Nuclear terrorism fueled by illegal crossings along northern borders is featured in attorney whistleblower novel, Voyage to Armageddon

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

March 8, 2023

President, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

As promised in yesterday’s post at, I hand-delivered a free autographed copy of my 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon, to the Oswego, New York office of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

As stated in that post, Claudia attended my 2010 news conference when announcing my precedent-seeking challenge to the corruption occurring in our divorce and family courts.

At the time, attorney Claudia Tenney had lost a number of campaigns for judicial office but overcame it with successful runs for state assembly and then Congress.

In the 2022 election, she showed the savvy to counter redistricting by moving her lifelong residence from central New York where she served as my representative to western New York’s 24th district where she won by a convincing margin due to voter demographics.

Here along our northern borders, she now faces new challenges while continuing to send me robotic e-mail updates. However, this post was made necessary not by politics but a front-page story in the upstate Sunday edition of the Utica Observer Dispatch.

That story focused on the ignored crisis regarding illegal migrant crossings from Canada (the Swanton District). Claudia’s concerns over crime and costs of this expanding crisis paled in comparison to the threat of nuclear terrorism along these same borders.

Today, Congresswoman Tenney was featured on the front page of the Watertown (New York) Daily Times regarding her district tour of this border, but once again no mention was made of any nuclear threat.

In my novel, this threat is realized through the adventures of four lake mariners, women suffering a midlife crisis. At the time of writing, few upstate victims were aware of Russian nuclear suitcase devices capable of detonating in Times Square.

They were discovered in 1997, just before 9-11, but my whistleblower efforts were derailed by a prior publisher. I was forced to bring legal action in 2006 resulting in a successful outcome. Once again it was principle that I was pursuing.

Such con-artists are everywhere these days due to a lack of accountability, but with media coverage I managed to put that publisher, a subsidiary of Amazon, out of business. I then resumed the literary challenge. And to my shock, the warnings were ignored.

Now, like so many other issues tackled, I have been vindicated by threats of nuclear retaliation in Ukraine and the open crossings upstate. According to the New York Post, the influx of asylum-seekers in the city has cost taxpayers $4.6 million per day.

More ominous, a new breed of terrorists is emerging with superior sophistication (another theme of my novel). None of this is being reported. My news releases to all major upstate newspapers, some hand-delivered, have gone unanswered.

So here I am on my own tour of the northern border issuing lap-top posts warning residents of this crisis. To be sure, the crossings here are leading to far greater dangers than free luxury hotels in Manhattan.

Bad politics is opening the “Western Door” to easy access by terrorists. That door is a metaphor depicting the Seneca Indians as the protector of the Iroquois confederacy from invasion by western tribes.

My book focuses on that vulnerability, motivated by events as a lake mariner who was able to cross northern borders repeatedly without inspection only nine months after destruction of our twin towers.

This occurred during a maiden voyage in my pleasure vessel, Defense Rests. On one occasion at Rousses Point, I was moved to call an agent from his home. He never even boarded my boat. It concerned me enough to seek corrective action to no avail.

So, like my 2021 memoir, Whistleblower in Paris, I resorted to a publication. But this fictional work is spiced with intrigue, adventure, humor and romance. It gives flavor to a complex subject, a page-turner that cannot be set aside.

Four women invest in a new motor yacht which they must transport by water route from its purchase site on the Niagara River to their summer destination in Lake George near the border with Vermont.

This voyage takes them (like mine did) through diverse weather conditions of the Great Lakes, off-season resorts along the magnificent Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River port of Montreal and Lake Champlain.

But unbeknownst to these sailors, their prize vessel has been sabotaged by a nuclear device affixed to their engine compartment to be detonated at a Manhattan pier.

That summation is more than enough to pique your patriotic interest with a purchase of my book at any Barnes and Nobles store, Amazon on-line or other major book seller.

What a sensational read for these depressing winter months.

With my book now in her possession, the question becomes, will Claudia take this issue seriously or is she merely trolling for political favor in her new congressional district.

Do your part by sharing this post for the sake of accountability and homeland security.

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