California Approves Reparations for Slaves: Are Native-American Land Claims Next?

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

Citizen Commission Against Corruption

The tax hikes and hidden fees alone will kill the middle and working class. Assuming the slavery reparations approved in California spreads like cancer across the rest of America, the time is now to prepare yourselves, your families and businesses for the onslaught. After all, common sense tells us that the bill will be astronomical and precedent-setting.

Who will pay for it all?

After more than 40 years in public service, including 23 as a trial attorney both in and out of government, I have witnessed time and again how rich, self-glorifying politicians at the highest levels will con the people while pretending to be genuine public servants. They have perfected a unique art of chicanery which is getting more brazen by the day.

Make no mistake, highly suppressed among our history books is the undeniable truth that, when it comes to revenues, the beneficiaries will not discriminate. An entire Revolutionary War was fought, in major part, to maintain tax revenues for soldier reparations emanating from the French and Indian War. Our own Civil War was fought belatedly when the industrial revolution replaced the value of free labor.

To be sure, when it comes to money, politician kick-backs, big tech profits and government revenues, they will prosecute and incarcerate any of us before they act on violent criminals and repeat offenders in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere across America. Blue or Red colors of any state matter not at all in this lust for spend-free, unearned cash.

So unless you’re catatonic, 87,000 IRS agents being recruited by President Joe Biden must get you highly alarmed. More shocking, there is no push-back, only select accountability, a complicit media, and no fear of citizen reprisals at the polls or in the streets. Election interference now in the hands of Artificial Intelligence, an antiquated Electoral College, and big money lobbyists together with our 2019 Parent March on Washington is all the proof needed here.

Two decades ago, I took on a goliath of a profit industry disguised as Native-American land reparations. Once power is ceded or realized, rarely is it properly restrained. When the Supreme Court, by a 5-4 ruling in 1985, gave approval to a 250,000-acre land claim of the Oneida Indian Nation in central New York based on a 1790 act of Congress and 1794 treaty, a modest Indian casino was approved by then-governor Mario Cuomo.

Opened in 1993 in a glorified pole barn pursuant to the 1989 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, negotiators promised no alcohol service while monitoring gambling addictions and nefarious activity. Today it is a world class resort valued in the billions of dollars replete with a skyscraper in the middle of a former farm field, expanded Class III gaming, all manner of alcohol and demonstrable underworld activity, together harming the residents of our region.

Not to sound hypocritical, I supported the casino’s contributions to charity and culture, its entertainment venues at “Exit 33” and high-end entertainment, but I do not gamble, and such success moved the Turning Stone Casino CEO to file a 1998 class action lawsuit in federal court. It sought to eject 20,000 innocent landowners for trespass on this giant 250,000 acre tract which could not even be reliably surveyed while clouding the titles of the countless properties that could.

That is when I agreed to represent these landowners by filing a strategic countersuit for a declaratory judgement invalidating the 1993 casino compact based on Governor Cuomo’s failure to get legislative approval. The revenues from its operation made that class action possible with such high-profile law firms as Cravath, Swaine and Moore headquartered in Manhattan.

In the end, my counter-action was successful, a $500 million settlement of the land claim collapsed, and the Supreme Court reversed its stance on the viability of stale claims as gross as this one in a separate land action brought by the Cayuga Indian Nation. It earned me an interview on CBS 60 Minutes. It is a horrific example of the extremes to which our politicians as high as the Supreme Court will go to exploit a gold mine.  Help us bring some level of sanity to this agenda by contacting our nonprofit Citizen Commission Against

Is it no wonder I was targeted as viciously as I was in later years? Check out our website, make a generous contribution to our cause, and spread the word.

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