Shared Parenting: Why has it been so stifled despite decades of carnage caused by the antiquated custody system?

By Leon Koziol, J.D.


Parenting Rights Institute

The above news article published by a mainstream newspaper in 2009 reflects the lack of progress in attaining fair treatment in our divorce and family courts. Despite surveys showing overwhelming support for shared parenting laws, relevant bills in Congress and our state legislatures have failed to achieve any meaningful progress. This dilemma exists despite vast increases in suicide, child murders and crime statistics traceable to the current antiquated child custody system. That system was constructed around a child rearing framework featuring stay-at-home moms and working dads.

I established the National League of Fathers, Inc. in 2008 to promote fair treatment consistent with my decades of practice as a civil rights attorney. However, that organization collapsed early due to misplaced priorities and a lack of financial support while the retributions suffered as a consequence violated all manner of human rights. Sadly, one of its board members hung himself from a tree in response to the horrific treatment he endured. Our goal was to reverse an alarming trend of fatherless families and the targeting of male parents to fund a court system which still discriminates on account of gender.

The Census Bureau steadfastly reports that over 80% of persons paying child support are men. Had that statistic reflected discriminatory employment against women in this day and age, riots would have erupted. To be sure, countless dads continue to be forced out of their children’s lives due to the hostage treatment exhibited in these courts and the draconian, one-sided manner of support enforcement.

I have explained all this in a recent post entitled, The Torturing of Child Support and its escalation of Parental Alienation. Specifically, our federal government, already reeling from a spending crisis, continues to supply these courts with incentive grants to the tune of billions of dollars annually under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. This funding law is based on the number and size of support orders manufactured in the states. It therefore incentivizes lucrative conflict between parents forced needlessly to fight over their own offspring.

In my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, I have likened this parent alienation process to the Roman Coliseum. That book provides a valuable crash course for unsuspecting litigants and parents on the realities of our domestic relations courts and could prevent thousands in lawyer fees. It is important, therefore, that you do your part in exposing this silent epidemic virally and donating to our cause at

One thought on “Shared Parenting: Why has it been so stifled despite decades of carnage caused by the antiquated custody system?

  1. The reason why no one is doing anything, especially in “Blue States” which are socialist/Marxist is that the powers-that-be are following Gramscian Marxism, which is to break up families and make the government the head of the household. This has been the goal for the past 50 years. Unless and until we understand that there are underlying powers that are destroying families for profit, gain and power, none of these fathers’ initiatives are worth anything. Fathers will have to get out and protest in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands at state capitols and even threaten massive violence if they want to change the current divorce racketeering industry from Marxist back to American. Too many hangers-on in the family court industry are profiting enormously from breaking up families and pitting parent against parent over the children. The time for talk is over. It’s been over since the early 2000s. I ran two fathers and divorce reform groups in New Jersey during the 1980s through the early 2000s. Fathers were too complacent and wanted others to do all the work. When we did get fathers motivated they showed up in the hundreds in protests in front of county courthouses. State legal periodicals had articles screaming “Judges Fear Fathers’ Rights Groups”, “Fathers Rights groups seek impeachment of Family Court Judges”, etc. Things began to change in NJ. Then fathers went back to the “woe is me” attitude and wanted their own personal cases fixed, or they just left the groups. That time is over. The time for radical action is upon us. If fathers don’t want to organize for this, then they should STFU.

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