Is Kelly Hawse-Koziol A Custodial Sociopath?

Kelly Hawse-Koziol and court-appointed child lawyer Willam Koslosky tried to slip by a fraudulent relocation notice to court and father with a confirmation report containing dad’s e-mail address gmai. com (without letter “l”). The family judge later disqualified from the case excused it, thereby allowing a childless millionaire to play dad at the new residence without the real father’s knowledge until discovered almost a year later.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

You’ve seen the programs: Investigation Discovery, Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files, Snapped, Dateline and American Greed to name a few. They can’t grow fast enough to keep pace with the psychos and sociopaths they feature, often resulting from fatherless homes and family court dysfunction.

Unfortunately these programs focus on horrific crimes, murders and Ponzi schemes. What if one of them or a new one focused on custody crimes. It’s not yet recognized as such but many parent-child murders have already been labeled as PAS or Parent Alienation Syndrome. A more comprehensive depiction might be “Custodial Sociopath.”

Okay you read it here first, maybe it’ll catch on and one day become one of the countless conditions recognized in the psychiatrists’ DSM-5 manual. It could lead to legal grounds for a custody change, even a termination of parental rights given the severe harm it inflicts on “noncustodial” victims  and their innocent children. Here is a quote from one of my reports:

For now we’ll have to offer it to the public as a theory or rule of law that is long overdue. Like any such rule, we have to apply it to a real case to make for widespread acceptance. And boy do I have a case. It’s called Kelly Hawse-Koziol, a Frankfort, New York high school teacher and “custodial parent” of my daughters who was transformed into a “custodial sociopath” by a corrupt family court enterprise.

Her crimes were many but never prosecuted because to do so would mean to arrest countless criminals in these courts who profit from “custody wars.” In the case of Kelly Hawse, she did it through fraudulent and dismissed offense petitions, routine perjury and the brainwashing of two innocent girls.

Many “custodial” mothers have responded to my last post regarding these “sexist courts” as preposterous because it featured the “bizarre” notion that men can be sexually harassed (or framed for money or attention). These feminists were not expecting the tables to be turned on them after all the groping and sexual harassment claims they’ve been promoting lately.

When I raised the undeniable discrimination and harassment of dads in our nation’s domestic courts, I was accosted on Facebook with such outdated “Rip Van Winkle” claims that a man’s duty is simply to support and protect children. I do not know which rock these types crawled from under but this is 2017 not Pleasant Valley circa 1950s.

You can’t have it both ways. Equal rights means what it says. The Constitution does not incur a disappearing act at the steps of family court, the last bastion of institutional discrimination (against male parents) remaining untouched in America today. Census Bureau reports prove it, 85% paying so-called “child support” are still men!

It has led to a fatherless America and crimes of unprecedented variety featured on these programs. Anyone doubting the role of women in this epidemic should search Albuqueque, New Mexico and the many horrific murders committed by gold diggers and “black widow” convicts there in recent years.

One of them was Ellen Snyder. Other than her murder conviction, the narrative can be compared to Kelly Hawse-Koziol and her murder of my father-daughter relationships in order to have me replaced by a childless, millionaire named Joseph Flihan, Jr. This is a wanna-be dad who exhibits some serious defects that any real father would want investigated.

Ellen Snyder did not marry “for better or for worse.” When her second husband was doing well financially with a new home for her son of an earlier marriage and infant daughter of the current one, all was good. But when he was diagnosed with MS leaving him disabled at that  dream home, Ellen decided to shoot him dead in his bed. She actually managed to convince her son to help her bury him under a slab of concrete (new driveway).

But eventually the teen high school kid at the time could not live with his conscience and helped convict his sicko mom years later. In the meantime she had everyone looking for the missing dad in another state under the fiction that he had run off to live with a gay lover and therefore ending all contacts with his native community and family.

How is this mentality any different from the psycho “custodial parents” who brainwash their children to commit the crime of parental alienation? In either case of physical or relational murder, the “noncustodial parent” is rendered dead to the children along with the victim’s extended family. Kelly Hawse-Koziol murdered my father-daughter relations. And she did it for money, sex and status with alarming parallels to Ellen Snyder.

Let us join together to end Parent Alienation Syndrome and freaks like Kelly Hawse-Koziol, America’s first “outed” custodial sociopath. It’s important that you help me help you in this parental rights crusade. Share this post, donate to our cause and contact our Parenting Rights Institute office with any information that could expose such criminals of our human rights. It’s all confidential at (315) 380-3420.




Kelly Hawse-Koziol: Frankfort-Schuyler Teacher and … Mom?

Star Witness for Kelly Hawse-Koziol being hauled off to prison on $10,000 bail in 2013 for presenting herself falsely as an attorney in court. We gave the judge a tip prior to her arrival and still she continued her crimes until convicted this year and sent back to jail.


Frankfort-Schuyler Central School District is an all-American school in upstate, New York. Benefited by quaint restaurants, attractive homes and a spirited community , the pride in its students and staff is everywhere. In fact, if you’re driving along Interstate 90 or State Route 5S on a game day, you might even hear its residents cheering their Maroon Knights to victory.

Yes, Frankfort-Schuyler has stellar qualities but unfortunately it also has a teacher named Kelly Hawse-Koziol. Many of our followers have asked about Leon’s ex-spouse during his travels across the country advocating for parental rights. Out of concern for the children we have refrained until their relocation was made to the home of an unfit substitute father and concealed on the family court record for eight months without consequence.

It is well proven by now that Kelly’s immunity from accountability has arisen because Leon has been exposing court corruption. Various family judges have abused public office by exploiting her serial petitions and fabrications over the years. For example she testified that notice of relocation required by custody order was successfully transmitted under the address “” (“l” character missing). Only because of Leon’s persistence was she finally threatened with consequences after the publicized misconduct could no longer be ignored.

All of her offense petitions have been dismissed for lack of evidence since 2006 including a gag order on this website in May. Indeed if Leon had not challenged that order on First Amendment grounds in New York Supreme Court, we could not provide you with today’s feature post. We could not have exposed the misconduct of Leon’s custody judge who was removed from the family court bench for admitting to sexual misconduct on his handicapped five year old niece (today in her adulthood a Leon Koziol supporter), see In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013).

We also could not have exposed “political espionage” being carried out by other judges against Leon in the Syracuse Fifth Judicial District (which includes Herkimer County), see Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2011)(Chief Judge James Tormey sued by family court clerk for spying directives resulting in $600,000 liability to taxpayers). The unlawful retributions by those charged with the highest duty of safeguarding our constitutional rights caused judge disqualifications with over 35 trial jurists to date assigned by Judge Tormey to Leon’s family matters, by all indications a nationwide record. This is not “delusion” or “paranoia.” It is shocking fact in an unprecedented case.

Although Kelly Hawse-Koziol has been protected by Leon’s adversaries in these “Kangaroo” family tribunals (description given by a Supreme Court Justice in the Gault case, 387 US 27-28), is she also immune from accountability in her capacity as a teacher? In a recent hearing, one of those adversaries, William “Potatoes” Koslosky, announced falsely to the latest judge that Leon had lodged a report against Hawse-Koziol to the Education Department. A report had, in fact, been filed by an ex-girlfriend due to false police reports in a scheme to cause a break-up. So will another have to be lodged now to make Koslosky an honest lawyer? Is Hawse-Koziol honest when she depicts Leon under oath as anti-mom with a distaste for intelligent women? It is undisputed that he represented a former woman lawyer and president of the National Organization for Women. He remains a dedicated father writing books for intelligent women across the country.

The misconduct of Kelly Hawse-Koziol is so extensive that it should make every parent and student at Frankfort High School very concerned. Take for example an excerpt from one of her many fraudulent petitions so rife with grammatical and spelling errors that the judge had to put in “sic” notes in every sentence. Taken directly from his decision, this is how Hawse-Koziol represented Frankfort-Schuyler’s teaching credentials in our courts of law:

His interaction with her [Father’s girlfriend] infront [sic] of the children are [sic] inappropriate & unhealthy. His… health is deteriorating. He is dillusional [sic] about his (earlier) ex-girlfriend and secretary and I [sic] being friends.

That’s an average of one error per sentence and as many as two in a single phrase. The judge actually missed other errors such as the use of “&” in a formal document. If this is how a high school teacher presents her false court petitions, imagine what her students are learning to emulate. Time and again, Leon had to proof-read her resumes, allowing her on one occasion to become a final two candidate at Utica College. That was 15 years ago during their marriage and she still has not escaped a school district which she privately despises.

An argument on the subject typically had Leon defending the school board against her false depictions of them as well. Formerly a school board attorney for another local school district, Leon was well familiar with the complexities of operating a school system with multi-million dollar budgets. He also did his best to defend her from errors in her specialty as a Social Studies teacher, i.e. the Nile River flows south (because that’s the way it looked on a map). Other criticisms included her preoccupation with e-bay shopping in class. Now is this a person fit to teach our children? Many friends and former clients of Leon in the school district have indicated not.

But even her error-prone conduct in school cannot match the evil she has displayed in child rearing. She has lied in court time and again while alienating Leon’s daughters so severely that he has not gotten a call from them in years. All efforts on his part have been met with undue scrutiny and more false petitions to a point where Leon’s case is now actually before the Supreme Court of the United States.

In upcoming posts we will bring you more gross misconduct of this gold-digging facade of a mother and teacher. If you have information about Kelly Hawse-Koziol which you would like to share for a comprehensive report to MaryEllen Elia, the Commissioner of Education, feel free to contact us at Parenting Rights Institute: (315) 380-3420. These are our tax dollars and precious children at risk. Such rampant misconduct cannot be protected through tenure or First Amendment retaliation, at least not in this country.