Voyage to Armageddon: An Overlooked Novel Published in 2014 Gaining Renewed Interest Due to Ominous Events Along Our Northern Borders


Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Director, Parenting Rights Institute

President, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

Contact: (315) 796-4000

When Claudia Tenney attended my news conference in 2010 to report on my announcement of a precedent-seeking challenge to our corrupt family courts, she had lost a number of campaigns for judicial office. But to her credit, she shifted course and got herself elected to the legislative branches of our state, and later, our federal government.

She even managed the political savvy and persistence to overcome the 2021 redistricting fiasco by relocating her lifelong residence from central, New York and the 22nd congressional district she was representing to the new 24th district 200 miles away in western New York. Keen to party numbers, she was elected there as a “carpetbagger” by a convincing margin.

That success called upon her to address new challenges. Among them was the heretofore suppressed events connected to illegal crossings along New York’s highly porous northern border with Canada. To that end, my heretofore overlooked novel “Voyage to Armageddon” has now become uniquely educational to this vital issue.

Its plot focuses on nuclear terrorism following the events of 9-11. Tortured by a prior publisher, I was forced to bring legal action in 2006 resulting in a successful outcome. The media coverage and viral impacts were sufficient to put that publisher out of business. I took up the literary challenge once again with the 2014 edition, but by then its timing was lost.

Now, like so many other issues I tackled, I have been vindicated by threats of nuclear retaliation in Ukraine and the migrant crossings plaguing New York state. According to the New York Post this week, the influx of asylum-seekers in the city has cost taxpayers $4.6 million per day.

But the illegal northern crossings are leading to far greater implications than free luxury hotel accommodations in Manhattan. They are opening the “Western Door” to invasion by terrorist operatives exploiting open waterways. That door is a metaphor depicting the Seneca Indians as the protector of the Iroquois confederacy from invasion by western tribes.

As a nation we remain unprepared as we were on 9-11. My book focuses upon that vulnerability, motivated by highly unexpected events as a lake mariner who was able to cross northern borders repeatedly without inspection by any border agent only nine months after the destruction of our twin towers. This occurred during a maiden voyage in my pleasure vessel, Defense Rests. It concerned me enough to seek corrective action to no avail.

So, like my 2021 memoir, Whistleblower in Paris, I resorted to a publication. But this one is spiced with intrigue, adventure, humor and romance. Four women suffering a mid-life crisis invest in a new motor yacht which they must transport by water route from its purchase site on the Niagara River to their summer destination in Lake George near the state’s eastern border with Vermont.

This voyage takes them (like mine did) through diverse weather conditions of the Great Lakes, off-season resort communities along the magnificent Thousand Islands, the St. Lawrence River port of Montreal and Lake Champlain. But unbeknownst to these sailors, their prize vessel has been sabotaged by a nuclear device affixed to their engine compartment to be detonated at a Manhattan pier.

That summation is more than enough to pique your patriotic interest with a purchase of my literary project at any Barnes and Nobles store, Amazon on-line and other major book sellers. What a sensational read for these dreary, depressing and overcast winter months. I intend to hand-deliver a free copy Claudia to keep her honest to her roots and duties of public office.

Do your part by sharing this post for the sake of government accountability and homeland security.

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