Breaking News! Trump-Putin Connection Revealed

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Administrator’s Note: Things may seem a bit quiet around here at, but rest assured, we’ve been busy and once again, we’ve outdone ourselves with this latest real news story. It’s an exclusive story that the mainstream news media is gonna go nuts over!

This is the smoking gun of smoking guns – It’s all the proof that’s needed to show how the Russians interfered in the United States Presidential election and guess who was smack dab in the middle of it all? … The one and only Dr. Leon Koziol.

Our story begins on September 17, 2013 when Dr. Leon Koziol testified before the now disbanded New York State Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University.

Leon’s eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark. But listen to what Dr. Koziol says at the 2 hour, 36 minutes and 5 seconds mark –BOOM!

Within just two months of Dr. Koziol’s testimony where he publicly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and exposed judicial corruption in our third branch of government, he was soon denied reinstatement of his law license and due process in a court proceeding which caused him to lose all contact with his children.

But wait, our story doesn’t just end there – there’s more!

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Guess who was recently colluding with now President Trump’s then special counsel and current spokesperson Michael Cohen, Esq. on the behalf of the Russians before the Presidential election? …You guessed it… None other than Dr. Leon Koziol again. The only thing we still don’t know, is who ordered the wiretap?

According to an intercepted August 22, 2016 post featured here at LeonKoziol.Com, it’s quite obvious to the casual observer, that in fact, Dr. Leon Koziol had been secretly working with the Russians and the Trump Administration to not only influence the outcome of the Presidential election, but to expose Title IV-D Federal incentive grants and their influence on our Nation’s domestic relations courts.  Click Here to Read

So there you have it folks. All of the proof that one could ever need to show how the Putin-Trump connection is very real and Dr. Leon Koziol has been in the midst of it all. It also explains why Dr. Koziol has been subjected to such severe retaliation. After all, this is America and who would dare suppress one’s free speech?

Once again, you just can’t make this stuff up! If exposing court corruption means the Russian’s have infiltrated the minds of all non-custodial parents alike across America and any attempt to promote court reform will result in retaliation- You just gotta ask yourself… Who’s the real socialist here?




Washington Post Snubs Dr. Koziol For Supporting Trump!

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Well it happened again! – For months it was President-elect Trump, now Dr. Leon Koziol (also known as the Donald Trump of Upstate New York) has once again been made the latest victim of the corrupt mainstream news media and the collusion that exists between the New York Times and the Washington Post. See related news articles on this subject – (Click Here) (Click Here) (Click Here)

It took less than 1 hour before the Washington Post decided to snub Dr. Leon Koziol and reject his latest oped, a well written submission offering his support for President-elect Trump. The Koziol piece was originally offered to the New York Times and had been previously denied for publication. It was the subject of yesterday’s blog post which triggered an immediate response from the Washington Post shortly after it had first appeared here at LeonKoziol.Com. (Click Here)

You be the judge and decide for yourself just what happened?

See the almost instantmaneous email response Dr. Koziol received from the Washington Post:

From: Editorial Internet DropBox <>
Date: November 30, 2016 at 5:00:21 PM EST” <>
Subject: RE: Op-ed from 2016 Election and Supreme Court

Thank you for sending us your oped submission. The column was carefully reviewed, but I’m sorry that The Post oped page won’t be able to use it.


Rachel Manteuffel

Editorial Aide

The Washington Post

From: []
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2016 6:17 PM
To: Editorial Internet DropBox
Subject: Op-ed from 2016 Election and Supreme Court

Your form has received a submission. Click here to view submissions:

This Response:

Author’s name:
Dr. Leon Koziol

Name of submitter:

Contact email address:

Contact phone number:
(315) 796-4000

2016 Election and Supreme Court

The news conference on the steps of Supreme Court was discussed by your news team on the referenced date of June 17, 2016

Text of your submission:
Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Parenting Rights Institute
P.O. Box 8302
Utica, New York 13505
(315) 796-4000

November 21, 2016

Opinion Editorial
Washington Post
1301 K Street NW
Washington D.C. 20071

Re: Election 2016’s Forgotten Half and accessibility of our Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

During this past election, I published a satirical blog, Who Declared the War on Women? Citing a lack of constitutional authority for such a war which nevertheless failed to deter any recent president, I enlisted to defend my daughters, sisters and lovers only to discover I was an unwitting member of the enemy camp.

The woman card became that fanatical, a ploy to sweep Hillary Clinton into office. But it backfired terribly as a silent half internalized the sexist insults until election day. Women also refused to be taken for granted as the objects for exploitation they had been escaping for decades. They had fathers, sons and brothers to think about.

While that war was being waged, I was filing petitions to shatter a glass ceiling in our family courts. On June 17, 2016, discriminated dads from different parts of our country joined me in a news conference at our Supreme Court. No media showed up. All our petitions were denied while a gender confused school girl seeking daily access to a bathroom of choice was accepted.

Reliant on secondary media to promote my cause for parental equality, I published a blog site supporting shared parenting over Hillary’s “Village,” a subject ignored in both conventions and campaigns. It featured unwavering support for Donald Trump as the only hope for court reform. But the woman card was so brazen that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg conducted her own news interviews from chambers to attack the male candidate.

In a break from the Trump-bashing media frenzy, major media published bold editorials condemning the aberrant political conduct of a high court justice. That conduct required me to file a motion for disqualification of Justice Ginsburg from my pending case. It was an extraordinary one featuring First Amendment retributions by various judges in New York.

My motion was docketed as a “suggestion” and never mentioned in an October order denying my petition. Undaunted I filed another within 24 hours, but this time I abandoned all hope of parent equality and focused instead on the inaccessibility of the Supreme Court to our common citizenry. Less than one percent of roughly 10,000 petitions are accepted each year.

From all this, a historic proposal has emerged in my latest petition discussed with Mr. Trump’s counsel. It is high time we expand the Supreme Court to conform to population changes so that more people could access it as mandated implicitly by Article III of the Constitution. With all three branches under the same party influence, this can happen with few obstacles.

This is not a “Court Packing Plan.” My petition is properly placed with the Supreme Court to satisfy its separate duties under the same Constitution. St. John’s University Professor Anthony Pappas, a fellow victim, has authored a paper on this subject, concluding that the reluctance to expand may be due to the attention which Justices derive in smaller numbers, i.e. Ginsburg.

Central to my petition is Marbury v Madison, 5 US 137 (1803), that historic case familiar to every law student in which the Supreme Court seized the power to interpret our Constitution and thereby set itself up as a super-branch of government. That Court had six members with an elitist plan in Congress to reduce it to five.

Our population was under six million in 1803. Two centuries later it exceeds 300 million. Horse-drawn buggies brought our leaders to Washington and much of the world was unknown. Today our President-elect arrives in his own jet with instantaneous global communications. Our Congress had 141 voting members. Today it has 535.

Adding to history, intrigue and logic, the Marbury case, like my earlier petition and motion, involved an (extraordinary) mandamus action to compel the filling of a magistrate vacancy during a transition between President John Adams and incoming President Thomas Jefferson (perhaps our most populist president).

Freedom of Speech, Press and Petition (Judicial Access) are distinct rights in our First Amendment that bind Donald Trump, the media and our citizenry to support a long overdue expansion of our high court. It is a ready proposition in my pending petition and consistent with a populist mandate achieved by President-elect Donald Trump.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D.
Director, Parenting Rights Institute

You are receiving this e-mail message because your form has received a new submission.

If you believe you have received this message in error, please contact the SUB team at

Washington Post
1301 K St NW
Washington, DC 20071

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Out Shopping? Invest in your children this weekend at Parenting Rights Institute

children are not for sale
The divorce and family court industry has turned our children into commodities, a veritable “Pay to Parent” market of lawyers, psychiatrists, evaluators, experts, accountants, case workers, investigators and even “coaches,” all in the business of dictating how our children are to be raised. It has become one giant shopping mall of big ticket items which unsuspecting parents are “ordered” to purchase to a point of bankruptcy. There is no regulatory oversight to stop the scandals in courts across the country. We need to protect ourselves through self-education programs and accountability projects such as those made available by the Parenting Rights Institute.

By Dr. Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

Parenting Rights Institute is the most effective watchdog enterprise for our nation’s divorce and family courts. We have expanded our professional offerings to better serve victimized moms, dads and families. A public initiative summary and business plan was completed this week to attract donors and investors so that all parts of the country can be reached. Parent advocates are marketing our Court Strategy Program from their laptops to earn $50 with each successful referral.

We’ve added judge accountability reports to regulatory commissions and video documentaries of court corruption along with a referral service to assure that the money you spend on lawyers and experts are properly invested. We continue to provide book publishing services to memorialize your ordeal for reform purposes and future generations. Seminars and speaking engagements are available to any community group or business enterprise to improve family relations and worker productivity.

And there’s much more…

Look us up at or call our office at (315) 380-3420.


Just Another Custody Court Suicide: Does Anyone Care?

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Felicity Frederiksen was just another mom unable to cope with a custody order that prevented her from seeing her “baby daughter.” She recently jumped to her death from a balcony in Copenhagen, Denmark according to an inquest conducted in Hatfield, England on November 17, 2016. She left notes depicting her desperation during a divorce underway less than one year after her marriage in Malaysia.

To the judge, it was just another day on the bench, to the half pint gladiators just another day at the office inciting needless controversy for profit. To Henrik, the husband, it was a job well done on his political home turf. But to the infant and families, it was a preventable and horrific death which will forever haunt both “sides” of this custody war. Welcome to Western society’s version of civilized justice and a trillion dollar industry.

The 33 year old mother, a graduate of Oxford University, was described by The Times UK as an “exceptionally brilliant” scholar employed by the World Health Organization. She spoke four languages while my ex-wife struggles to get through one. How did this judge, surrounded by so-called “professionals,” miss the signs? How could anyone leave that court and not “honorably” take their own lives for causing such a despicable outcome?

I have compared these barbaric custody courts to the Roman Coliseum. Instead of a long suppressed and progressive shared parenting presumption, custody mandates still pervade our domestic courts due to their lucrative nature. In America, under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, our federal government actually rewards the states by number and magnitude of support orders manufactured through these custody mandates.

But in the end, does anyone really care? When a victimized dad burned himself alive in front of a New Hampshire family court in 2011, they simply hosed away his ashes into the sewer. Sorry Thomas Ball, no matter that you fought for your country or were a descendant of George Washington’s mom: no media editorials, no protests, no reform. Hey it’s just another dead parent, collateral damage of a lawyer enrichment program.

Over the past ten years I have literally saved lives as part of a reform effort against my profession in these courts. I sacrificed a lucrative law practice at the hands of criminals masquerading as judges and lawyers bent on preserving this gold mine called “family Court,” an oxymoron if there ever was one. As my followers know, the retributions were relentless and unconscionable after 23 unblemished years as a civil right attorney.

A veteran was saved moments before our Parenting Rights Conference in 2011, another one year later. A mom unable to cope with parental alienation was given hope in 2013, a lecturer was turned around that same year, a public safety officer stuck around in 2014, a fugitive mom described her attempts in 2015, and a doctor in 2016 was dissuaded over the phone just in time. One dad is now a fugitive in Israel after I helped prevent a disaster.

However the losses are more grievous. A radio host and dentist who interviewed me on Syndicated News in 2010 finally took his life in April after years of custody battles. Lawyers, psychiatrists (armed with their 300 disorder manual) and other court predators should be nowhere near any “family” court. “Visitation” is for funerals and prisons. War terms so common to a litigious society must be removed from child rearing processes.

Like anything, life saving reform will take money to achieve. Unfortunately the countless victims of this corrupt government enterprise would rather protest to each other from the comfort of their homes, keyboard warriors pontificating to no one of influence, an entire “base camp” of “talkers” who have achieved absolutely nothing and more likely have made matters worse. Our “donate” option continues to attract cobwebs on this site.

Recently I completed a Public Initiative Summary and Business Plan to attract serious minded reformists. My goal is to expand the effectiveness of our Parenting Rights Institute to expose misconduct where the political oversight committees are failing us, to save victims one family at a time. I no longer sponsor any conventions or rallies because the 20 or 30 people who show up only prove to the predators that there is no real problem to fear.

If you are serious about correcting this growing epidemic and its damage to our health, productivity and moral fiber as a nation, join our movement. You can even set up your own PRI satellite operation on any laptop to solicit donors, investors or purchasers of the PRI Court Program (you earn $50 for each successful referral). My goal is to become the “Judicial Watch” for our divorce and family courts. Feel free to call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me personally at (315) 796-4000.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol, Director


Television Show Host Sean Hannity, Dr. Leon Koziol and Dr. Eric Braverman at benefit gala in Manhattan

Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump and Dr. Leon Koziol

Administrator’s Note:

Congratulations to Dr. Koziol for having the courage to stand up to the corruption, sticking by your principles and all of the hard work that you do for moms and dads across America. It’s been a long road. Today is the day something magical has occurred. The people have finally come together and said, enough is enough!

Once again, you have been further vindicated for all of the pain and suffering that you have been forced to endure at the hands of the spineless cowards who tried to suppress your message. Not only did they show callous disregard for the relationship that you once enjoyed with your precious daughters, but they exposed the true evil that exists amongst us. It’s a danger that you have long warned us about here at LeonKoziol.Com. Hillary Clinton and her “village” are that evil – They have now been sent packing!

Today is a new beginning! Our work is far from over. Today is the day for all parents to come together and call upon or government to return our children. They are not the property of the state nor can we afford to sit back any longer and continue to watch our families get further torn apart.

Today is the day that all parents are being asked to renew their commitment and join forces with Dr. Koziol as he embarks upon what will inevitably be his greatest accomplishment of all time – working with President-elect, Donald J. Trump to Make America Great Again!

Stay tuned!