JUST RELEASED: Judiciary Report Condemning FBI and DOJ for Targeting Parents at School Board Meetings

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Former School Board Attorney

Director, Parenting Rights Institute

It corroborates years of reports issued by the Parenting Rights Institute which have been ignored, censored or suppressed by public officials and the U.S. Justice Department. Whereas our postings of parental targeting garnered as many as 2,000 responses at one time, today we get a handful, if any.

Like the victims at the Virginia school board meetings seized and silenced as dissidents in a foreign country, our reports and assemblies have been similarly targeted. The National School Boards Association went so far as to issue a letter to the Biden administration labeling us not as concerned parents but “domestic terrorists,” a sleezy way of inciting unlawful arrests.

Increasingly this label has also been exploited as a custody tactic in family court proceedings. Bottom feeder lawyers have found a short cut to their burdens of proof by using such bombastic phrases while presiding judges refuse to reign them in because they did the same when they practiced law.

Yesterday’s report by the House Judiciary Committe is no surprise but it is clearly a portend of injustices to come as our courts mull over the extinguishment of our “fundamental right” to the care, custody and education” of our children. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court which declared this right to be the “oldest liberty interest” protected by our Constitution.

But as we continue to take this right for granted through unprecedented apathy and trust in our educators, that “oldest liberty” is being steadily eroded by “woke” and deviate sex ideologies which have nothing to do with the “A, B Cs.”. It’s no wonder that so many graduates today cannot form grammatically correct sentences or locate Ukraine on a map.

This “silent epidemic,” as we call it, has been elaborately presented in a March 17, 2023 ‘Law Review and News Alert” issued by the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc, a nonprofit action group I founded in 2021. It is seeking donations and investments that could generate a nationwide staff of lobbyists and consultants to reverse this ominous trend while assisting aggrieved parents in their losing battle against a gradual state take-over of child rearing.

My highly researched, 13-page alert is not only shocking from a human rights standpoint, it is free, uniquely informative and alarming, presented by this author as an attorney-whistleblower who sacrificed his life and liberty behind this vital cause. Read it here at http://www.leonkoziol.com and support us with your contribution and viral dissemination at http://www.citizencommissionagainstcorruption.org.

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