PARENTING RIGHTS ALERT: It’s time to unite against the brainwashing of our children

By Leon Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

President Joe Biden dodged the timely issue of parental rights during his recent interview on the CBS program 60 Minutes. It was no oversight but part of a calculated agenda to brainwash our children into an ominous new world order.

As an accomplished attorney interviewed on the same show in my law office, I exposed government corruption to benefit targeted victims. In recent years, however, I focused on parental rights that were being quietly eroded, submitting reports to oversight entities, litigating controversial cases and even sponsored a three-day event in our nation’s capital. That 2019 event included a march down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort, lobby day in Congress and candlelight vigil in front of the U.S. Capitol.

I called it a silent epidemic, but my warnings went unheeded by politicians and media alike. In the end, I was subjected to horrific retributions as a judicial whistleblower without legal protection which also went unheeded. Nevertheless, the record remains clear in my ordeal despite ongoing efforts to undermine my former stellar reputation. Those efforts are part of a standard tactic that degrades the vital message.

Now our society is facing the consequences captured in my recently published book, Whistleblower in Paris (summary at Unfortunately, it may be too late to reverse the harm done to the most innocent victims, our children. Meanwhile my social media postings continue to be censored, forcing me to file a First Amendment case in New York Supreme Court to remove a 2016 gag order imposed by a family judge in my custody case.

Building on my warnings and ahead of my time, the challenge I am publishing today is for parents to unite in all states to prevail upon Congress to open public hearings regarding this epidemic and the Justice Department to investigate the abuse of federal funds that incentivize needless conflict in our courts. Such conflict benefits lawyers and other service providers at the expense of true child support.

To that end parents are called upon to lay down their conflicts for the sake of families everywhere and help me raise the funds necessary to make accountability a reality (search our Go-Fund Me site). We must reverse this ominous trend by exploiting national social media to overcome the censorship. It remains my mission especially with my daughters now on to college. There is not much more that my adversaries can do to destroy me.

Your decision to get involved can make a difference.

Kindly share this post while time allows.

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