High profile litigation invalidating a billion-dollar casino compact on behalf of landowners named in Oneida Indian Class Action led to unprecedented systemic retaliation against their attorney, corruption whistleblower Leon Koziol

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Former litigation attorney

Director, Parenting Rights Institute

President, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

This post shows with irrefutable proof how I was ruthlessly persecuted for exposing corruption in New York’s family courts. However, it also shows how a powerful incentive emerged to join that persecution due to my prior successful challenge to the Oneida Indian Nation Turning Stone Casino gaming compact.

It was commenced as a countersuit on behalf of innocent landowners named in a class action lawsuit brought by the Indian Nation to eject trespassing occupants of tribal lands. It led to a judgment in New York Supreme Court in 2004 invalidating that billion- dollar compact. My uncontested divorce, filed later the same year, was then targeted in retaliation for such committed representation.

This post also refutes critics focused on harming me for other illicit or deranged purposes. The ongoing persecution features an attack upon my 23-year, unblemished reputation as a civil rights trial attorney and parenting record which contained no unfit finding or child agency report. In short, the attorney disciplinary process was weaponized against me along with our family courts.

This horrific agenda remains without long-deserved recourse, a veritable “Innocence Project” still awaiting justice. It has been detailed in my book, Whistleblower in Paris, published in 2021, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and major bookseller sites.

On February 3, 2023, I released a Law Review and News Alert (12-page summary) intended to generate a mainstream report and docu-series. Already it is under review by a major news medium. A free copy of this highly revealing educational literary work can be obtained by request at leonkoziol@gmail.com or by calling our office at (315) 380-3420. Your assistance in promoting this objective is not only urged but it will benefit victims everywhere. It is an ordeal that cannot be covered up unless we allow it.

The reproduced pages below are taken from official reports published by federal and state courts in New York. As represented in my biographical summaries found on my social and secondary sites, I boldly took on a cause (along with so many others) on behalf of politically disadvantaged constituencies including landowners victimized by the Oneida Indian Nation (class action) land claim in 1998.

As part of my legal strategy, I secured a final judgment invalidating the Oneida’s Turning Stone Casino gaming compact. This opened the door to closure of its billion-dollar, mega-resort. That success required authorization from the federal court where the land claim was pending and state court decision thereafter which declared that compact void. As a sole practitioner, I accomplished both against some of the most elite law firms in America, i.e. Cravath, Swaine & Moore in midtown Manhattan.

The record speaks for itself and months later led to the persecution exposed in my civil rights lawsuits and publications. The first reproduced page shows the federal court decision that denied the Oneida Nation motion to place an injunction upon my state court casino challenge. The two pages below it verify the state court judgment four years later which declared that casino compact void.

The fourth (bottom) page stands out from the others insofar as it shows the shocking number of “persons” and government entities which became a part of my maliciously protracted divorce case after the casino litigation was concluded. Without question an unprecedented due process violation, they were necessarily named in my federal civil rights lawsuit, Parent v State, 786 F. Supp. 2d 516 (NDNY 2011).

Needless to say, both the casino and parent rights litigation outraged highly influential parties dependent on highly lucrative family courts and gaming operations. However, the landowner counter-suit was successful in helping end the land claim altogether in 2011. This was the same year that Parent v State was decided. It is analyzed in my recent news alert. From a circumstantial standpoint, one can easily connect the dots that learned judges blatantly ignored.

The Oneida Nation class action litigation sought to eject innocent landowners (my clients) from a 250,000-acre tract found to have been unlawfully seized by the State of New York in violation of a 1794 treaty. Also, needless to say, this highly unexpected outcome made me a target, and it nearly ended my life in 2020. Yes, this is a real-life John Grisham story if there ever was one.

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