The court system now faced by Donald Trump has already been exposed for systemic bias by a civil rights attorney persecuted for his free speech

So they’re finally sounding the alarm on what New York attorney Leon Koziol has been exposing for decades, a flawed court system that led to severe systemic retributions.

Never mind what you may think of Donald Trump personally, the question facing all Americans today is whether he can he get a fair trial in New York. The call to action suddenly gripping our country is simply this: if you can target a former president, you can “witch hunt” anyone. And we’re not talking about a fair process but one that weaponizes our justice system to silence diverse views.

This so-called indictment strikes at the core of our values as a free country. It has been in progress since the 2016 elections including the years that Trump spent as president. It was not unexpected despite the prosecution’s vast flaws and destined collapse, but to publicly announce this agenda long before charges were even contemplated is a tragedy for our system of justice.

All notions of equal protection, due process and free speech have now been tossed to oblivion unless the People take serious action to condemn and eradicate this “star chamber” process. Otherwise, it becomes institutionalized and a prelude for tyranny. How can we remain fearful of or apathetic to a regime that undermines our Constitution and all that we have sacrificed to preserve?

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden were never indicted despite a record of criminal conduct far more egregious than the one concocted against this front runner in the 2024 presidential elections. Such targeting is not strictly political. Rod Blagojevich, a sitting governor, was sentenced to 14 years for white collar crimes that dwarfed the violent ones given a free pass in this same state of New York.

It is an unprecedented criminal action promised by a media-hound controlled by outsiders. And it verifies undeniably a politically-infested, two-class justice system. Not to belabor the outcry that is growing across this nation, this assault upon our Constitution was forewarned in attorney Koziol’s March 17, 2023, Law Review and News Alert, and previously in greater detail in his 2021 published memoir, Whistleblower in Paris.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D. is a former city corporation counsel, school board attorney and office holder who practiced civil rights law for more than 23 years before his daughters and licenses were targeted in retaliation for a conscientious stand taken against his profession. He is currently president of a nonprofit action group, Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc.

Mr. Koziol can be reached at (315) 796-4000.

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