D.C. Metropolitan Police Grants Permit for Parent March from White House to the Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue!

That’s me at 5 foot eleven crushed between two of our Parade Marshals, NFL Super Bowl winner Jamie Brown and Marine veteran Michael Paladino

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 796-4000

Nothing like this has ever happened before in our nation’s capital. The “Family of America” will be marching down an entire lane of Pennsylvania Avenue, the most prominent thoroughfare in all of America, from the White House to the halls of Congress this Friday, May 3, 2019.

They will be demanding a federal investigation of human rights violations in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It is a three day event beginning this Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Click here for itinerary, purpose and related details.

It was a bear of a process but I was able to make this happen. Now YOU have to make it happen by calling your friends and neighbors to make the trip to the actual March which  begins assembling at Noon on Friday, May 3, 2019 at Lafayette Square Park located across from the entry way to the White House.

You should imagine yourself making history as you pass by the stately grounds and greatest edifices of the free world. This your property, and for one day at least, our nation’s capital belongs to the moms and dads which made all this possible.

All four jurisdictions that I have had to deal with along this parade march have been gracious and efficient. There were many conditions of the several march permits which had to be satisfied, most notably those related to security. This includes the Commander of March Permits at the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Secret Service, Homeland Security Bureau, National Park Service and Capitol Park Police.

I have appointed marshals for the parade consisting of two divisions, Michael Paladino, a U.S. Marine veteran and Jamie Brown, a Super Bowl winner of the Denver Broncos football team. Mr. Paladiono quickly re-enlisted for service after the 9-11 attacks, and during training exercises he was hit by a vehicle from behind. He survived but spent the next two years in a wheel chair. He lived to experience this day.

Jamie has been active in the head injury litigation against the National Football League and he has been a victim of PTSD arising from his mistreatment there and in Family Court. I met him after a National Whistleblower Summit in Washington two years ago.

Typically he is approached for autographs and you may want to get one between Noon and 1pm when we assemble for the Friday March. There may be other famous people present as this grows but I cannot guarantee anything.

On tonight’s nationwide conference call, I will be doing a state-by-state roll call of March participants. I want to get a sense of our national presence for the March. I am also working feverishly to wrap up the March addendum to our lobby packets which will be distributed to all attendees at our May 1, 2019 orientation event at the Congressional Ballroom, 550 C Street SW, Washington D.C. (a few blocks below the U.S. Capitol.

This addendum features the ordeals submitted to me and Melissa Antio of Michigan over the past two months. I was able to get my friend (print shop owner) to grant yet one more day for its production to include some submissions received as late as this morning (well beyond our deadline). That means I will probably be working well into the night on this project alone.

People continue to call in to announce their attendance. Our Speakers List for Lobby Day, May 2, 2019, at 7 pm in the same ballroom still awaits one more reply. Dr. Mark Roseman is among those who have been confirmed. That list will probably not be publicized on this site until late tonight or tomorrow.

As always, our daily call number at 7 pm EST tonight is (605) 313- 4165; Access code is  763491 when prompted. This number will remain as our conversation forum throughout this three-day event beginning with our American Parent Caravan leaving Liberty State Park, Jersey City, and ending with our Candle Light Vigil in front of the U.S. Capitol (facing the Washington Monument) on the evening of May 3, 2019 (after our March ends).

Call the media, spread the word and make your donations on this site. This will be a grand affair but a costly one as well. Now you have to get the numbers to show up. I can’t wait to meet all of you finally in person.

An Evening with Susan Settenbrino: Sunday Night’s, Parent March, Special Guest is a Former New York Prosecutor


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Here is today’s update on our Parent March on Washington set for next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The March itself will begin at 1 pm on the last day, Friday, May 3, 2019 on the north side of the White House (Lafayette Square Park). Dr. Mark Roseman was confirmed today as one of our guest speakers at the Congressional Ballroom; Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center; 550 C Street SW, Washington D.C.

A final speakers list will be published on this site on Monday, April 29. On that day during our 7 pm EST nationwide conference call, we will give you updates and a roll-call of March participants from all 50 states. I am asking everyone to get people on the call from all states to make this possible.

We have also reinstated our case summaries to our Lobby Packets for distribution to all members of Congress on Lobby Day, May 2nd. They will be compiled into an addendum report entitled “Parent March on Washington.” This was made possible by a last ditch effort between Melissa Antio, myself and my printer after last night’s call which featured a fine presentation by Dr. Anthony Pappas, Professor of Economics at St. Johns University. He will be one of our featured speakers next Thursday.

Tonight is an open dialogue night at 7 pm EST. I will not be on the call. This is your chance to network for rides and lodging. Tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 pm, I will feature our third special guest of the week, Attorney Susan Settenbrino, a former New York City prosecutor. She was on our call this past Monday and she sponsored a court corruption workshop at Dr. Joseph Sorge’s Divorce Corp, Family Law Reform Conference in Washington D.C. in 2014. I also spoke at that conference and did a video documentary sponsored by Dr. Sorge in 2015. You can find it on-line by typing my name and Divorce Corp. That interview contains a major part of our message at this March.

Susan comes armed with fascinating information and statistics regarding court corruption and she even wrote a book on the subject. So don’t miss an opportunity to ask her questions at the conclusion of her presentation. We’re calling it:

“An Evening with Susan Settenbrino”

St. Johns University Professor Anthony Pappas is our featured guest on tonight’s Parent March National Conference Call


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As we get closer to our Parent March on Washington next Friday, we continue to feature guests on our daily nationwide conference calls.  Some will also be featured at our Speakers Event on the eve of the March at the Congressional Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Capitol Hotel and Conference Center, 550 C Street SW. Washington D.C. Click here to learn about our entire 3-day affair designed to obtain a federal investigation of corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

Tonight’s guest is St. Johns University Professor Anthony Pappas. A victim of horrific abuses in the Nassau County divorce system of New York, he will outline how a series of judges systematically harmed his career, lifelong reputation and family in retaliation for his whistleblower activities and reform efforts.

Dr. Pappas has a PhD from Yale University and a Master degree from MIT among many other credentials. In 2018, he was the Republican endorsed candidate for Congress against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He will be speaking and lobbying with us at our Lobby Day on May 2nd in Congress and we expect that he will be able to open doors for us there.

On other matters, we now have a head parade marshal for our March beginning at the White House at 1 pm next Friday. He is a Marine veteran familiar with Washington. Another one of our Marshals is expected to join as well. He is a Super Bowl winner who resides in Washington.

Organizer Kim Durkee remains hospitalized and, unlike yesterday, she was unable to converse with me today on the telephone. Her husband contacted me and reported that both he and she will be unable to attend our events. She was rushed to the hospital during our Wednesday conference call. We therefore need others to step up to the plate and assist with event set-ups, etc.

Tomorrow’s conference call will be open to anyone who wants to network for rides, promotions of our event, etc. I will not be on that call. However, on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at the same 7 pm EST, and same call number and code, we will feature:

“An Evening with Susan Settenbrino”

Susan is a former New York prosecutor who was targeted as I was for her exposure of court corruption. She conducted a workshop at the 2014 Divorce Corp Family Law Reform Conference in Washington D.C. She is an avid supporter of our March and is armed with a treasure trove of information to show how corruption is protected in these courts. You will not want to miss it.

On Monday we have our nationwide roll call of March participants. Get on the phones and get everyone to call in. We hope to have every state represented.

As always, the Call number is (605) 313-4165. Access Code when prompted is: 763491.


Two Division March on Washington: Front and Rear Banners. Don’t Miss Tonight’s Nationwide Conference Call



By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

There is too much to report today regarding our three-day event entitled Parent March on Washington, May 1-3. You need to get on our daily conference calls. A big one is tonight at 7 pm EST. As usual, call (605) 313-4165. Access code 763491.

The above 4 by 8 foot banners will head two divisions of participants from the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol and Supreme Court, a march which permit agents advise will take only 40-45 minutes led by a police escort. This event is growing by the hour and establishes a turning point in how parents are treated in America’s divorce and family courts.

We should not take second class citizen status to non-citizens committing crimes at the borders to receive all our free services while the same government is bankrupting us in these courts to pay for such services. This has gotten beyond insane and its time for sane parents to straighten it out. But this event is costly. We need both your support and donations on this site, http://www.leonkoziol.com.

The above conference call number and this website will remain the source of information until the last event, our Candle Light Vigil at Area One in front of the U.S. Capitol beginning at 7 pm on that last day, Friday, May 3, 2019.

Tonight’s Conference Call Features an Attorney Sponsoring a Documentary of our March. Join us for Exciting Details


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 796-4000

The first day of our Parent March on Washington is next Wednesday beginning with the American Parent Caravan leaving Liberty State Park in Jersey City  at 10 am and concluding at the Washington Beltway.

There will be a “Meet and Greet” at 5 pm the same day at the 21st Amendment Lounge at the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street SW near the Capitol Building. An orientation session will follow at 7pm  that evening in the same hotel at the Congressional Ballroom down the hallway from the Lounge. There we will pass out 550 lobby packets for delivery to every office in Congress.

Lobby Day is next on Thursday, May 2nd, 10 am to 4 pm at the Senate and House office buildings where we will deliver those lobby packets with many participants meeting with their representatives.

At 7 pm that night, we will feature Guest Speakers in law, politics, education and psychology at the same Congressional Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Capitol, 550 C Street, only a few blocks below the Capitol and House office buildings. We will also “rally the troops” for our March the next day.

On Friday, May 3, 2019, our main event, the Parent March on Washington begins assembling at Lafayette Square Park on the north side of the White House at Noon. The March will start at 1 pm and proceed along Pennsylvania Avenue, past the FBI Headquarters and Justice Department, to the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court concluding across the street behind the Capitol.

At Area 10 at that location (East side of the Capitol across from Supreme Court), a rally will occur with an open, outdoor speaking event. All people who wish to present their ordeals and requests to the public and media will be heard. A candle light vigil is planned for 7:30 pm at Area One on the opposite (front) east side of the Capitol facing the Washington Monument.

A movie documentary of the entire 3-day event is being sponsored by a Philadelphia area attorney, Lawrence DeMarco. He will be the guest speaker on our nationwide conference call tonight at 7 pm EST. Get in on the excitement. Attorney DeMarco will explain the coverage and details. You are welcome to ask questions.

Only those who attend the event will be included in this documentary to be published and distributed to members of Congress at a later date when completed. We had another stimulating conference call last night for the sole purpose of hearing the ordeals of victims.

Conference call number and access code are the same and will be during the entire three day affair in case you want to get in on all the excitement. We will be conversing among vehicles throughout our four hour trip to Washington from Liberty State Park. Call number again is: (605) 313-4165. Access code when prompted is 763491.

We were very accommodating to participants last night but remain committed to parent child separations and court corruption. We cannot allow participants to go beyond that scope to vent beliefs and issues outside that scope. You must mute your phones if you care to participate. It interferes and is disrespectful of the guest speaker and fellow participants. No vulgarity or personal attacks will be tolerated.

See you all soon.

U.S. Department of Interior Grants Permit for the May 3rd Parent March on Washington in front of the White House


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 796-4000

Major developments continue regarding the support and timing of our Parent March on Washington. The National Park Service issued us a permit for a rally to be conducted at Lafayette Park in front of the White House on May 3, 2019. Our original application had us at President’s Park, but Permit Agents suggested Lafayette Park because this is the coveted location that is closest and most visible from the White House.

Fortunately it was not too late of a change. The site was not already reserved, and now it is ours. We will gather and begin rallying at Noon. A giant banner will face the White House. We leave for our March down Pennsylvania at 1 pm. Stragglers and clean-up will end our presence at that site by 1:30 pm.

The significance of this cannot be understated. At present, all three branches of our federal government are clashing over a subpoena issued by the Congressional (House) Oversight Committee upon the president in connection with the Mueller Report and impeachment efforts. That subpoena may soon come before the Supreme Court.

If you look at my posts months back on this site, http://www.leonkoziol.com, I predicted this. I have also regularly emphasized during our nationwide conference calls that a window of opportunity will emerge for parents to take center stage during this clash at this prime time period.

Our overriding message behind this March is to shift attention from parent-child separations at our borders to parent-child separations here in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The people of this country, both Republican and Democrat, are fed up with these costly investigations for political gain.

While they’re playing politics, the issues they were elected to address are being ignored. Our many news releases and submissions to the same oversight committees on both sides of Congress continue to be ignored, and that is all the proof we need to justify our March.

Yesterday’s conference call produced a record number of participants, more than 100 altogether. Many gave up after being unable to enter the call due the the sheer number calling in at the same time. Many first-time participants did not mute their phones, other late arrivals missed our early house rules and interrupted time and again.

The confusion caused many to exit early but they were already on board.  The ones who stayed patient or persistent included a former New York prosecutor, business owners, veterans, law enforcement and parent alienation victims, all concerned moms and dads.

Our conference calls are daily now (excluding Saturday and Sunday) until April 30, 2019, the evening before our American Parent Caravan which leaves Liberty State Park for D.C. at 10 am, May 1st. Our complete 3-day itinerary and purpose can be found by clicking here.

Tonight is an “Open Microphone” session where we will hear from anyone who has a story or ordeal to tell. We have prohibited such discourse in past calls because they could swallow up the entire session with no progress. Such prohibition has allowed us to make great strides in a short period of time. However with daily calls, we are now in a position to hear from you directly and immediately with no business reports.

The nationwide conference call begins, as always at 7 pm EST. The number and access code are also the same. It will be the same throughout our four hour motorcade to Washington. It will be the same throughout our 3-day event for those who wish to communicate or network with one another. That number and code (when prompted) is (605) 313-4165. Code is 763491.

No more talk, excuses or keyboarding to the choir. And no more rejections by our government. Our time is now and we mean to take it. Be there! Spread the word today!

American Parent Banner coming to the White House May 3rd. Learn more on tonight’s conference call, 7 pm EST


Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Among the many developments occurring almost hourly regarding our Parent March on Washington is a giant banner which will be displayed in Lafayette Park at the start of our March. That park location was recommended by Nation Park Service permit agents because it is closest to the White House. At that location this banner is big enough to be seen from the White House.

That March will start next Friday, May 3rd at 1 pm.  That’s right, it’s now “next” week. We’re that close to showtime. That’s also why you need to get on our nationwide conference call tonight at 7 pm EST because we have lots to report and you won’t want to miss out. Call (605) 313-4165, then enter access code 763491 when prompted.

Details regarding our three day affair, speaking events, lobby day and March can be found by clicking this link.