Once again, our politicians and self-described “experts” misreport the primary cause of another mass shooting

After promoting an agenda for discrediting my decade-long crusade to reform a corrupt family court industry, its beneficiaries continue to hide from their roles in the mass shootings among our schools. Today’s killing of three children and three adults in Nashville is the latest example of collateral damage emanating from a court system that favors profits and revenues over the “best interests” of our children.

The continuing carnage is detailed in my Law Review and News Alert published here on March 17, 2023 and more extensively in my 2021 memoir, Whistleblower in Paris, available at any Barnes and Nobles store, Amazon or major bookseller site. The connections to this tragedy are manifestly complex but accurate in defining a “silent epidemic” of immorality caused by an increasingly parentless society.

This latest tragedy is not about race, gender or gun control but the erosion of moral fiber perpetrated by non-parents promoting woke ideologies and sexual perversions, among other evils, in these same schools. The true victims grow up to be demonic, deprived of genuine loving guidance by those parents anxious to remain a part of their children’s lives in divorce or separated households.

Shared parenting is made subordinate to a custody war reminiscent of the Roman Coliseum in these godless tribunals. They continue to ignore parental alienation and denigration of authority vested in parents seeking to raise responsible adults. The perpetrator of today’s heinous crime defied all the stereotypes of an angry, young, white male to reveal a white, female 28-year-old as the killer.

Insanely, President Joe Biden opens his public reaction to this tragedy with jokes about his wife, chocolates and pointless cravings. He then follows not with a new strategy but that tired old song and dance about gun control. Former New Jersey Governor and federal prosecutor, Chris Christie, had it correct with his reaction emphasizing that we are already inundated by gun laws to address such crimes.

Both reactions were featured on FOX news as this horrific scene was unfolding. Respected anchor Martha MacCallum opened a segment with shock over the gender of this killer thereby evidencing her ignorance of the bigger picture. She is obviously unaware of such child murders as Gabriella Boyd by a mother who chose that option over a custody change order. MacCallum’s guest contributor, Shannon Bream, was more attuned to the crisis by reference to this godless society in her recent publications.

This “silent epidemic” so vigorously exposed here at http://www.leonkoziol.com must be addressed by Congress with oversight hearings into the abuse of federal Title IV-D funds by family courts. And our Justice Department is duty-bound to investigate the escalating human rights violations evident in these same courts. Instead, the “band plays on” to the tune of heart-wrenching losses by families everywhere.

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