Karens of the Corn: How Many Have You Met?

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

You’ll find them everywhere: “Karens” posing as substitute parents dictating how we should raise our children. They lurk, often in disguise, among our schools, neighborhoods and most harmfully, our family courts. It is a recent phenomenon defying centuries of human tradition and successful child rearing to a point of utter chaos in today’s society.

The true parents are finally awakening to this phenomenon, registering vocal complaints at school board meetings against woke mandates, creationist prohibitions, and the growing fixations with gender reassignments. They are challenging the resulting displacements of the most basic learning skills expected by a moral majority of taxpaying citizens.

The trending chaos is largely sourced in an antiquated child control doctrine carried over from feudal England known as Parens Patriae. Its continued utility as “the law” of domestic relations is leading to a parentless society reminiscent of Stephen King’s best-seller, Children of the Corn. Its plot features a cult of children who overtake a rural town by eliminating all parents. A traveling couple then stumbles upon the evil world they have created only to jeopardize their very lives.

The story’s parallel to a new world order being promoted in our public institutions is astounding.

This post is intended to reach those having a spiritual side who might better relate to this parallel. It is not fringe, fantasy or devoid of factual support but based on an inescapable conclusion emerging from an increasingly demonic world. As a lawyer turned author and human rights advocate now focused on exposing corruption in our courts, I have come across horrific events in my travels that cannot be explained in any other logical way.

Take, for example, the countless children scheming to murder their parents for inheritance purposes and the undeniable explosion of mass murders being committed by deranged juveniles. No less demonic, consider 2-year old Gabriella “Gabby” Boyd in White Plains, New York whose mother chose to murder this defenseless child rather than give up custody to a father who successfully exposed her dangerous conduct. The judge failed to act timely, and the mother is now serving a 25-year sentence.

Then there’s Michael Valva, a father who managed to gain custody over his autistic, 8-year old boy over the desperate pleas of a fit mother warning the court that her son would be at great risk as a result. The judge there disregarded those pleas in callous fashion and acted contrary to law by denying a hearing or genuine concern for the child’s “best interests.” Experts and lay persons familiar with this tragedy questioned how such mistreatment could be considered superior to conventional child rearing.

Answers eventually emerged from court transcripts and news reports revealing that this judge, Hope Schwartz Zimmerman, was more ego-driven by the alleged failures of that mother to comply with all her anal directives. The boy, Thomas Valva, died shortly afterward when the father left him in a freezing garage overnight as a form of punishment. That father was quickly fired as an NYPD officer and charged with murder.

Reform efforts have failed to elicit shared parenting doctrines that could reduce or eliminate the custody mandate and its human carnage. Thomas Ball recognized these failures and resorted to the ultimate sacrifice. A war veteran, he was denied access to his daughter based on allegations that he slapped her on one occasion. It subjected him to costly forensic evaluations to a point of futility. He then chose to burn himself alive on the steps of a New Hampshire family court as a form of protest.

A police investigator in Utica, New York facing draconian support enforcement measures chose another form of protest. Alleged to have resorted to domestic violence, he was subjected to protection orders, confiscation of weapons and reassignment of duties. The relentless humiliation became his last straw. He completed a murder-suicide at the marital home using a common kitchen knife. It left four children without parents. Fault had to be placed somewhere in the face of public pressure, so the city settled a wrongful death case for $2 million.

These family court dysfunctions and resulting horrors constitute a tiny fraction of tragedies resulting from a lucrative, tyrannical and antiquated child custody framework. The bulk of misguided decision making remains in a perpetual state of denial or cover-up to protect a trillion-dollar industry at the expense of unrepresented taxpayers, innocent children, disjointed families and subjugated parents. It is no fictional thriller but a barbaric reality reflective of the combatants in a Roman Coliseum.

Indeed, otherwise cooperating parents are ordered to battle for that almighty custody “award” in a public forum. This so-called justice system has only increased needless controversy to a point of forcing one or both parents out of their children’s lives. In social circles such outcomes are lumped into a category of “dead beat” parenting. In psychological terms it has been diagnosed as Parent Alienation Syndrome. In the legal profession, it has been blamed privately on disgruntled clients to justify exorbitant fees, and in politics, it has become a crisis to exploit for taxing purposes.

Despite a century of Supreme Court decisions emphasizing that the natural right of parenting is a fundamental liberty interest protected by the Constitution, and that the state commands no property ownership over our children, the band plays on. Meanwhile, our grand ship as a civilized society continues to sink along with so many others in history that stood idle while demonic possessions invaded their towns and cities.

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