Is there a unifying danger to the growing scandals surrounding Andrew Cuomo?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Former government attorney, corruption whistleblower and current civil rights advocate

Andrew Cuomo faces a growing level of scandals surrounding his three term stint as governor of New York. Most public are the sexual harassment victims emboldened by herd immunity who continue to come out of the woodwork. However it is not simply the number of complaints but their diversity in content that should concern the public while federal and state authorities investigate.

There are many distinct aspects that can be counted. They include sexual harassment, false reporting of nursing home deaths, immunity from health care liability, and favoritism secretly accorded to family, supporters and elite society in coronavirus testing. Coupled with quid-pro-quo implications, an untethered ego, and First Amendment defiance, this governor has evinced a character more familiar to the monarchs which New York colonials ousted during our Revolutionary War.

Fear of retribution among whistleblowers is common to these scandals as it was for patriots who exposed corruption by tyrants. Intentionally or not, Governor Cuomo has assumed a tyrannical role after losing all sight of our founding principles. He did so by seizing upon a pandemic to foster an elite class of constituents, something his father might compare to the tale of two cities. Placing himself above the law, he set a dangerous precedent which entices his underclass to take that law into their own hands.

Such an underclass will inevitably revolt but not necessarily through violence. It can be carried out with a disregard of obligations, exploitation of government benefits, or flight to more democratic states and countries. All this, of course, harms New York’s capacity to provide economic recovery and essential services. Simply put, the people have become fed up with impotent investigations, politically constituted commissions, and watchdog inventions that act as mere window dressing for government accountability.

Governor Cuomo’s version of accountability features due process as a pretext for ending these scandals when public attention predictably fades. In addition, buying time means an opportunity to influence outcomes, an agenda already underway as evidenced by vaccine agents who recently made peculiar contact with county officials. This raises the specter of more scandals and a strategy employed time and again by this governor.

A key example is Governor Cuomo’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in 2013. He assembled a dream team of lawyers, experts and law enforcement to crack down on a “culture of corruption in Albany.” As one of the small number selected to speak, I traveled to Pace University to expose corruption in our state’s domestic relations courts. Instead of overdue reforms, this commission was prematurely dissolved when testimony began implicating officials close to the governor. For my good faith efforts, I was rewarded with human rights violations, a loss of livelihood, and an end to father-daughter relations.

Such retaliation for the exercise of constitutional rights forces victims to go underground, to lose faith in their government, and ultimately to exhibit violent protest. It is a slippery slope that has become all too common this past year. In short, the King Cuomo scandals do not warrant individual prosecutions deserving of due process so much as they do a humble response to a serious loss of public faith in governance. For the good of the people, therefore, this governor should heed the calls for his resignation.


Attorney Whistleblower Exposes Unprecedented Retaliation for Documentary Purposes

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Mainstream and secondary news documentaries focus highly on criminal matters. But in a recent flurry of blog site postings a judicial whistleblower with over thirty years of litigation experience exposes widespread corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The retaliation he endured from judges and ethics lawyers was unprecedented, and his 12-year ordeal is now ripe for a shocking documentary. The postings that summarize that ordeal are found at the following links:

  1. Widespread dysfunction, a pandemic and parent alienation have combined to create a perfect storm
  2. Why is judicial accountability so crucial to Democracy?
  3. Say YES TO THE MESS? Courts built to dispense justice are being abused for profit.
  4. Kill a parent with a gun or prefer a toxic family court instead: the realities of a growing epidemic
  5. Hospitalized dad gets no calls from his daughters: the price paid by a judicial whistleblower

We are living in an evil society today. This pandemic may be a wake-up call to those who erase their parents, those who continue to sadistically harm others and those who upend the moral fiber of a free society with greed and self love. The coronavirus has derailed graduations, college life and career aspirations which may be a punishment for such evil. It warrants a fresh look at our society and the government which now dominates it. Help us make that documentary a reality by re-publishing this post. Your own ordeal may be included.

If interested, contact me directly at or (315) 796-4000.

Widespread dysfunction, a pandemic and parent alienation have combined to create a perfect storm in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

In a flurry of recent posts, I document the judicial corruption and parental alienation which have remained unchecked in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The coronavirus pandemic has now combined with those dysfunctions to create a perfect storm in today’s society.

With closures, social distancing and home confinements, it has aggravated the alienation of parents from their children particularly in the divorce and separation context. There has not been, and perhaps there never can be, a study which reports on the number of suicides, drug addictions, domestic violence and health impairments caused by this perfect storm. However, a comprehensive review is clearly warranted.

As a civil rights attorney, victimized parent and judicial whistleblower, I have repeatedly called upon our federal government to commence this review through congressional hearings and a Justice Department investigation. It is based on thirty years of experience in these courts. Had this occurred, today’s dire consequences may have been less impactful. Instead I was subjected to severe retaliation with overdue reforms that remain elusive.

Outside observers are easily duped into believing that conflict in these courts are financially and emotionally driven by disgruntled parents. But a closer look leads to a more accurate conclusion that such conflict is typically orchestrated by unscrupulous lawyers, biased judges and a money-driven court system. Service fees and federal Title IV-D funding are key examples.

This website, chronicles more than ten years of persecution endured by me as a result of my stand against this corrupted system. I have witnessed it first hand in a number of relevant capacities and will expose certain trial level jurists who abused public office in my case to retaliate for this public stance. The abuse was pathetically obvious and supportive of my demands for accountability.

In 2009, Syracuse family judge, Martha Walsh-Hood, conducted a four day custody trial that she was unprepared for. The sheer volume of cases may have been one explanation but a predetermined outcome was more likely. For example, she directed me to cease the spontaneous presence of a pen between my fingers during objections because it was intimidating my ex-spouse. There was no complaint from her, nor a similar directive of my opposing female attorney. Coupled with other abuses, it led to a conclusion that this judge was prejudiced against men. The resulting exercise in futility caused me to exit early.

In 2011, after Judge Walsh-Hood stepped down from my ongoing family matters, Judge Michele Pirro-Bailey issued an order granting the ex-spouse my weekend parenting time to accommodate a family event. This was done despite the judge’s admission that she had not reviewed my opposition papers and without even hearing my opposing argument in court. It caused me to exit this hearing early inasmuch as my side of the case was being ignored in violation of due process. After issuing abusive forensic orders in my absence, this judge also stepped down weeks later. The orders were removed by her successor on the same record to show how arbitrary and needless they were.

On January 14, 2014, a judge who replaced the latter (without reason given) conducted yet another custody hearing during which he was caught orchestrating a record to support a second set of punitive forensic orders. Judge Daniel King resurrected them in retaliation for my testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption four months earlier. There I exposed his fabrication of college degrees to elevate my child support obligations. Specifically he directed me to cease making objections (two of five were already granted) regarding my ex-spouse’s irrelevant, defamatory and hearsay testimony under penalty of being removed from the courthouse. A transcript supports his misconduct. To avoid a “contempt by ambush” I was forced to again exit early.

In 2018, a child support violation hearing was held before more assigned jurists, Natalie Carraway and Gerald Popeo. There I exposed a scheme to double my obligation for contempt incarceration purposes. A social services attorney, free for my ex-spouse, committed malpractice by failing to offer a support summary into evidence at the conclusion of her lone witness testimony. It was admitted anyway over my objections and then reversed when I discovered a $45,500 support amount paid in 2015 which had been omitted from that summary. In this way, an attempted fraud was concealed from the record.

Both Carraway and Popeo later denied me a transcript of that hearing to show not only serious error but also a fraud in the Title IV-D funding program. It caused me to avoid a clear set-up at a confirmation (contempt) hearing conducted by Popeo. This led to an unlawful support warrant, secret bulletin and “shoot on sight” threat from a traffic cop to mirror the 2015 Walter Scott shooting in South Carolina. That transcript has yet to materialize despite recourse sought in both federal and state appellate courts.

In these and other proceedings over the years I was forced to take extreme measures to protect myself. This included an absence from my daughters’ school events with an ex-spouse threatening a contempt petition each time I attempted contact. I had never been found to be an unfit parent or even accused of any abuse, but a jail term without a jury, pretrial discovery or heightened standard of proof, was not an option. With each early exit, these and other assigned jurists were able to use the ex-spouse’s unchecked testimony to issue one-sided orders that made me to appear incompetent as a parent.

Such orchestrations were rampant over my fourteen year ordeal that led to the destruction of my wonderful father-daughter relationships and ultimate harm to my health and professional career. The joint misconduct was well hidden in a voluminous record and presumptively credited due to the high regard typically associated with any person bearing the title of “judge.” In truth, it was a pretext for punishing my First Amendment rights as a whistleblower outside the courtroom.

My daughters cannot be expected to understand the complexities of this misconduct which forced me out of their lives. We had such a wonderful relationship for more than ten years, but all that was erased by a “custodial” mother and court system hell bent on money interests over parental rights. I lost so many opportunities to experience various phases and crucial events in my girls’ lives that can never be recovered. And I was forced to pay for the kidnapping with over a quarter million dollars in tax free child support paid to date despite an income capacity destroyed by draconian support practices.

This is the price paid by an attorney with the qualifications to challenge a corrupt court system. It is a price which allows the system to live on even during a pandemic, thereby harming countless parents, children and families. It is an epidemic protected by powerful interests, one that wreaking havoc upon our society as a whole. Although my sacrifices were many, they were properly directed against this system. Hopefully others will join my crusade so that those sacrifices were not in vain.

For more information, I may be contacted at or (315) 796-4000. Kindly share this post to overcome the censorship we are experiencing.

Why is Judicial Accountability so crucial to Democracy?

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Why is judicial accountability so crucial to democracy? The answer is simply this: too much power vested in a single person invariably leads to corruption. We see this everywhere today. As it is said, tyranny begets anarchy, and when judges fail to honor the rule of law established by the people, the natural consequence is to take the law into one’s own hands. This is the very underpinning of American society and how our country came to be.

However when judicial power is usurped in domestic relations courts, a more serious form of corruption emerges. This is because families and parent-child relationships have long been considered sacred, private matters. Unfortunately, despite a constitution that created a form of government divorced from the mother country, a judge-made doctrine in feudal England managed to evade our Bill of Rights by finding its way into these courts.

That doctrine, known as Parens Patriae, has been relied upon to invade our privacy rights in ways never before imagined in a free society. As an accomplished civil rights attorney who became a victim of this doctrine, I set out to expose the corruption it caused to me and fellow victims. I sought to convert family court from a lawyer-friendly system to a parent-oriented one. Over time it cost me my professional career, father-daughter relationships and ultimately my very health.

When my ex-wife and mother of my children began to see the consequences of my principled stand, she took advantage of the retaliation by filing petitions that received the favor of judges seeking to suppress my First Amendment rights. Indeed in November, 2015, that ex-wife, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, filed yet another family offense petition having an ulterior goal of removing me from my daughters’ lives. Over the years, all her offense petitions were thrown out, but this one featured a gag order disguised as a protection order on this whistleblower website,

The illicit scheme was profoundly exposed when I obtained a court order in New York Supreme Court challenging it. Despite motions denied over a six month period, the presiding family judge who issued that gag order (Daniel King), cancelled his hearing on the offense petition and vacated (removed) his own gag order. Weeks later, the same Judge King stepped off the case entirely after three years of harm to my father-daughter relationships. He never ceased his retaliation for my 2013 whistleblower testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. There I exposed fabricated college degrees used to elevate my child support obligations for incarceration (contempt) purposes.

Throughout this crusade, my daughters and law license were used as ransom to elicit my silence. For her part, rather than honor the sacred interest in a father-daughter relationship, Kelly Hawse-Koziol exploited the clear retaliation by asserting one false accusation after another which I was forced to defend. I did so to an extreme of seeking constitutional protection in federal courts. But by then the fix was in, the record too tarnished, and any basic rights I might have once had were ignored or shamelessly violated. Hawse-Koziol was never held accountable for her perjuries and abusive petitions.

That favoritism was made possible by a judge made doctrine known as judicial immunity. Under that doctrine, judges can actually abuse public office by maliciously targeting a critic. To illustrate its absurdity, Michigan family judge, Wade McCree, was removed from the bench after his adulterous relationship with a litigant was exposed. It featured an adversary father that McCree placed on a child support monitor to appease his paramour. The father sued for civil rights violations in federal court but was denied recourse based on immunity, leading to the bizarre conclusion that sex in chambers with a litigant is now a protected judicial act.

This website, Leon chronicles more than ten years of efforts to reform this system and the retaliation which has yet to earn an Innocence Project outcome. Critical to my ordeal was a willingness of biased jurists, acting without a jury, to ignore perjury in the petitions and hearing testimony of Kelly Hawse-Koziol. Anything that could be used against me quickly found its way into decisions and orders that systematically destroyed proven father-daughter relationships. The judge prejudice was so extreme on one occasion that I was ordered to cease objections to such testimony under penalty of being removed from the courthouse (Family Judge Daniel King, January 14, 2014 transcript).

That willingness to ignore perjury was well demonstrated at a June, 2016 hearing where I was challenging a city marshal who claimed service of a support violation petition upon me at a local restaurant (known as a traverse hearing). After his sworn service document and testimony were introduced by Hawse-Koziol’s lawyer (one of many she retained), I cross examined him on a segment which claimed recitation of veteran status during the service of the petition. Knowing of an upcoming witness of mine in the waiting area, the marshal admitted that he never gave such a recitation. He then admitted that he had lied on the sworn document and in his testimony before the court.

Although the petition was consequently dismissed, no referral for perjury prosecution was made to the Syracuse district attorney. Such lack of accountability became potentially fatal when a scheme was hatched one year later to have an Oneida County deputy sheriff acting in the capacity of court security to serve the next violation petition upon me during a custody hearing. Unlike all other court litigants, Hawse-Koziol was not charged for this service as prescribed by law and the deputy sheriff was acting outside the scope of his security duties. So disruptive was this unlawful act that it caused yet another assigned judge to step down from my case.

More than 40 trial level jurists were assigned to my family matters over a 14 year period, a national record by most accounts. That alone warrants a federal investigation. There was no disciplinary action taken by this deputy’s superior, Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, and no investigation by the state judicial conduct commission or attorney general, proving clearly that the state courts are unable to police themselves. The unlawfully served petition ultimately led to a “shoot on sight” threat from a traffic cop purporting to enforce a violation warrant issued by Utica City Judge Gerald Popeo. He was assigned to replace the one who stepped down and to avenge a public censure of that judge.

The corruption here was so rampant and unchecked that it forced me to take a bold stand against this irreparably infected process. Law enforcement would be well served by looking into such corruption because it puts them needlessly in harm’s way. One of Sheriff Maciol’s deputies was fatally shot during a stand-off with a parent trapped in a garage during a domestic incident. Had the officers who had him surrounded let time and talk take its course, that deputy might still be on duty today.

Throughout my ordeal in this corrupted family court system, I was proven justified time and again. To cite only a few examples, I filed a motion to remove one of my custody judges from my case and to prevent a private meeting with my young daughters in chambers. Opposing lawyers condemned it as an assault on a judge whose reputation was “beyond reproach.” Only months later, that judge, Bryan Hedges, was permanently removed by New York’s high court after Hedges’ public admission to sexual abuse of his handicapped five year old niece.

Judge Hedges’ replacement, Syracuse family judge Michael Hanuszczak, was forced to resign after a state judicial commission had found that he sexually harassed subordinate court staff. Judge Gerald Popeo, as stated, was publicly censured (when he should have been removed) by the same judicial commission for making racist remarks, jailing litigants for such conduct as a “smirk,” and threatening violence from the bench to remedy such indiscretions. The ethics lawyers who also targeted me were allowed to resign after falsifying their time sheets. These removals are all a matter of public record.

While this is only a partial list, it underscores the problem I set out to correct. A mother truly committed to her daughters and a co-parenting environment that was once so promising would counsel them on the righteousness of my cause. Instead she exploited the clear misconduct for selfish gain. My parenting liberties were so monitored that nothing I did was acceptable. Conditions were imposed that were not only contradictory, something I described as a “contempt by ambush,” but they forced me to avoid all contact with my precious girls.

This ordeal is detailed, in part, in my published book, Satan’s Docket, available on this site and I am asking all court victims to carry on this cause so that my sacrifices are not in vain. For more information, you can contact me directly at or (315) 796-4000. Kindly share this post to overcome continued censorship and suppression.

Say YES TO THE MESS? Courts built to dispense justice are being abused for profit.

ABOVE: These two dedication plaques on the lobby wall of a city courthouse commemorate the efforts of officials who came together to build a public forum for dispensing justice. Long time civil rights attorney Leon Koziol was instrumental in two capacities. As an elected city councilman, he secure a majority vote for construction funding after years of indecision by earlier council members. He then participated in dedication ceremonies when the courthouse was opened years later as the city’s corporation counsel. New York’s chief judge presided. Ironically a later judge of this city court, Gerald Popeo, was assigned to Attorney Koziol’s family court matters in 2017 to avenge a public censure against that judge which included racist commentary and physical threats from the bench.

Attorney Koziol’s career successes, exemplified by these courthouse plaques, would make any daughter proud. But they were destroyed when a deranged mother, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, made a single call to an unethical divorce lawyer in 2006. He influenced her to start a court battle against this dedicated dad using his daughters and law license as ransom. It escalated to the present day. The increased child support she demanded was never awarded to her. Instead the monthly amounts agreed upon prior to lawyer involvement were retained in a 2008 support order that remains the same today. It was deemed fair and compliant with federal and state support laws. But by then, the damage was done.

Leon Koziol’s ordeal is a John Grisham true story published, in part, in a 2017 book entitled, Satan’s Docket, available at

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Twelve (12) years of targeting by lawyers and government agents in retaliation for my public stand against family court corruption finally took its toll when I was admitted to the emergency room on December 22, 2020. During my four week stay at the hospital, I learned that another support violation petition had been filed against me by “custodial parent” and mother of my daughters, Kelly Hawse-Koziol despite having my earnings capacity destroyed by draconian family court practices. I also learned that she had stalked another millionaire father replacement after several earlier failures. She was finally getting married a second time.

Rather than direct our girls to a simple phone call to their only dad in the hospital, the soon-to-be Kelly Hawse-Usherwood was apparently busy competing with brides half her age in a “Say Yes to the Dress” competition in New York City. In another world free of court conflict I would have wished her luck and congratulated the new union. But unfortunately the better title for this one would be “Say Yes to the Mess” caused by greed, envy and downright stupidity. This website chronicles over ten years of parent controversy that destroyed everything good about a formerly cooperative childrearing environment.

Had Kelly Hawse-Koziol simply left me alone, our daughters would be enjoying an environment of hope, stability and happiness far greater than the mess that is rampant in their lives today. The psychotic brainwashing and parent alienation she inflicted were off the charts and sadistically facilitated by a so-called “family” court bent on punishing a judicial whistleblower. What rational daughter would ignore their own father, one that not only made her existence possible, but sacrificed everything to remain a part of her life against all odds? How could a model father-daughter relationship be erased from existence after years of wonderful interactions?

Beyond that, how could any new partner of such an evil mom not see how he could become a future victim? A single argument with this woman could easily erupt into a domestic violence call that would require the arrest of Lou Usherwood regardless of his innocence under the current VAWA laws. A successful businessman could have his hard earned reputation irreparably destroyed overnight. There is precedent here in my ordeal. And how is it that a father himself cannot see a serious problem in the situation he is inheriting?

I never asked for the anonymous letters from within my daughters’ school district that warned of a Lou Usherwood playing substitute dad for my daughters. But they cannot be ignored in light of the severe alienation that has the only father here without a phone call from his girls on Christmas and New Year’s Day while hospitalized. Those girls would want for nothing today had Kelly Hawse-Koziol not committed perjury time and again to destroy a lucrative law practice. All her family offense petitions and protection orders were thrown out for lack of evidence over the years, yet nothing was done to hold her accountable for the damage she caused.

My ordeal is the quintessential example of court corruption which begs for a judicial ethics investigation and more. And I am far from isolated. Indeed divorce and family court corruption is common among countless cases being covered up today. There remains a serious lack of accountability for lawyers and judges who orchestrate lucrative and needless controversy among parents and families in these courts.

To be sure, during my reform efforts across the country I was hired to investigate many horrific cases. They include a doctor in Manhattan who spent over $5 million in lawyer fees in a divorce that nevertheless cost him access to his three children, a university professor with a PhD from Yale who spent over $2 million in a divorce with no custody or support issue because his three children were adults at the time, and a stay-at-home mother who successfully raised four children to maturity only to be accosted by them after divorce with the most vulgar of language.

I have seen the evidence first hand and the cases are so widespread that an investigation by the Justice Department is long overdue. Federal Title IV-D funding is being abused on an escalating scale to separate good parents from their children while government priorities remain misplaced on protecting illegal aliens and criminals at our borders. It is a cause championed during the three day Parent March on Washington which I sponsored in 2019.

Help me secure justice and accountability for all victims of this growing epidemic. Let not my sacrifices be in vain. Contribute to our cause on this site and spread the word so that a unified front could be made for change in Congress and our courts. Contact me personally at or call me directly at (315) 796-4000.

We continue to be suppressed and censored, so your part in making this message viral is crucial.

Kill a parent with a gun or prefer a toxic family court instead: the realities of a growing epidemic

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

After more than thirty years litigating in federal, state and appellate courts, I gained valuable insights on the widespread corruption occurring to parents, children and families in our nation’s domestic relations courts. As a civil rights trial attorney, I won numerous awards for victims of government abuse, set legal precedent for many of those victims, secured a restraining order on a $30 million high school project right out of law school, and even won a judgment in New York Supreme Court invalidating a billion dollar casino compact on constitutional grounds.

Today, after taking a stand against corruption in divorce and family courts, I am unable to get a simple order giving me access to my daughters despite no finding of unfit parenting or even an accusation of abuse. My court filings are suddenly “rambling, vitriolic or frivolous,” my unblemished professional record over 23 years suddenly unethical. It’s a classic John Grisham story but with no fiction attached, an innocence project awaiting fulfillment, and a potential martyrdom that I never asked for. It remains a vital cause impacting every aspect of modern day life.

Over the years I had occasion to witness or investigate needless deaths and human carnage in divorce and family courts across the country. Thomas Ball went so far as to burn himself alive in front of a family court in Keene County, New Hampshire to protest draconian enforcement practices relating to child protection, yet little media attention was given to this horrific event. Imagine if an African-American mother did the same to protest domestic violence.

I addressed national media at the 2015 funeral of Walter Scott, an unarmed black father fleeing a child support warrant at a traffic stop in South Carolina. He was shot dead five times in the back by a white cop. Among the black lives news reports, the Walter Scott murder continues to get the least attention despite an argument that family courts are now killing for money. Had this horrific event not been captured by a concealed by-stander on his i-phone, no one would have believed the cop setting an object on the “suspect’s” body to make it appear that it was an act of self-defense.

And the list goes on: a deranged mother who dismembered her two year old daughter rather than give her up to a custody order, veterans committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day with no study that tracks the number relating to family court, and the harm to worker productivity and health costs due to these recurring, lucrative court proceedings. Many victims are forced to give up parenting rights to avoid a debtor’s prison for so-called “child support” that lacks accountability. They quietly fade away to a death caused by grief, stress and depression. One such parent, Michael Brancaccio, suffered such an outcome only three months ago.

On tonight’s conference call, one mother expressed sympathy for my ordeal with the question of whether anyone can overcome a family court lobby that is so powerful. The answer lies in our collective resolve in a nationwide crusade for justice such as the Parent March on Washington which I sponsored in 2019. It would include lobbying efforts in Congress for a reform of Title IV-D funding and an investigation by the Justice Department. This will require large scale funding, but there are wealthy victims who can be contacted for this purpose.

As irony would have it, I testified at Governor Cuomo’s Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in 2013 which has relevance to this week’s calls for nursing home accountability. There I exposed family court judges who were fabricating evidence and engaging in judicial misconduct. It received widespread publicity. Three months later I was deprived all contact with my daughters based on more fabrications by Kelly Hawse-Koziol. Desperate to replace me with a wealthy, childless substitute, she acted without conscience to destroy something that was so precious and promising.

The latest chapter in my ordeal was published earlier today and can be read by clicking here. You can also contact me directly at or ((315) 796-4000.

Kindly share this post to offset ongoing suppression and censorship of this vital message.

Hospitalized Dad gets no calls from his Daughters: The price paid by a Whistleblower

Popular Video on Parent Alienation produced jointly by a mother and father victim

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

FYI to all my regular followers across the country: I have been MIA for the past two months due to my admission to the emergency room on December 22, 2020. As a judicial whistleblower who took a stand against the corruption of parents and children in America’s divorce and family courts, I was subjected to an escalating level of retaliation over a twelve year period. Had it been one or two government persecutors over a short term, most human beings could have withstood the onslaught, but in my case, I was challenging a service providers gold mine, hence the targeting of me on multiple fronts was severe, relentless and without conscience. The combined stress, anxiety and daily fear of orchestrated incarceration finally took its toll with an early diagnosis that was not good.

That diagnosis was communicated to my daughters through e-mail (my only provided form of contact) and their “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol. I did not expect that a dedicated father, never found to be unfit or even accused of abuse, could be denied so much as a phone call while hospitalized for more than four weeks. But my daughters had been so alienated and brainwashed with family court’s encouragement that no call or expression of concern was given to me on Christmas, New Year’s Day or any day since. Meanwhile our government remains committed to preventing parent-child separations involving illegal aliens at our borders.

Parent alienation among legitimate American citizens continues to escalate without any accountability whatsoever, and those with sufficient qualification to expose this growing epidemic are targeted and persecuted to extinction to protect a trillion dollar industry. Like the tobacco, drug and chemical industries, the lobby groups that protect family court corruption have no regard for the consequences of their actions, their false advertising and their profit motive. You can murder a person with a single gun shot or you can thrust upon him a toxic environment and accomplish the same outcome.

In my case, the latter was all but fully executed. Beyond the corrupt system which facilitated it, this begs the question, what kind of “mother” brainwashes her offspring to the extreme of erasing their dad entirely from their lives? Isn’t this the real crime deserving of a prison term? Instead the facilitators and profiteers are more focused on jailing the so-called “non-custodial parent” for “child support” whose income producing capacity has been removed through draconian collection practices. These practices earn family courts billions of dollars in federal Title IV-D kick-backs based on the number and size of support orders satisfied by a bevy of government drones.

It’s the “”elephant in the courtroom” with anything but the “best interests of the child” as a guidepost or justification. Today’s post (or “summation” of crimes against humanity) has been provided in countless reports, news conferences and parent rallies over the years, sponsored by me as the proper form of non-violent protest. But here you have the unfortunate outcome of such valiant efforts shared by fellow reformers across the country. I remain committed to this cause and predictions of mine coming true with each passing year.

Among my efforts is a tell-all book which will hopefully survive my presence and carry on with the needed posterity to achieve meaningful reform and true justice for victimized families. I will return to our weekly Thursday conference calls beginning tonight, February 18, 2021, 7pm ET, and God-willing, a renewed program for uniting good moms and dads behind this vital cause.

To illustrate how evil the system has become, this so-called “custodial parent,” Kelly Hawse-Koziol, soon to become Kelly Hawse-Usherwood (more on that later) managed the audacity of filing another support violation petition for $40,000 during the time of my hospitalization. She did this not for any financial need, having received a quarter million dollars in tax-free support to date, but to force my abandonment of parental rights in favor of the several millionaire replacements she has stalked over the years. Even prison inmates get visits and calls from their children through voluntary acts or court orders.

How did my ordeal become so inhumane in comparison, a veritable John Grisham story that bears no fiction? Read all about it in my soon to be published and updated book, Satan’s Docket. Your contributions on this site,, would be very much appreciated to offset skyrocketing medical bills and economic losses caused by my unprecedented stand against a corrupt divorce and family court system. You may also contact me directly at or (315) 796-4000.

Kindly spread the word on this publication to further offset the suppression and censorship of my message.

Thank you all.

P.S. You can join our calls every Thursday at (605) 3!3-4427; access code 583326.

Upcoming book focuses on parental alienation as a form of legalized child abduction that has led to a nationwide epidemic. Learn more on our next open conference call, December 10, 2020, 7pm ET. Dial (605) 313-4427; access # 583326.

Above video documents the ordeals of a severely alienated mom and dad in Pennsylvania and New York. Little has changed since it was first published.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

While missing children and child abductions receive top priority in society, parental alienation continues to be ignored despite comparable sufferings. It is all part of a corrupted and antiquated child custody system that lawyers have exploited for profit and courts have allowed so as to maximize incentive funds under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. Despite a Parent March on Washington in 2019, a lobby initiative the same year, conferences in Congress, United Nations and good government commissions, this growing epidemic is a cause for increased domestic violence, needless clashes with law enforcement and murder-suicides.

I have been at the leading edge of reform efforts as a judicial whistle blower exposing the related tragedies across America. As a consequence, I was targeted as a civil rights attorney and persecuted as a parent. In an up coming book, I will detail how parental alienation is cultivated and weaponized against the falsely accused, particularly those who stand up to the horrors of this epidemic. Every severe case of parental alienation should be accompanied by a judicial “amber alert” with jail terms and punishments for the perpetrators on a level higher than money debts known as child support.

This is a silent epidemic that is eating away at the very fabric of our nation, our family values, traditions and parent-child relations. The blockbuster movies of today that receive some of the highest acclaim are those that feature aggrieved dads who take the law into their own hands when the system fails them. They include Taken I & II starring Liam Niesen, Rambo Last Blood starring Sylvester Stallone, Death Wish starring Bruce Willis, Patriot starring Mel Gibson, Stolen starring Nicholas Cage, Home Front starring Jason Straham and many more.

Indeed it’s hard to find an action movie star who has not had a film of his own focused on the protection of his daughters from harm’s way. Unfortunately in the real world, such fathers are denigrated in ways unprecedented in human history. On television sit-coms and law enforcement programs they are typically characterized as incompetent, uncaring and violent. As a result we see a break down in society on all fronts, from our schools to the riots in our streets. Drug related violence is at an all time high. And despite all this, our nation’s divorce and family courts continue to push good dads out of their children’s lives.

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Another loving dad, age 46, dies from grief over losing his little girl to child support

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s hard for me to write this post. I’ve written many over the past 10 years since this family court blog site was started, but this dad I knew well as a former client, campaign worker and reform assistant.

Michael Brancaccio, age 46, died on October 11, 2020. I learned of it recently, and after contacting family members confirmed what I suspected as a primary cause for his death. So I decided to report what I knew about his shocking ordeal at the hands of a corrupt family court system with a goal of starting a donor fund for his little girl Bella.

Yes I’ve reported on stories about children who died needlessly, veterans committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day, many as a result of needless custody battles, and unsuspecting parents converted into pure evil, all because of an antiquated, adversarial and lucrative system that covers up the daily carnage in communities across America.

It’s an epidemic that no presidential candidate has touched as of Election Day 2020 (today). This is explained by the old adage “follow the money,” service fees and federal funds generated by the number and size of child support orders issued and satisfied on an annual basis. The kick-backs to these courts under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act amount to billions of dollars each year. It’s a well kept secret that I have been exposing which resulted in retributions to my professional career and family life beyond anything I could have imagined.

So it should be no surprise that another dad has succumbed to this corrupt system. I hadn’t heard from Michael in years until one day in 2014 when he called me in a frenzy over a six month jail term he was facing before Family Judge Daniel King in Lewis County, New York (we have exposed this sadistic judge in many blog posts between 2013 and 2016). His volatile threat to throw a human being into an animal cage was based on Mike’s support arrears inflated by an evidentiary fiction known as “imputed income.”

Judges have created this fiction (support orders based on prior employment levels) to maximize federal performance grants under Title IV-D. In Mike’s case the amounts varied between a few thousand to as much as $12,000 depending on the jobs that he could hold. I was in Paris at the time seeking assistance from international organizations to shed light on this epidemic in America that was causing untold human rights violations. I was unable to assist Mike as his former attorney due to those retributions but would never have allowed this system to persecute him as it did.

He was eventually arrested on a child support warrant issued by Judge Daniel King and committed to the maximum term of six months. Mike toughed it out, believing that he could somehow help expose the corruption by example. However as he explained it, the time in his cage was aggravated by violent criminals who were being released with less time served. He also believed strongly that he was being targeted adversely as an outsider based on his religion and ethnic origin. On his release he fell into immense despair. Jobless, hopeless and facing more family court petitions by the mother of his child, he was hospitalized for organ failure and nearly died in 2015.

During the next support violation proceeding, he was threatened with a year in Lewis County Jail. Although six months is the legal maximum, Judge King and the support magistrate were able to treat two petitions separately to rationalize such an extreme punishment. This occurred despite his near death experience.

Faced with a never ending series of jail terms, Mike reluctantly gave in to a settlement that had him surrendering all parenting rights regarding his daughter Bella, age seven at the time, to the “custodial parent.” Ashley was her name and she quickly changed the last name of the child to match that of her husband. This was undoubtedly her objective all along using child support as the vehicle. It is also a common occurrence in family courts across America, substitute parent by extortion.

Having overheard many phone chats between daddy and his little girl, I knew that Mike’s decision was heart-wrenching, but family members urged it as a matter of life or death. That is the way family court ends lives and parent-child relationships without logic or remorse of any kind. The value of life: a few thousand dollars or a hundred thousand dollars. It did not matter as long as these judges could advance their careers through support performance evaluations (Title IV-D).

I lost contact with Mike after that, lamenting that I could not do more for him, but when I learned of his premature death, I confirmed with is mother that he had nothing left to live for. He died of natural causes aggravated by the many years of stress he endured in child support court. When his funeral services got underway, Bella’s mother (“custodial parent”) brought Mike’s little girl to her dad’s “visitation,” not the family court kind, but the final one. As I heard it told, upon seeing her dad unresponsive, she cried uncontrollably, at one point asking aloud: “was this because of all the court stuff mom?”

I cannot imagine the horrific experience of this little girl whose upbeat voice I heard many times during excited phone chats with her one and only dad. I cannot imagine the pain of Mike’s other children and their moms that he adored despite the conflicts that all families endure. I cannot imagine what kind of evil enters into the souls of these money seeking parents bent on revenge or ulterior motive. It begs the question: what is a human life worth anymore? What kind of society will Bella and her siblings be facing?

In my own tortured world, the “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol has succeeded in her never ending quest to permanently remove me from my daughters’ lives. She even managed to brainwash them into hating me despite so many wonderful father-daughter experiences and not a single child abuse report: their first trips to Disney World, campaign parades, weekends on our boat at Lake George, carriage rides through Times Square, dancing to spontaneous entertainment in Central Park and, of course, the Macy’s Day parade. These are only some of our experiences that most children can only dream of especially with a never-ending pandemic underway. Is that pandemic a punishment from a higher power upset with all this?

Of the 40 trial jurists forced to step off my 14-year family court ordeal, Judge Daniel King was among the most disgraceful I have ever seen during my 30-plus years litigating as an attorney and parent. Fathers and “non-custodial” mothers are not invincible. Those of us committed to our God-given rights awake every morning with our children as the first thing on our minds. You can kill a person with a gun or simply pummel them relentless to obtain the same result.

Is there still time to choose a better outcome?

Rest in Peace Mike. You are not forgotten!

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

When I filed a motion to have a Syracuse custody judge removed from my family court case, I was accosted by opposing lawyers who defended Judge Bryan Hedges as a judge “beyond reproach.” His defenders included William Koslosky who was the beneficiary of lucrative appointments. by Judge Hedges and others.

Fortunately my motion was successful because only months later, Judge Hedges resigned after admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five-year old niece. As the court appointed lawyer for my young daughters at the time, William Koslosky joined those who defended Hedges until his disgraceful admission (Koslosky was never married and had no children but masqueraded as a child expert anyway).

One year after resignation, Judge Hedges was permanently banned from the bench by New York’s high court to prevent him from seeking re-election, In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013). These pedophiles have no shame. How many more are out there and why is so much corruption being covered up? Why are parental alienations, suicides and child deaths caused by such corruption being suppressed?

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