Leon R. Koziol, J.D.

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May 19, 2023


Re: Slavery reparations and congressional oversight

The tax hikes and hidden fees alone will kill the middle and working class. Assuming slavery reparations promoted in California will spread across the rest of America, the time is now to assess the reality of all this.

West coast task forces have set awards as high as $5 million in San Francisco to a sliding scale topping $1.2 million per recipient statewide. Their unrealistic nature has prompted critics to decry the false hopes which these lottery-type awards will generate followed by escalating protests.

If we learned anything from the massive pandemic bail-outs, a diverse range of abusers will be at the front lines eagerly waiting for their take. Even now, prosecutors are still announcing convictions of persons who defrauded our governments out of billions of dollars during a nationwide scandal.

There is no helpful precedent for gauging the criteria for such a broad funding scheme. The best we might find lie in the Native-American land claims. Genetics as low as 16% have been employed, influencing our very representatives in Congress such as Senator Elizabeth Warren to falsely claim such heritage.

This leads us to accountability. Despite all the FBI whistleblowers coming forward before a House oversight panel to verify corruption at the highest levels of government, there is no alarm among those who should be outraged as our leaders were during the Watergate and Whitewater scandals. This is reliably due to “wolves watching the chicken coop.”

Next: who will be paying for all this? Already we find the federal government taxing beyond capacity. States like California and New York, devoid of constitutional resort, are teetering on bankruptcy. Voters are no longer trusting the polls but voting with their feet instead to claim residencies in other states and overseas. This is compounded by a costly migrant crisis.

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Then there’s the all-important enforcement dilemma. Police and prosecutors alike are already grappling with the priorities of unprecedented violent crime. What good are these reparation laws if they cannot be reliably enforced? The only outcome which they will achieve is a further disrespect for authority.

Such disrespect includes political opportunists. We have yet to learn the identity of the abortion decision leaker last June in the highest court of our land. If we cannot trust our courts to dispense justice, the people will find constitutional authority to take these laws into their own hands. The cover-ups alone are beyond credulity in today’s Babylon-type society.

Disrespect is no longer guided by morals or principle but by how much a person can get away with. After more than 40 years in public service, I have witnessed time and again how politicians will con the people out of money. They have perfected a form of chicanery which is getting more brazen by the day.

Highly suppressed among our history books is the undeniable truth that, when it comes to revenues, government can be ruthless. Entire wars were fought strictly for economic reasons. So the solution here will undoubtedly be to pass the costs on to those who can least afford it, such as the very minorities we are purporting to benefit.

Finally, does the employment of 87,000 additional IRS agents signal any proof or alarm? If not, then we are now living in a communist nation exactly as the extinct Soviets once predicted.


Leon R. Koziol, J.D, is a former city corporation counsel, school board attorney, and elected office holder who practiced law for more than 23 years. He was targeted for his court reform efforts resulting in the seizure of his licenses, parent-child relationships and diverse liberties. He has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, front page of the New York Times, CNN and other mainstream media in connection with his pursuits of justice for victims of government abuse.

Despite proven censorship, Dr. Koziol is also the author of alarming reports to Congress, the Justice Department and other oversight entities, including two books, a 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon, and alarming memoir, Whistleblower in Paris, published in 2021. Both are available at all Barnes and Nobles bookstores, Amazon and major sellers on-line.

It is critical for those who promote American values to share this message and act accordingly. I cannot crusade alone as attorney whistleblowers, unlike public employees, have no legal protection. They are open game and ruthlessly persecuted as I was.