False Accusations in Family Court Overlooked to Incite Emotions, Conflict and Profits.


Meanwhile Fathers in Debtor Prisons Give us Distinction as Most Imprisoned Nation in the World!

So you’d rather watch tournament games and go bowling than support a “We Are Fathers” campaign for justice and equality. Well that’s your choice, it’s a free country, in theory anyway. But you should know that  countless lawyers, child experts and bureaucrats are cheering you on because they profit from all this apathy and a misguided sense of priorities.

Fathers rights and court reform have failed time and again because the victims are complaining about the symptoms, they’re only interested in their personal war stories, and they would rather pay the lawyers who grow their problems than contribute to reform entities like this one committed to everyone’s benefit. In short, today’s fathers are not shooting straight, if at all, even when the target is right in front of them.

That target is a federal support law which must be repealed or modified to comport with present day realities. It means we must focus our efforts at the nation’s capital. Instead victims have come to some bizarre conclusion that someone else will travel there, do all the work and pay for it. They think that five guys with signs in front of a local court might influence reform.

As our report, “We Are Fathers” explains, the support standards law under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act rewards the states based on the number and magnitude of support orders manufactured in their domestic relations courts.  Put another way, all judges presiding over support cases benefit from higher awards, making them inherently biased under the same federal law. It’s all part of a trillion dollar child control industry.

To keep the federal money flowing, competing states must retain the antiquated custody scheme as opposed to shared parenting. This in turn benefits lawyers and third parties who thrive on the conflicts naturally inflamed by an unjust and unequal parenting system.

Let’s face it , when was the last time you heard of a scorned mother imprisoned for perjury or false reports? Such a precedent would lead to less conflict and less money for lawyers. Meanwhile fathers are being thrown into prison every day without the commission of any crime simply because of the unrealistic support orders made through biased judges.

They’ll tell you it’s all for uniformity sake, that the state knows best how to raise your children, but we know it’s all about the money. If you haven’t learned that by now, keep watching the balls go round and round while feminists next door at the government arenas are rallying for more laws you don’t know about.

Census Bureau reports continue to show that 85% of all parents paying support are fathers. Moreover, nearly 100% of all litigants committed to debtor prisons for back support are men, adding to our dubious distinction as the most imprisoned population in the free world. Minorities and veterans  suffer a higher rate of abuse but hey, who’s counting. This gold mine is so lucrative that judges will set aside the Constitution to keep the unequal treatment in place.

So next time you’re watching a tournament game, don’t forget to have a buyer for your tickets when a sheriff serves you with a support petition or arrest warrant. In an upcoming post we’ll tell you about a neuro-surgeon in Manhattan who spent over $4.5 million fighting false allegations only to lose free contact with his children while facing potential incarceration. With this economy, you can easily become the next victim.

As we’ve said repeatedly, no amount of money is enough in these courts. They’ll be happy to take your children’s college funds to feed the greed. So please support this vital cause today. Make a donation at Leon Koziol.com and help recruit participants for our “Fatherless Day” rally at the Supreme Court on June 19th. Because they’re your children too.

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Koziol Files Federal Court Civil Rights Lawsuit, NYS Chief Justice and Others Named


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Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000


DATE:      November 17, 2010




In what may be described as the most sweeping challenge to date upon our nation’s draconian child control laws surrounding Title IV-D of the Social Security Act, New York Civil Rights Advocate Leon R. Koziol, J.D. has filed a comprehensive test case in United States District Court in Albany, New York. Named in the action are judicial and law enforcement officials, including New York’s Chief Justice and Unified Court System. The lawsuit, served upon select parties this week, takes aim at “custody” and “child support” laws which alienate children from their parents as part of a government money generating scheme. A 39 page, 24 count civil complaint sets forth the manner in which lawyers and forensic agents feed off of manufactured controversies in domestic relations courts to harm parent-child relations and the financial stability of mainstream households. According to Koziol, it is a process which is harming the productivity of an entire nation.

Until his public stance against the legal profession in recent years, Mr. Koziol enjoyed an unblemished 23 year career as a constitutional rights attorney. His accomplishments include six figure jury verdicts on behalf of race, gender and free speech victims. In 2004, he secured a final judgment in New York Supreme Court declaring unconstitutional the operation of the largest casino in that state. He has appeared on the CBS Program “60 Minutes”, New York Times and CNN, among other national mediums. The current action provides a startling look at the manner in which government actors are suppressing free speech, due process and the People’s liberty interests in childrearing. Mr. Koziol is seeking similar victims of courtroom abuses to join this action and transform it to class action status. Support is needed behind his sacrificial cause on behalf of “parents similarly situated”. As the holiday season approaches, Mr. Koziol hopes to target family preservation issues and the scheduling of a national parenting rights convention.



“Dr. Lee” (Koziol) Comments on Dr. Phil (TV Show)

Earlier this week, we encouraged followers of LeonKoziol.Com to watch the 6/29/10, Dr. Phil (McGraw) show entitled “The Fight Over Your Child.”

Evidently, some of you have written to the show promoting Leon as a possible featured guest. Leon has already appeared on the CBS show 60 Minutes, NY Times and CNN, however, he had not seen any episodes of the Dr. Phil show prior to this one. Based on his commentary which follows, it is unlikely that he will do so in the future.

Dear Friends,

I had heard of the Dr. Phil Show before, and based upon staff contacts here at LeonKoziol.Com, I encouraged everyone to view a timely episode entitled “The Fight Over Your Child.” After viewing the one hour segment in its entirety, it was clear that this Dr. Phil was simply playing to a select audience designed to elevate his television ratings. It was little more than a perpetuation of the tired old stereotype of fathers as violent unfit parents and mothers as victims of various battered woman syndromes. It was indeed shocking that such a show aired as it did ten years into the 21st century.

After showing one of the couple’s child drafted letters to the father (containing graphic adult depictions of the father as a cheater with other women) Dr. Phil was able to get the mother to concede that she had been the true adulterer in the marriage and had caused the child to draft the disgusting piece. It was seen as a form of projection and parental alienation.

At that point, the entire balance of the show (some 45 minutes) was devoted to an attack upon the father as a disgruntled and vindictive ex-spouse unable to focus on his children’s “best interests”. This earned the host a fully predictable applause from an audience, which like the rest of us, believes in the protection of our children (a simple no brainer).

At another point, Dr. Phil lambasted the father for his opinion regarding an “incompetent” family court system and emotions prominently displayed (and exploited) on his show. When the father refused to yield by citing his many costly and futile petitions for child-rearing time before an antiquated and gender biased court system, the host responded with his own emotions prominently displayed by essentially defending that same system. Dr. Phil went so far as to cite his early stint as a “litigation advisor,” whatever that meant, prior to his long tenure as a talk show promoter.

The problem, doctor, with your entire approach to this very sensitive private issue is that you completely overlooked the inherent flaws of this long antiquated “custodial” framework of child governance which forces parents to “fight” over their own children in the first place. It is a money making framework for lawyers, forensic agents and a child damaging bureaucracy. The evidence was all over the face of your show. Arbitrarily positioned with each parent on the set was a lawyer assigned to support each side. As the show progressed, however, acting in the self-appointed role of a “judge”, you managed to influence even the father’s so-called “advocate” to engage in a public attack upon the male victim.

The entire disgusting star chamber resembled very much the environment which good loving fathers experience in family courts around the country every day. Indeed, this doctor went so far as to place the young daughter’s voice on the air with a message to the father that she did not want to see him again because he was allegedly dangerous. The surprised father then responded how hurtful it was to hear this on the show.

There was no comment from anyone, including the couple’s other child, and nothing to refute the father’s repeated statements that he had never been found guilty of anything to support the daughter’s publicized remarks. The mother’s advocate  immediately responded, as if on cue, and in conformity with standard money making “custody” tactics, with a demand for supervised “visitation.”  The whole gang then concluded with an assortment of costly welfare programs to help the father become a good parent, whatever that meant to all of these diverse strangers to the children’s lives.

I was verily impressed with the father’s courage and perseverance in this gang assault. Although forced to yield to any suggestion that might give him more than one day per week with his children, he refused to allow his attackers to feminize him even in his embattled state on the set. Of course the mother’s advocate eventually raised the money collection issue “child support” and employment stigmas while no one raised the reverse arguments in this gender biased process. Fathers have a constitutional right to a properly enforced relationship with their own children before the state and its agents can be heard to talk about money extractions from their statutorily created sub-class parent.

Leon R. Koziol, J.D., is a civil rights advocate who has practiced law for nearly a quarter century in New York State. He has been a spokesperson for parenting rights and currently publishes an Internet blog site known as LeonKoziol.Com, focused upon reform in our domestic relations courts.

Dr. Phil Show

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