Tale of Two Landowners: Supreme Public Servant Barack Obama and his Former Constituent

Leon R. Koziol

Citizen Commission Against Corruption Inc.

The Democrat Party was always considered to be the “Party of the People.” But over the years with help of such presidents as Barack Obama, it has degenerated into a socialist entity committed to advancing fringe and even demonic positions on how our nation should be governed.

As a lifelong Democrat endorsed by this party for the New York Senate in 2006, I have remained committed to middle and lower class advocacy as a civil rights attorney and office holder. But in the words used by Ronald Reagan to explain his transition, I “never left the Democrat Party, it left me.”

In 1984, during the Democrat National Convention, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo delivered his famous Tale of Two Cities speech depicting how Reagan’s trickle-down economics had created a two-caste society with the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

Well the same can certainly be said today about Democrat President Joe Biden’s economic policies which have led to double digit increases in food prices and a recession that is producing a “Tale of Two Landowners.” One has been reserved for the so-called “public servants” who lavish themselves with palatial homesteads and the other who has become their victims with poverty level shelters.

This is abundantly evident with a comparison of homes occupied by former Democrat president Barack Obama and one of his former constituents struggling to survive in a humble dwelling in the congressional district of New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.

These sorts of comparisons speak volumes, much more than the political rhetoric we hear during elections. It begs the routine question never answered, namely, how did an average Joe who got elected president manage to become so wealthy on a $400,000 annual salary? And how much of that wealth was “earned” through confidential donors, special interests and bribes?

Such corruption of a government created to benefit all people has transformed us into the very monarchy we fought to exit during our Revolutionary War. It has become no longer a tale of equal treatment under the law but a tale of two landowners that is quickly ripening into a two-class civil war.

Time will only tell as the landed and connected class continue to get filthy rich through unrestrained greed while the poor get poorer through shameless lies and abuse by our public servants, Here are a few additional examples:

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