Leon Koziol daughters found today living in Massachusetts after 3-year disappearance

My daughters were discovered today residing here with their mother and her new husband, Lou Usherwood, at 54 Onion Hill Road; Duxbury, Massachusetts

Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Citizen Commission Against Corruption.org

It’s a bittersweet announcement:

The good news:

I finally found the residence of my daughters, Kristen and Cassandra Koziol, after a 3-year disappearance orchestrated by their custodial-parent-mother, Kelly Hawse-Koziol-Usherwood, beginning in 2020.

The bad news:

They had been severely alienated from me. Despite my pleas for assistance regarding their location, I was not able to gain any leads in my desperate search for their whereabouts during that painful period.

It’s every good parent’s nightmare, not knowing what has become of their precious offspring when removed, kidnapped, murdered, or in my case, viciously secluded in clandestine fashion by the other parent to consummate a substitute father-daughter relationship.

Public policy continues to focus on parent-child separations among illegals at our borders while loving moms and dads legally residing in the United States are being wrongfully denied contact with their children through an abuse of our so-called “family court” system.

I have never even been reported to any government agency, let alone found guilty of child abuse or neglect during my many years of “noncustodial” child rearing since the birth of my precious girls, Kristen and Cassandra. They are now of age and attending college somewhere unknown to me.

It has remained an indescribable pain which contributed greatly to my current dire medical condition. With this discovery, I can finally rest easy to the extent that my girls are now confirmed to be alive and safe. However, their continued erasure of our relationships at the hands of a demonic mother and utterly depraved husband will follow me to the grave or after life.

Hopefully my sacrifices here will not be in vain as I devote the balance of my living time to the continued reform of a sick system that is destroying our moral fiber as a once great nation. Through these postings, I am hoping that other victims and sympathizers will carry on this vital cause.

Stay tuned as I disclose how I discovered this residence and engaged in a stand-off there at great risk after a 500-mile round trip and many days of lodging at remote places. In the end, I accomplished what costly lawyers, investigators, tech savvy contacts and fellow victims could not.