Breaking news for watchdogs: 1) Congressional hearing in Manhattan; 2) shocking prison terms for Chinese attorneys and 3) felony indictment of a shooter’s mother for neglect

Three news items today may have eluded you despite their critical nature for good government advocates and court abuse victims. The first is an announcement by the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee of a public hearing to be held on Monday, April 17th at 9 am at the Javits Center in lower Manhattan.

It was strategically located only blocks away from the courthouse where Donald Trump was indicted last week. It will focus, in part, on the abuse of federal funds for illicit purposes.

I have been lobbying for such a hearing for years to investigate the abuse of federal Title IV-D funds by divorce and family courts. Such abuse has incurred no accountability leading to human rights violations, severe parental alienation, veteran suicides and child murders. Our long requested hearing has far more benefit to the People served than the politicians exploiting public office for personal gain next week

My crusade began with an alarming and well-researched report to Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2015. We both testified two years earlier at the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at nearby Pace University while she served as a U.S. Attorney on Long Island.

This report was triggered by the murder of a an unarmed black father by a white cop in South Carolina. He was shot five times in the back while fleeing a child support warrant at a traffic stop. The later-convicted cop is now in prison. Is our own government now killing for revenues?

My various demands to investigate human rights violations in these courts have remained incessant over the years. They include lobby initiatives inside Congress, a Parent March on Washington down Pennsylvania Avenue under police escort from the White House to the Supreme Court, and a candlelight vigil in front of the U.S. Capitol to commemorate those lost to corruption in 2019.

Despite all this, not one member of Congress has responded even after a meeting in Senator Chuck Schmer’s D.C. office with parental rights advocates. This underscores the urgency with which we must attend the scheduled hearing to voice our concerns and demands.

The second news item features the sentencing of two human rights attorneys in China to 12- and 14-year prison terms. Such excessive punishments were not only unjustly based on corruptly procured convictions but also dispensed as precedent for any other attorney whistleblowers who would dare to exercise their most basic rights.

This raw abuse of power by a tyrannical one-party regime follows years of censorship and retributions such as those inflicted upon Chinese civil rights attorney Chen Guangchen who successfully secured asylum in New York in 2011 with the help of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

My own similar ordeal is captured in my 2021 memoir (book), Whistleblower in Paris. It details a portend of things to come in America unless we act timely by expressing our views as marginalized parents and law-abiding citizens at Monday’s hearing.

Finally, the mother of a six-year-old student who shot his teacher at a Virginia school was indicted on felony and misdemeanor charges for child neglect and related crimes. The prosecutor’s reaction was certainly justified but highly political and unprecedented.

It is a confirmation of today’s ever-growing immorality and a portend of consequences which all parents may face given the continued erosion of parental authority. How does one guarantee the safety of society while avoiding arrest for disciplinary action under pretext of child abuse?

See you at the Judiciary Hearing on Monday. This time we do not have to come to Committee members, They are coming to us.