What Happened to Governor Kathy Hochul’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Forensic Evaluations: More Broken Promises at Election Time?

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

Whatever happened to that taxpayer financed Blue Ribbon Commission on Forensic Evaluations which Kathy Hochul touted with great media fanfare on September 9, 2021? Upon assuming her position as governor following the resignation of disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo, she promised action on New York’s dysfunctional divorce and family court system, most importantly the lucrative abuses of forensic evaluations.

Her disrespect of constituents and victims who took the time to given testimony on that day and again on September 23, 2021 was never more evident than the inaction which followed, typifying New York’s dishonest politics and rampant, near daily, scandals. This hollow commitment renders her unfit to hold office that she was never elected to.

Among the speakers was a highly agitated parental rights advocate, Francesca Bancroft Amato. From her i-phone on the driver’s side of her vehicle, she lambasted the hearing process as a sham and waste of valuable time. Her angry attacks were rapid-fire and by far the most volatile of the speakers at these hearings.

I remember thinking how her outbursts may have undermined her positions, but in the end, she was proven correct as this commission morphed into yet another window-dressing entity and a scam to benefit aspiring politicians. Indeed, it followed the pattern of her predecessor Governor Cuomo who empaneled a “who’s-who” of law enforcement experts he dubbed the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in 2013. Its objective was to address a “culture of corruption” in Albany.

So why should we voters trust anything that Hochul or Cuomo spews forth today for self-advancement?

To be sure, when Governor Cuomo was personally exposed by Moreland speakers, not unlike years later, he disbanded his commission prematurely. Here is a reprint of my highly relevant testimony given before Hochul’s Commission. Why is no one in the media exposing her for this? Your referral of this message to the New York Post and other mainstream news is now vital to our joint citizen cause for accountability and reform.

 Leon R. Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

1336 Graffenburg Road

New Hartford, New York 13413


     (315) 796-4000

 September 23, 2021

Testimony Before the Blue Ribbon Panel of Governor Kathy Hochul to Examine Forensic Evaluation Abuses in New York Divorce and Family Courts

Good Morning Members of this Blue Ribbon Panel.

My name is Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute in New York. I am also a civil rights advocate who practiced law in the courts of this state for more than 23 years. As a

dedicated father of two daughters now in college, I bring together a highly relevant background to the work of your panel and the duties charged upon it by our new governor, Kathy Hochul.

On September 17, 2013, I was invited to testify before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, a dream team of lawyers, experts and law enforcement as it was called. Meanwhile countless would-be speakers were denied access due to the volume of complaints which ultimately led then Governor Andrew Cuomo to dissolve his commission prematurely. 

That self-serving event led to federal convictions of the leaders of both houses of our legislature and a top Cuomo aide after an outraged speaker, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, seized commission files to complete the job. The concern today is that my time is not once again wasted with testimony which is so critical to the functioning of our government and its court system. 

There are countless parents, children and families victimized by abusive forensic evaluations in our divorce and family courts. It is part of a lucrative process and silent epidemic that is causing needless murders, suicides, domestic violence, parental alienation, criminal and drug abuses, and an overall decline in the health and productivity of the people of this state.

At another time and place I might be citing victims such as Utica Investigator Joe Longo who committed a murder-suicide that left four children without parents. I might reference Thomas Ball who burned himself alive on the steps of a family court to protest corruption, or the mother who murdered her two-year old girl, Gabriella Boyd, rather than comply with a custody change.

But I need not expound upon such victims today because I am a victim myself. Originally set to testify on September 9, 2021, I was instead recuperating at a hospital from a heart condition caused by the stresses I endured as a whistleblower of family court corruption. It included forensic evaluations ordered in retaliation for my testimony before that Moreland Commission. 

Governor Hochul’s Blue Ribbon Panel

September 23, 2021

Page two

Two such orders were based on the lone accusations of a custody adversary seeking to alienate me from my girls. I have never been found to be unfit, no agency complaints, and all offense petitions were thrown out. Yet none of that mattered as these orders typically derive from a lawyer’s playbook and an outdated custody framework for allocating parenting rights.   

The whimsical manner in which these forensic orders were issued, vacated and then re-issued is beyond presentment here. But in the end, I was deprived over seven years of child contact in proceedings conducted without constitutional safeguards such as a jury, impartial judge, proper burden of proof, and a standard of appellate review limited to sound discretion. 

It remains a saga that reads more like a John Grisham story. And as timing would have it, that saga is now found in my newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris. The subject of abusive forensic orders is addressed in alarming detail throughout that book. A copy has therefore been provided to this panel. Extensive research supports the existence of this silent epidemic, and I am joining countless other victims today seeking genuine accountability and reforms.

Respectfully submitted,

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.  

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