Savvy Activists vs Keyboard Warriors: A cavernous gap in reform efforts that has jeopardized our fundamental right of parenting

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.                                                              

Former litigation attorney

Director, Parenting Rights Institute

President, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

Unlike other successful reform movements, the parental rights crusade has remained hopelessly swamped. As an accomplished trial attorney, former office holder and parental rights advocate who traveled the country seeking unity behind this vital cause, I can attest to the realities Most, if not all of this dysfunction, can be traced to conflicting interests, funding failures, self-appointed experts, GED lawyers spewing vu-doo advice, and widespread apathy spiced with defeatist attitudes on a fatal level.

One-and-done groups with long-neglected websites dominate this pathetic landscape. It likely explains why Dr. Joe Sorge abandoned his million-dollar investments in Divorce Corp along with Alec Baldwin’s promise to join us years earlier after publishing his book, A Promise to Ourselves. in 2009. My own courageous stand against my profession resulted in horrific retributions that nearly cost me my life due to a lack of support. It is a John Grisham ordeal captured in my 2021 book Whistleblower in Paris

To be sure, I remain outraged by President Joe Biden’s failure to mention parental rights in his State of the Union address two years in a row along with that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, four years in a row. Without public support for “tradition,” the underpinning for its recognition in 1923, the right to parent our children is now poised for elimination by the Supreme Court. This is because, like the abortion right last year, it finds no textual appearance in our Constitution.

Meanwhile the band plays on with corruption-plagued courts, federal funding abuses, severe parental alienation, growing suicides. unprecedented murders, unwanted teen pregnancies, drug addictions, sex-based atrocities, and endless carnage in society. While referencing the Big Pharma, Big Tech, and other “Big” corruption industries, Joe Biden ignored the Divorce Industry and erosion of parental authority in our schools and family courts.

Despite all this, I refuse to believe that our collective efforts were in vain. Therefore, I will now be focused on fundraising behind a public oversight entity with a central office, paid staff and satellite presence across te country. This is an entity which I incorporated as a nonprofit with tax-exempt status granted by the IRS in 2021. Known as the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc., it is dedicated to organizing reform events, filing precedent-seeking litigation and investigating complaints neglected by our judicial commissions, lawyer regulators and other oversight agencies financed by our tax dollars.

This latest reform strategy is explained in greater detail in my “Law Review and News Alert” released on February 8, 2023 and on our website, If you would like to benefit from this highly educational 12-page release, simply contact me at or call our office at (315) 864-8176 for your free copy. And kindly consider a donation when you do.

I may be contacting you soon for this purpose.

Kindly spread the word.

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