Is Fort Drum vulnerable to a nuclear terrorist strike using “suitcase” devices smuggled across northern borders?

While New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney continues to hold news conferences attacking the president for his neglect of migrant crossings in her district, she fails to address the more ominous threat of nuclear terrorism targeting Fort Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division, also in her district. In doing so, she is proving herself to be just as irresponsible.

Long forgotten on this vital issue are the 80-pound suitcase devices capable of delivering a 10-kiloton blast at virtually any location. According to media reports, until 1997, U.S. Intelligence did not even know that the Russian-made version even existed. In the carry-on luggage of a team of commercial jet passengers, these devices could have delivered a far greater devastation on 9-11

It is well known that rogue dictators had gained access to the Soviet nuclear arsenal long before a joint effort by the United States and Russia to remove it from separating Soviet republics. Nearby terrorists in the Middle East were among the looters exploiting the vulnerability of nuclear oversight during the unexpected break-up of the former super-power.

Concealed in a tungsten shaft, such a device might avoid detection before delivering a holocaust in Times Square as many experts have feared. But when combined with the daily volatility of the current Ukraine war on Russia’s border, is anyone concerned about the potential use of such devices on our own border with Canada, a vast country that also borders Russia?

During an earlier term in her former district, Congresswoman Tenney attracted national attention with an observation that mass shootings were being committed by Democrats. In her new district, shouldn’t she now be mindful of the more logical observation that a weapon of mass destruction could easily be employed by a terrorist at Fort Drum?

Yet despite my news releases on the subject, neither the media nor the relevant representative is giving it the slightest interest. After tracking the congresswoman’s recent tour on the migrant issue among communities in her district, I decided to accentuate this threat with a hand-delivered copy of my 2014 novel, Voyage to Armageddon, to her Oswego office. Still no interest.

This novel relates my relevant experience as a lake mariner only nine months after 9-11. I accomplish it through the adventures of a group of career women who cross our border repeatedly without any customs check. In the hull of their new motor yacht is a nuclear device affixed to a 150-gallon gas tank. The goal is to achieve a detonation at a Manhattan pier.

However, a similar plot in rural upstate would be so much easier to complete and perhaps effective in unleashing a nuclear exchange as Vladimir Putin has already risked. There are endless opportunities to transport a nuclear device among the Thousand Islands archipelago on our northern border. That is a central theme of my novel and one that should command top priority in domestic security.

Koziol to Be Interviewed by Host of National Radio Program

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Parental Rights Activist to Be Interviewed by Host of National Radio Program

UTICA, New York (October 2, 2012) – Parental rights activist, Dr. Leon Koziol, the President and Founder of the Parenting Rights Institute will appear as a guest on the Wednesday, October 3, 2012 pod cast edition of the Edgington Post with Mark Edge, the Host of the Free Talk Live national radio program.

Koziol, who has appeared in the past on other news programs such as 60 Minutes, CNN and was also featured in the New York Times, will be discussing a precedent seeking case that he has recently filed with the United States Supreme Court along with other parenting rights related issues. The case, John Parent v State of New York,, was docketed by the Supreme Court under Case Number 12-350 and challenges mandatory classifications of custody and non-custody in all divorce and family court disputes.

“An unequal doctrine of parenting laws in the states causes needless money transfers which harm parent-child relationships through manufactured court room controversies, many of which could otherwise be preventable,” says Koziol.

The Free Talk Live program airs Monday through Sunday from 7:PM to 10:PM and can be heard on the Free Talk Live Website as well as 110 radio and 4 television stations across the United States, including WSYR Newsradio 570 AM and 106.9 FM, in nearby Syracuse, NY.  In addition, pod casts of the The Edgington Post are available as an RSS feed to Microsoft Outlook from the Free Talk Live Website.

LeonKoziol.Com is a nationally recognized blog site dedicated to preserving parent-child relationships. To find out more, please visit

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National Civil Rights Advocate Announces Internet Talk Show Program

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TO:                   All Media and Interested Parties

FROM:            Leon R. Koziol

RE:                   National Civil Rights Advocate Announces Internet Talk Show Program

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March 11, 2011, Utica, NY – Civil rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., author of the popular blog site, Leon, has announced his plans to host an Internet talk show on the subject of parenting rights and family abuse in our court systems. As a successful trial attorney for more than two decades, Mr. Koziol is hoping to increase public awareness of the laws and rights available to mainstream parents made subject to abusive practices in domestic relations matters. As part of this innovative addition to network communications and commentary, Mr. Koziol is seeking private investors to form a media company.

“The Internet is the most efficient way to reach the masses”, said Koziol. “The time has come, the environment is ripe  and recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that over 2.5 million people are getting divorced each year resulting in a massive number of unnecessary child custody disputes. This is destroying our productivity as a nation,” he added.

Having appeared on national and local media programs over the years, Mr. Koziol is uniquely positioned to create a cutting edge dialogue which promises to attract both listeners and major corporate sponsors. This proposed program can rival many of today’s top mainstream talk shows while serving as a catalyst for change in the area of domestic relations law reform.

Plans for the media company include a regularly scheduled informational, controversial and somewhat entertaining style featuring Leon Koziol as the show’s main host. A tentative format calls for a debate oriented co-host who will be responsible for providing opposing viewpoints that are reflective of common stereotypes found in our society today. In addition, there will be news commentary and live callers discussing such relevant topics as divorce, child custody and the state’s intrusion into private child rearing matters. Subscribers will be able to access the show in a streaming video/audio format over the Internet through the use of a computer or mobile telephone. Future plans for the media company call for the development and distribution of information products.

Individuals wishing to become private investors in the media company are encouraged to call: (315) 796 4000.