Celebrating my 65th birthday today despite a 3-6 month terminal diagnosis in 2020: Relentless persecution in family court caused it.

Leon R. Koziol


It’s not the “Happy Birthday” I’m used to but lucky to be alive given a diagnosis given to me in 2020. At that time, I admitted myself to a local emergency room for unbearable abdominal pains only to be rushed by ambulance to Albany (New York) Medical Center 100 miles away to receive news of a terminal condition with only months to live.

My condition was deemed inoperable but through some miracle, the detected tumor disappeared (resolved itself) on its own per the next cat scan. My surgeon had no explanation other than to proceed with gall bladder removal after exploratory surgery on the continuing intestinal blockage.

This led to a return of the dire prognosis. Still I managed to survive another three birthdays. Through all this time, including multiple hospitalizations, my two college-age daughters failed to contact me. This was due to parental alienation by a “custodial” mother hell bent on erasing me with a millionaire substitute.

This agenda was carried out with multiple assigned jurists who turned a blind eye in retaliation for my exposure of corruption in family courts and other motivations which may never be known. There was never any report of child abuse, neglect or unfit behavior. I had enjoyed twelve years of parent-child relations that would be the envy of any child.

This alienation was made possible by exploiting antiquated custody laws which operated in favor of the perpetrator. It constitutes inhumane conduct which should be made a crime, having much more justification than the scheme to elevate Trump’s alleged misdemeanors into felonies.

To be sure, the weaponization of our justice system in my case over a ten-year period can be compared to the persecution of Donald Trump since 2016 and in Manhattan criminal court this year. I was similarly targeted as an attorney whistleblower exposing corruption in the family court “swamp.”

As emphasized here at http://www.leonkoziol.com, my adversaries were utterly satanic in their systemic agendas. They literally murdered me not through the use of any firearm but a calculated assault upon my livelihood and liberties that predictably led to the same fatal outcome.

They will deny this, but the record speaks for itself. It cries out for overdue reforms that have been outlined throughout my publications beginning with oversight hearings in Congress to investigate the abuse of federal funds by these same courts. But that crusade will now have to be pursued by another bold victim.

I have run my course.