LEON KOZIOL.com: a treasure trove of publications for court victims from a veteran trial attorney and office holder

Here at public interest website, www.leonkoziol.com, we feature news alerts and expert reviews on timely events, nationally and locally, to assist those victimized by abusive litigation, political targeting or free speech retaliation. We are a think tank and action group dedicated to good government at a time when corruption is being exposed daily at levels never before imagined.

Indeed, we are now living in an age in which humanity has perfected weapons that could desecrate civilization beyond recovery. More ominously, we could be eliminated in a split second by Artificial Intelligence. This irreversible trend is being fueled by billionaires and trillion-dollar industries oblivious to the consequences for the worship of unmitigated profits.

Only last month, major media reported a poll showing that more than 70% of people thought government, family and community were important as recently as 1998 whereas those figures dropped below 40% today. It should be no shock, then, that the founder of this site, Dr. Leon Koziol, J.D., was persecuted for a bold stand taken against another lucrative industry, his legal profession, in 2010.

Such persecution was unprecedented, constitutionally prohibited and elevated over time to result in a terminal diagnosis ten years later. As we have declared repeatedly here, you can commit murder with a firearm or accomplish the same outcome indirectly through a seizure of one’s livelihood, children and health. The latter has become more common today leading to record levels of suicides, crime and immoral behavior.

The targeting of Attorney Koziol was carried out knowingly, predictably and maliciously after more than two decades as a successful and unblemished trial lawyer demanding meaningful accountability and overdue reforms. A rational person might expect that retaliation would occur here, but this agenda was off the charts. As the adage also goes, if you cannot kill the message, kill the messenger.

It became the functional equivalent of human rights violations practiced by tyrannical regimes, and it forced Attorney Koziol to seek asylum in a foreign country noted for free world policies. That ordeal was captured in a 2021 memoir entitled, Whistleblower in Paris. Ironically this book was preceded in 2014 by a published novel, Voyage to Armageddon. Available at major bookstores and on-line, both are fascinating reads.

As a law-abiding citizen one day, you can become a victim the next without anyone to aid you. If the unprecedented indictment of a former president proved anything, it was not so much the principle that “no one is above the law,” but the reality that anyone can be targeted for speech critical to an honorable and self-governing nation, Snyder v Phelps, 562 US 443 (2011).

That is why this site was created, to give you a fighting chance to counter government abuse and educate yourself to its realities. You are therefore called upon as a loyal American to help publicize this highly censored site through social, mainstream and secondary media. You can also support our nonprofit citizen advocacy group below. Spread this vital message while time still allows.

Your future and that of your families are at stake.