Donald Trump: G.O.A.T. or G.L.O.A.T.?

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Parenting Rights Institute

Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

In recent weeks, ex-president and recently announced candidate, Donald Trump, has been declaring himself as the greatest president of all time, even greater than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

He remains committed to this bizarre image despite its clearly false nature, thereby corroborating the lies which media have attributed to him regarding the supposedly stolen 2020 elections. And he does so against the weight of every federal and state judge considering this issue.

Most, if not all of us sane-minded voters, did not know what to make of these declarations, but we reserved judgment to see if the Don would awaken from his fantasies and move on to the real issues facing Americans in this all-important race for our nation’s highest office.

But alas, no such reprieve greeted us. Instead, the Trump declarations resurfaced time and again as if to promote a Fifth Avenue advertising scheme to cram this same delusion down the public’s throat.

This is not simply a sales pitch, harmless entertainment or fiction from Trump’s show, The Apprentice. It is the real-life manifestation of an unrestrained politician working his way up the ladder to dictator status.

Any doubt regarding this was removed when Trump tweeted his position that our Constitution could be set aside to overturn the 2020 election results. His obsession endures to the extreme today where he faces a referral from a House panel for criminal charges connected to the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

To put this comical depiction in perspective, consider the following irrefutable facts from our history:

George Washington was not a spineless politician, and he rejected calls to become America’s first king, thereby setting precedent to deter future hopefuls exactly like Donald Trump from gladly accepting a role as tyrant.

George Washington was present with his fledgling army at Valley Forge freezing in the Pennsylvania mud when brave members of the Oneida Indian tribe, the only one of the six-nation Iroquois Confederacy to side with the patriots, journeyed across two states to deliver food and supplies to our militia.

In contrast today, the fight to preserve our basic constitutional rights has featured Donald Trump hiding behind his sprawling, luxury and highly-guarded compound at Mar-a-lago in sunny Florida where he stores secret documents that remain the envy of our enemies.

Indeed, Benedict Arnold himself could not be more impressed with such audacity prior to his treason and betrayal in favor of the British juggernaut boasting the most powerful army in the world at the time.

Trump shamelessly insults a wide-range of American heroes, the vast majority of which will remain forever unrecognized, when he elevates himself above Abraham Lincoln. Our 16th president, like our first, has a national holiday dedicated to him.

Lincoln prevails as one of the most courageous of all statesmen in history, not just among presidents. He delivered the Emancipation Proclamation at great risk while the Civil War was still raging. It became the centerpiece of all civil rights since that time.

Again, in marked contrast, Donald Trump orchestrated great hype surrounding a public announcement this past month which proved to be a real dud. He again proclaimed himself as the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) behind a pathetic sales pitch for duped followers to purchase his newly “minted” NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).

He was undoubtedly impressed with the overnight success of Sam Bankman-Fried who swindled gullible investors to the tune of $16 billion behind his worthless cryptocurrency bitcoins. At age 30, he became one of the most notorious fraud artists of all time prior to his arrest in the Bahamas this month.

Still undeterred, Donald Trump continues to lobby for his puss to deface one of our most cherished national heritage sites, Mount Rushmore. He even held a high-profile rally there near the end of his term to plant into the American psyche that he deserved to be added to that mountain face.

Never mind the monumental cost, which would likely be passed on to taxpayers, how could this politician, with a straight “face,” assume the pedestal of history with the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt?

In the end, this is only a tiny portal into the actual “heritage” of Donald Trump and his short political career. It has made our government a circus show unprecedented in world history. And, it has not steered “The Don” in the direction of the “Greatest Of All Time,”{G.O.A.T.) but the Greatest Liar Of All Time.” (G.L.O.A.T.).

In Webster terms, gloat is defined as “to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, gratification or delight.”



Highly intriguing memoir of persecuted civil rights attorney Leon R. Koziol published in 2021

About the Author

Leon R. Koziol, J.D. is a human rights advocate who practiced law for more than two decades in federal and state courts. He appeared on the CBS program 60 Minutes for his defense of landowners targeted for eviction by Indian tribes alleging violations of ancient treaties. In 2004, he secured a judgement in New York Supreme Court invalidating the 1993 Turning Stone casino gaming compact.

His recoveries feature substantial jury verdicts for victims of government abuse. Case citations include, Koziol v Hanna, 107 F.2d 170 (NDNY 2000); Patterson v City of Utica, 370 F.3d 322 (2nd Cir.2004); Oneida Indian Nation v County of Oneida, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY); Peterman v Pataki, 2004 NY Slip Op 51092(U) and Parent v State, 786 F. Supp. 2d 516 (NDNY 2011).

The latter was a consolidated case intended as a class action on behalf of parents defrauded in divorce and family courts. It was part of a bold challenge to judicial and sovereign immunity which yielded severe retributions upon the author’s licenses and parent-child relations. The horrific ordeal which led to a near death climax was captured in his book, Whistleblower in Paris, published in 2021.

Leon Koziol can be reached at (315) 796-4000 and

Sample Achievements

As appointed special master by a federal judge, Seton Hall University Law School Dean, Ronald Riccio, attempts to mediate Indian land claims with enraged landowners represented by civil rights attorney Leon R. Koziol
World renowned media icon, Morley Safer, interviews Leon Koziol at his law office for a feature on CBS 60 Minutes
New York Times front page article quoting attorney Leon R. Koziol as representative of landowner groups aggrieved by Oneida Indian Nation class action seeking their ejectment from aboriginal tribal lands pursuant to a 1794 treaty violation.
The tide turns against hypocrite land claim sponsors when citizen protests get high court attention
Trillion dollar Turning Stone Casino Resort built on the addictions of gamblers, alcoholics, drug users, underworld operators and greedy politicians
Audacious scammers like Sam Bankman-Fried and Elizabeth Holmes get their inspiration from fictional movies and casino glitz
Leon Koziol, father of two precious girls, successfully moved for disqualification of Syracuse child custody judge, Bryan Hedges, declared by opposing lawyers to be a jurist “beyond reproach.” Two years later, Hedges was permanently banned from the bench by New York’s high court upon his admission to sexual abuse of his handicapped five-year-old niece
Considered the “Father of the American Revolution,” Thomas Paine risked his life to distribute pamphlets across the 13 states to stem the growing tide of desertions in George Washington’s army. His writings contributed to the drafting of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution
Dedication plaque in lobby of the new courthouse in downtown Utica, New York made possible by city councilman Leon R. Koziol who lobbied for the long-sought majority votes for its construction, also recognized as city corporation counsel on the right when completed

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