Friends of Leon Koziol sponsor medical fundraiser. Help us in our vital cause

For more than 12 years, human rights advocate Leon Koziol has sacrificed everything as a trial attorney and dedicated dad committed to exposing corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. He has saved victims from suicide while assisting others in their time of need, often without compensation of any kind. His ordeal is well demonstrated by the many posts on this site and documented in his recently published memoir, Whistleblower in Paris.

However, in the past two years the horrific retaliation and persecution have led to emergency room visits and life-threatening surgeries. Now we are called upon in his time of need by helping finance the ever-growing medical bills which his insurance company will not cover. Please consider a donation on this site Hopefully one of us will start a crowd funding site soon. Your assistance is welcome.

On the recommendation of his doctors, Leon is no longer engaged in the stress of our good government movement. That movement, however, can still be supported by a donation to Leon’s nonprofit organization incorporated in 2021 as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption. It has a volunteer administration, prominent board of directors, and your contributions there are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Get the details and donor option on its website at

It is almost a destiny that Leon was able to predict so many of the crises that have come true today. Much of it is summarized on his final post and can be reviewed on this link: Civil Rights Attorney Leon Koziol Signs Off: “I Did It My Way!”

Thank you and God Bless from all of us.

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