Editorial by Parental Advocate Leon Koziol Exposes Court Corruption in Mainstream Syracuse Newspaper

Syracuse newspaper editorial by PRI Director Leon Koziol features the court gavel and can be viewed at Syracuse.com (on-line) or Post Standard (print version)


It must have been an alluring editorial in the Syracuse press because law firms are now running ads around the on-line version, commentary is growing by the minute, and a link at the bottom of the article takes the reader directly to our website at Parenting Rights Institute.

Founder and director, Dr. Leon Koziol, author of this editorial, continues to make headway with mainstream media to expose and reform corruption in our nation’s divorce and family courts. His column in the mainstream newspaper, Syracuse Post Standard, was published today, Friday, February 16, 2018 in its on-line version at Syracuse.com. The print version is expected this Sunday or Tuesday.

Entitled, Whistleblower: NY courts are bloated, inefficient and unaccountable. it can be viewed at: http://www.syracuse.com/opinion/index.ssf/2018/02/ny_courts_are_bloated_inefficient_unaccountable_your_letters.html. Or you can simply look it up at Syracuse.com, hit the three-line menu square on the upper left side, scroll down to “opinion” and it’s the third editorial down (as of 3 pm).

Given the rarity of public criticism directed at our judicial branch of government, and eye opening content of this publication, it’s a wonder it was published at all. But this one is getting a ton of supporting commentary, further proof that it is a subject which has been long suppressed.  Indeed, one irate mother contributed what seemed to be a thousand word summary of her ordeal, and a father cited court corruption which might otherwise never make the news.

Another column with lesser 400 word content was published by the Watertown Daily Times on February 9, 2018. This mainstream newspaper near the Canadian border covers northern New York and the sprawling Camp Drum military base. That column can be viewed by typing Leon Koziol in the newspaper search bar. It is entitled, Tormey’s column hides judiciary’s troubles.

Finally, one day earlier, on February 8, 2018, in the central New York metropolitan area known as Utica-Rome, another column by Leon Koziol was featured in the form of a full page advertisement. This costly alternative was made necessary by the regional newspaper’s rejection of an editorial comparable in size to the Syracuse publication. Such censorship was overcome by a half page depiction of a nationwide epidemic entitled, Houston, we have a problem. And it’s in Congress, the liberal media and our courts.  The complete rejected editorial was then published in the lower half of the same ad. You can look it up at Observer Dispatch (print) and OD.com (on-line) versions.

All three editorials were triggered by a commentary in the same newspapers authored by Fifth Judicial District Chief Judge James Tormey. This is the same judge who assigned some 40 trial judges to Leon Koziol’s originally uncontested divorce and was successfully sued by a chief family court clerk for $600,000 due to Tormey’s retaliation for her refusal to engage in “political espionage,” Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010). And his co-defendant in that federal lawsuit was Leon Koziol’s custody judge, removed from his case, and later the family court altogether, upon admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five year old niece, In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013).

In the prior Judge Tormey column published in all three major newspapers of the Fifth Judicial District, a glowing report was given of divorce, family and other courts in connection with the Excellence Initiative sponsored by New York’s Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. It was therefore crucial for the public to receive a counter-point to this report, a shocking reality check even if a paid advertisement was required in one of them. The largest of these newspapers by far was the Syracuse Post Standard and today’s feature gave links to Leon Koziol’s cited reports and Parenting Rights Institute which he founded in 2010 and continues to direct today.

Please share this message and support our cause at http://www.leonkoziol.com and http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com. You can also call our office at (315) 380-3420 or Dr. Leon Koziol directly at (315) 796-4000. Learn from an expert who sacrificed a lucrative career as a civil rights and trial attorney for over two decades to reform this corrupt family court system. Dr. Koziol’s recently published book, Satan’s Docket, continues to grow in purchases and popularity.  Order your copy on line now. We hope to have more positive news for you moms, dads and court victims in coming days, so stay in touch.

We Nailed It! Family Judge Candidate Ambushed with Write-in Campaign


Let’s Make History: Vote a Write-in

That was the headline for my latest full page color ad in the (Utica, New York) Observer Dispatch, Sunday, November 5, 2017. I have asked voters to by-pass the two candidates for family judge due to their failure to address the real issues during their six month campaign.

But that’s not the nailer. In the same edition, a full page color ad featured Julie Giruzzi-Mosca, family judge candidate, posing under a theme of supporting children. Nevermind the parents or their rights, fit moms and dads forced to fight for custody in order to enrich lawyers like Julie and her opponent. The state now owns our children.

As expected, Julie took a page right out of Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf where he advised that you can get the people to “happily” give up their rights if you simply declare that you are doing something for their children. In Julie’s case, she is claiming that she never turned her back on a child and neither should voters. I’m sure Julie never turned her back on a large fee either while she incited lucrative wars between moms and dads over the course of her 17 year family law practice.

Julie’s full page ad on page A15 had no substance but a listing of unions who are backing her instead. Her opponent, Paul Deep, did not feature any ad and this may have worked to his benefit as he dodged a bullet. Awaiting Julie was my full page color ad with a write-in ballot in the same newspaper on page B10. Here is the text. It is sure to amaze you:

Satan’s Docket (Let’s Make History: Vote a Write-In

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you woke up this morning to find our family judge candidates being more honest about why they are running for office? You would see campaign advertisements such as the following:

“I want to be a family judge because I get a guaranteed $2.5 million plus benefits from our taxpayers over the course of my (first) ten year term (Average $200K plus/yr).” Or:

“I will put as many parents I can in a debtor prison for child support because the federal government will reward me with performance funds to pay for salary increases.” Or

“I love power and stature, everyone will rise when I walk in with my robe, I get to attend judge conferences at public expense, and it will be my stepping stone for higher judgeship.”

Alas that would be a dream. A reality check awaited you instead, the picture which I have been bringing you through these costly ads. It started when one candidate declared she was running because of “all the good things that family court does” and continued when her opponent used his youth to justify more than one term of office.

Shockingly, even as my messages were being published, I was being proven correct when a Syracuse area lawyer made an illicit contribution of $10,000. He then said the candidate could keep it “to spend as she chose.” Now how brazen is that? What does it say for those who cannot afford a lawyer or the money to influence judicial favors? (10/12/17 OD Article)

I also did this public service because my own children became victims of a money lusting system that does more harm than good for mainstream parents, one that a Supreme Justice once described as a “kangaroo court,” see In re Gault, 387 US at pg 28.

When New York’s ex-chief judge, Sol Wachtler, left federal prison, he wrote a book, After the Madness, to explain his kidnapping and extortion plots from chambers upon his mistress. He never mentioned his directives of court staff to harm the license of the lawyer who was exposing him, but he did give such excuses that judges are taught to think as gods.

This shameless mentality seems to be everywhere in politics, i.e. Spitzer and Weiner. Take our District Chief Judge in Syracuse, James Tormey. After his chief family court clerk recovered $600,000 against him in federal court for her refusal to engage in his “political espionage,” he never resigned, Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40.

Tormey’s co-defendant, Bryan Hedges, was my custody judge. Lawyers chastised my motion for his removal on political grounds due to a “reputation beyond reproach.” Soon afterward, the same judge fought to avoid permanent removal from the bench despite admitting to sexual abuse of his handicapped, five year old niece, In re Hedges, 20 NY3d 677.

And just when you thought it was safe to come out, along comes Judge Wade McCree Jr. who was “exposed” by his own mistress for getting her pregnant in chambers while presiding over her child support case. In my book, I lament that while dad was doing time on a support monitor, his judge was doing his ex. With this true story on-line, who needs “Shades of Grey” fiction?

Wade fought his removal, lost his license for only two years, and federal court denied the victim dad recovery because, unlike court employees (whistleblower Morin), litigants face a concoction called judicial immunity. I fought it repeatedly as the retaliation for my own whistleblowing grew. Despite 23 years as an unblemished, successful attorney, I was dismissed every time.

According to the Supreme Court, such immunity extends only to “judicial acts.” Using that standard in my book, I drew some interesting questions. If adultery between a judge and litigant in chambers is now a judicial act, shouldn’t a jury view it? Shouldn’t dad’s lawyer be allowed to file for a “protection” order?

After all, when I exposed such misconduct on my website, Family Judge Dan King issued a protection (gag) order to suppress my First Amendment rights. That order was removed after I challenged it in New York Supreme Court, and Kangaroo King stepped down only after I exposed his drinking habits at a Lowville tavern with his children nearby.

Judge King was the 35th trial judge assigned by James “Bond” Tormey to my originally uncontested divorce. Only months on the bench during our first meeting, he declared that he was “protecting” my children despite ten years as a model parent since birth, no crime accusations, no CPS reports of abuse or neglect, and all offense petitions thrown out.

He acted on reckless petitions of the “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse, a Frankfort high school teacher, despite numerous grammar errors cited by King himself (five “sic” in one paragraph). He did so despite fictional college degrees used to justify $45,500 in tax free support made in one year alone, no accountability for spending and not even a “thank-you” from my daughters.

This is not how we were raised and nothing like a court which does “good things” for our community. It is a forum where good moms and dads are thrown into a coliseum and forced to fight over their offspring to win that almighty “custody” award. And when the damage is done, those who made these laws for their own benefit blame the parents.

In the Tormey case, recovery was based on retaliatory clerk assignments to remote places like Lowville. In my case, after Dan King stepped down in the same location, newly elected judge James Eby required a 180 mile round trip to Oswego for arguments on a decision he had already completed. This is pure harassment, and your taxes paid for the child lawyer.

Clearly a federal investigation is warranted (last week’s ad on-line). Among my many publications which went viral nationwide, the one recommending mental evaluations of family judges got record views. Is it no wonder with what you have read here, when the same judges are ordering such evaluations on the slightest accusations of a scorned adversary?

This Tuesday, respond with a write-in ballot. Call your friends and family to do the same. It would send a crucial message of reform to our third branch. Unlike the old lever machines, this ballot is so easy. You can stay home, but think of all the little boys and girls you may disappoint, the ones hiding their pain or crying over the “custody wars” incited by unscrupulous lawyers.

Thanks to all of you who have commended my sacrifices. These ads have reached victims across the country, and I am hoping to offset the lack of investigative reporting by offering them in Syracuse, Albany and elsewhere to promote shared parenting laws. It won’t get me invites to bar functions, but it will require financial support. I would be happy to address your group followed by a book-signing. You can call Parenting Rights Institute (below) or me at (315) 796-4000 for more information, and evaluations or referrals regarding any judge or lawyer.

A major west coast publisher has now taken an interest in Satan’s Docket along with a New York documentary producer. Get your early copy at http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com, call our office at (315) 380-3420 or send a check for $30 to the author’s name, Leon Koziol, at P.O. Box 8302; Utica, New York 13505. The price includes, shipping, handling and tax. You should receive it at your return address within five to 10 business days depending on location.


Most Court-Censored Blog Site in America


Okay so we’re not Breitbart or Infowars, we’re just an expanding blog site dedicated to parental rights. That puts us with mainstream social media. As Chief Justice John Roberts declared in Snyder v Phelps, speech and press must be “robust” in any self-governing nation.

But we weren’t picketing against gay military as they were in that case. We were promoting all military who return from foreign wars only to experience more oppression in divorce and family courts. That made our third branch of government the subject of our public criticisms.

It’s an epidemic captured by Second Class Citizen.Org in Purple Heart’s Final Beat. We’re part of a loose network of advocates seeking vital reforms. That makes all of us bloggers important to our nation’s politics because the divorce epidemic has received sparse coverage by other media.

Today more than ever, we are victims of a powerful bureaucracy seeking to control every facet of our liberties. Families are the last bastion. Accordingly the people rely on secondary media for information and protection. It may be our final frontier before the machines take over.

When major media is censored, they resort to our courts for protection as they should. These forums were created by the people to be the primary guardians of our constitutional rights. But what if the courts are the ones doing the censoring? Where do those victims go for protection?

Welcome to Leon Koziol.com, the most court-censored blog site in America. It started innocently enough, a loving dad and attorney seeking to spend more time with his daughters. He went against his profession for turning our children into a trillion dollar industry.

And boy did they retaliate. This site was offered to fight back, and since its inception, we’ve exposed court corruption like toxic spills from a chemical plant. With each post, public forum or court filing, judges and spineless lawyers acted to extinguish our protected activity.

The Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are some of the major media seeking relief in our courts whenever they are censored. Their publishers, editors and reporters are never seized of their children, livelihoods and homes as a punishment.

Secondary media are not so fortunate. They lack real influence. But what we do have is an army of free service providers so the big guys can have something worth reporting. Here, because the courts were targeted, we became the most censored news site in America. Now for some proof:

On November 25, 2015, a state court gag order was issued against this site. It was so expansive that its details here could implicate a contempt citation and imprisonment;

In June, 2015, a disciplinary hearing was opened to the public for the first time on Leon’s request to address a law license suspension caused by an insider fired from his office in 2009. That insider was not convicted for her crimes until 2016 after damage was done. Hence it could not be used sooner to defend against a 2010 suspension;https://leonkozioljd.wordpress.com/2016/02/26/finally-veronica-donahue-to-be-sentenced-for-felony-forgeries-join-us-for-justice/

The ethics lawyers in the witch hunt against Leon were fired for falsifying their time sheets by the same court which suspended Leon. That fact was used to resist charges of inadequate insider supervision which Leon then applied to the judges before him regarding their own ethics staff. No public charges were ever brought against them;

The 2015 hearing was video recorded by Divorce Corp because of a You-Tube interview with Leon which it publicized in June, 2015 on the subject of child support corruption. This publication caused Leon to be censored at a family law reform convention at our nation’s capital in November, 2014 sponsored by the same entity;

On April 8, 2014, the state’s Committee on Professional Standards issued a report opposing reinstatement of Leon’s law license. It cited and attached seven blog posts out of more than 200 as offensive in content with no ethics charges ever brought;

One of the cited blog posts consisted of Leon’s 2013 testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption regarding fabricated college degrees found by judges. It cannot be detailed here due to the gag order. Another post was merely a dedication to Leon’s recently departed mother, adding a sadistic flavor to it all;

• On May 22, 2013 at a closed hearing, ethics lawyers for the Committee on Professional Standards declared to a court panel that they would oppose reinstatement of Leon’s law license as long as he continued his public criticisms of judges. None was specified or prosecuted while “anonymous” complaints on other subjects were;

The criticisms included a civil rights forum sponsored by Leon on January 19, 2010 featuring parent testimony for a report to the Justice Department. It was monitored by divorce lawyers. The later fired ethics lawyers asked Leon to explain why he did not introduce himself as a “suspended lawyer” prior to his first ever suspension.

• On January 9, 2008, Leon argued his first appeal challenging a lucrative system of custody classifications which forced parents to fight over their offspring. It was before a court which also appointed ethics committees. One member was his ex-spouse’s divorce lawyer. On the same day, an ethics prosecution was opened for the very first time against Leon after more than two decades of unblemished practice;

• On October 8, 2008, a divorce judge ruled that Leon’s support obligations under that challenged custody law were proper under Title IV-D (Child Support Standards Act). That meant that the judges and lawyers who disrupted the parents’ 2006 agreements did so for no good reason other than lucrative parental conflict. A violation was nonetheless filed to cause another basis for suspending Leon’s law license. Those details are also omitted here due to the gag order.

This is only a small sampling of Leon’s ordeal and punishments for protecting fellow parents (and others who cannot be mentioned here due to the gag order). None of it has ever been disproved or even denied, and this is not the first time Leon sacrificed himself for the people and their rights under the First Amendment.

As chief (corporation) counsel for an upstate New York city, he gave up his post and successfully sued a mayor in federal court for a gag order on public employees. You can look it up at Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp.2d 170 (NDNY 2000)(supported by federal appeals court in Manhattan). On October 9, 2015, the same federal court issued an anti-filing order against Leon.

We continue to fight this battle on principle and for those who cannot be mentioned here. Leon is also fighting for parents, families and children everywhere. But he has been deprived his livelihood for more than six years while a local lawyer convicted of tax fraud on $2 million in client income was never denied his law license even while serving time in prison. We therefore ask you to support us with a donation and anything else you can do.


Kate, Do You Remember “The Holiday” with The Father and His Children?


Dear Kate,

We once actually believed you when you promoted fathers and families in the movie, “The Holiday.” What happened since that blockbuster movie which helped make you rich?

We would like to draw your attention to an ordeal that is occurring in New York involving a father who happens to be a civil rights advocate, who had to obtain two successful court rulings to see his children this holiday. So committed is he to family rights, that he just filed a writ with the United States Supreme Court.

Did you forget how the movie ended Kate, with your screen brother (Jude Law) dancing with his children during Christmas at his home in England?

Take a scene from your own movie and read this: (Click Here)

Happy Holiday Kate, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Parent sues judge over 3-year custody battle

This recent story is one of many cases that we’ve featured here at leonkoziol.com involving the abuse of parents who are fleeced of their finances while their children are being exploited in the process.


Click Here to Read Story: http://nypost.com/2013/12/02/mom-sues-judge-over-3-year-custody-battle/

Pennsylvania Judge Gets 28 Years in ‘Kids for Cash’ Case


VAWA: An Idea Whose Time Never Should Have Come

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NY Times: Justices Grapple With Issue of Right to Lawyers in Child Support Cases