An American Tragedy morphs into a Story for the Ages

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

When I first set out to expose the corruption that was genuinely occurring in my initially uncontested divorce, I never imagined it would lead to my whistleblower escape to Paris. I never imagined that my case would eventually be assigned to a child custody judge who would incur a permanent ban from the bench for his admission to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five-year-old niece. I never anticipated forty trial level jurists assigned after so many were disqualified for bias due to my exposures.

But as I persisted in my crusade to vindicate rights protected by our Constitution, I soon realized that I had stumbled into quicksand with no exit opportunity offered to me by a growing contingent of adversaries having the sadistic power to literally end my life. Indeed, on December 23, 2020, I was admitted to the emergency room for a dire condition triggered by overwhelming persecution.

As my book, Whistleblower in Paris explains, it’s not like they all met in some clandestine fashion, but as intelligent operators, they knew that a relentless assault on my livelihood, professional reputation and father-daughter relationships over a fifteen-year period would result in serious health impairments. My ordeal bore startling parallels to the persecution of Chinese civil rights attorney, Chen Guangchen, who is presently residing in New York to escape recurring arrests in his native country.

Child support warrants were repeatedly issued for my arrest in violation of my rights of due process, equal protection and free speech exercised outside the courtroom. These were issued despite the removal of all means of generating income. Proceedings in family courts have no jury safeguards, and the lesser standards of proof enable judges to abuse their authority to issue false findings. In many cases, they do this to punish those who simply hurt their feelings.

But when I managed to evade ego-driven confinement in a debtor prison (while violent convicts were being favored by early release or cashless bail), the persecution was continued with a violent arrest at a sobriety checkpoint. On July 31, 2020, I was assaulted by New York State Police when my background was uncovered at the scene. There was no basis for this assault as the charges were thrown out after I passed a breath test with no traffic violations to support prosecution. However, I was transported to an emergency room where internal affairs opened an investigation. 

Despite the injuries to a public figure, no news release was issued, public access to the scene was not allowed, no internal affairs report was disclosed, and no body cameras were employed contrary to law put into effect one month earlier in response to the George Floyd murder. Weeks later, in the same city, a black arrestee was kicked repeatedly by a police officer resulting in a civil rights conviction against that officer in federal court on January 25, 2022. In my case, the civil rights claims remain pending.

A comparison of the body camera footage made public by the city mayor and the falsified incident report issued by the state police revealed that unlike the black victim arrested for attempted assault of a girlfriend, the white male victim made no bodily threats to anyone, did not yell out a constant barrage of racial slurs, gave no volatile resistance, and was not charged with any violation of law prior to entry into the prearranged checkpoint.  

Both victims made reference to the George Floyd incident when describing their mistreatment, but I was a well-known attorney for more than twenty years who successfully prosecuted civil rights cases including a $300,000 recovery against the local Sheriff’s Department. I owned no guns or criminal record but was viciously targeted due to my exposure of human rights violations and funding abuses in divorce and family courts beginning in 2008. Two years later, my law licenses were suspended.

At present, I am seeking a qualified film producer to expose this highly censored “story for the ages.” Feel free to help promote it by contacting me directly at or (315) 796-4000.

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