Seriously? murderers and sex traffickers got Covid checks while cellmate support debtors got nothing.

Here at Leon, we have detailed the corruption to justice, impartiality and equality in our divorce and family courts caused by federal incentive grants and greed-infested lawyers. Now comes the breaking news that, in addition to all the con-artists being prosecuted for aid thefts, convicted prisoners were receiving Covid checks without any requests or con-jobs.

Meanwhile parents who committed no crimes were denied bail reform and ”catch-and-release” practices. Instead their monthly support obligations continued to accrue. Why is no one investigating this widespread violation of human rights? Why is there no media investigative report showing how many suicides, child murders and mental breakdowns were caused by this silent epidemic? Victims are now being forced to take matters into their own hands.

Revolving door incarceration was the reason that Walter Scott fled a traffic stop unarmed from a child support warrant. He was shot dead five times in the back by the South Carolina cop now doing time for the murder in a federal prison. Our government is actually killing for money but BLM is complaining only about racism. You just can’t make this stuff up.

So why did it take so long to expose this Covid corruption in our prisons? No one is asking that question. They’re also not asking whether child murderers are getting checks as well, I.e. the psycho mom doing a life sentence for the murder of 2-year old Gabriella Boyd.

This whole fiasco is the real life version of “crime pays” while law abiding parents who lost jobs and businesses due to the same epidemic continue to be jailed in nearby prison cells for a money debt. By calling it ”child support” did that mean our Constitution could be set aside to resurrect debtor prisons for this class of person? Or is a trillion dollar industry being suppressed and censored from reform and accountability?

Rest assured, as long as the victims remain preoccupied with bowling and ball games as their priorities, this corruption will only grow. One of many examples is the forensic evaluation scam which a blue-ribbon panel condemned this month. But like other window-dressing agencies, do not expect any reform to this gold mine.

Get the details in our last post.

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