From Wheel Chair to Mountain Top: A Response to Those Suppressing Our Moral Message

Leon R. Koziol, J.D., Director

Parenting Rights Institute

As long-time followers of this blog site know, there has been a continuing strangulation of our public message, our moral crusade to end corruption in government. That corruption is growing at an alarming rate without genuine accountability. More disturbing are the fateful events during that crusade which nearly ended this author’s life. Regular updates are found on my Facebook site.

Unfortunately, because those updates are being censored, I am forced to publish a few of them here. Today I wanted to follow up with photos (proofs) of my “Miracle Mountain Climb” in the face of a hospice recommendation six months ago and my grueling 3-month landscaping project recently completed since then at my home. I am hoping to inspire the general public to beat the odds of health impairments and support our vital cause. That cause includes the eradication of revenue producing controversy in family courts which are needlessly incited between cooperating parents. Their psychological impacts lead to such impairments and suicides.

A scary prognosis need not be a death sentence. Fate, faith, hard work and the good lord may play a role in this. To be sure, on the same Sunday morning of my climb yesterday, I was nearly broadsided by a speeding motorist who blew a stop sign. Had I hesitated one second, I would not be here today, and you would no longer be getting these vital messages. Does someone, or better yet “something” want me as dead as my child-alienating ex-wife does these days?

Through my resilience I am seeking your thoughts or answers.

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