired of hearing about all the abuses of public trust after the crimes are completed. We cannot be apathetic to all this. It is time to take matters into our own hands.

This is so critical to a self-governing society so that our rights are not eroded to a point of no return.  Our highly qualified staff and volunteers are prepared to take action against all those who would harm those cherished rights. 

We are neither political nor controlled by any special interest group. This makes us an ideal choice for an investment of time and resources. Help us help you to navigate through the growing challenges of our day.

Such a team commitment will ensure that your families, workplaces and schools are not overrun by wrongdoers. We act on injustices as they are presented to our board of directors after review by case examiners. Get involved by joining our mission or donating to our cause. Contact us for a free opening interview to discuss what can be done to achieve justice and accountability in your case, cause or mission.

Log on to our website at

Or contact our office at (315) 864-8176

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