Police: Custody Dispute Motive in Manchester Slayings


“After 23 years of success as a civil rights attorney, Leon R.Koziol, J.D., predicts increase in violence arising from litigant abuses in our courts.”

Taken from a report submitted to the New York Judicial Conduct Commission By Leon R. Koziol, J.D., on April, 23, 2013.

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The staff here at LeonKoziol.Com has just received late breaking news regarding the Manchester, Illinois killings that occurred in the early morning hours of April 24, 2013, just shortly after the above referenced report was released on this website and predicted an outbreak of such violence.

According to State Police investigative findings released today, it was determined that a custody battle was the motive for the recent killings. For those of you who follow this website on a regular basis, outbreaks of FCIV (Family Court Inspired Violence) as confirmed by these latest findings, should come hardly as a surprise.

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Help Stop the Spread of FCIV!


As a follow up to a previous post dated April, 24, 2013, the Chicago Sun Times has since reported that a Custody dispute may be linked to killing of 5 in downstate family,” according to the news story headline.

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While the staff here at Leon Koziol.Com does not condone FCIV (Family Court Inspired Violence), it is our sincere hope that both lawmakers and the judiciary will take the necessary corrective actions that are long overdue by providing all parents with fair and equal treatment in matters involving divorce, child custody and support. However, until victims of litigant abuse realize they have a personal responsibility to advocate and find creative ways to finance such reform efforts, these sorts of foreseeable and otherwise preventable tragedies will continue to occur.

Leon Koziol, J.D., has been a long time advocate of such reform. He sacrificed a successful law career when he first began his whistle blowing efforts to expose a multi-billion dollar child-control industry, one that promotes needless and ever-lasting conflict at the expense of loving parents after unexpectedly finding himself in this very same predicament.  Unfortunately, he can no longer afford to fight this battle alone (for the benefit of all loving parents) without your financial support. Here is an excerpt from his report to the New York Judicial Conduct Commission which outlines his own personal experiences. When you read the entire report, you can’t help but wonder, how the average person without a civil rights background such as Mr. Koziol’s, would ever stand a fair chance? This is why your support of his efforts is absolutely essential.

“More than 25 trial level judges were assigned to my originally uncontested divorce case over a seven year period. Some are no longer on the bench, one was publicly admonished, and another was removed as Family Court judge due to child sex abuse. Meanwhile, I was made a target of retribution on the same day I presented an appeals court with widespread misconduct by a lawyer seated on the Fifth District ethics committee. Two years afterward, the same appeals court, in its disciplinary capacity, suspended my law license while a motion for its discharge was pending. Only weeks later, my request was granted, and the entire appeals court belatedly stepped down.”

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Judge Removed From Koziol Custody Case Now Removed By High Court


You just can’t make this stuff up!

Once again, well ahead of his time, Leon Koziol targeted a family court judge back in August of 2011, seeking to have him removed from a custody case involving his 7 and 9 year old girls in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Koziol repeatedly objected over the years to any sessions known as “Lincoln” hearings conducted without the parents present in the privacy of a judge’s chambers. Eventually, Judge Hedges granted Mr. Koziol’s motion and removed himself from the case. Only 6 months later, the judge was brought up on charges of sexually abusing a 5 year old handicapped girl and the New York Judicial Conduct Commission removed him from the bench.

This is the same commission where the 28 page report was submitted by Mr. Koziol that was published here at Leon Koziol.Com on April 23, 2013. Just 2 days later, the high court of New York affirmed Judge Hedge’s removal.

See New York Daily News Article (Click Here)

The following excerpt was taken from Page 9 of Mr. Koziol’s report:

Another named defendant was Family Court Judge Bryan Hedges who was removed from the bench by this Commission in a recent published decision. He admitted to sexual interactions with a handicapped 5 year old girl (relative) while in law school. The sordid details are better left to the decision but only months prior to his removal, this same judge presided over my ongoing custody case. My motion for his recusal was opposed by the divorce lawyer and child attorney on grounds that this judge was beyond reproach. It was fortunately granted prior to the standard “Lincoln” session in chambers (without the parents) involving my then 7 and 8 year old girls.

More Family Court Inspired Violence?

Within moments of parental advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., releasing an alarming 28 Page report which predicted an increase in violence arising from litigant abuses in our courts, we were made aware of this tragic story from the Chicago Tribune. (Read Story Here). We are not suggesting the family court or litigant abuse was the cause of these senseless killings nor are we condoning these random acts of violence.

However, as previously expressed here at LeonKoziol.com, we continue to believe that a strong correlation undoubtedly exists between ongoing custody battles and the violence arising from litigant abuses which can be found in a variety of mainstream news media reports. Mr. Koziol’s recent report to the Judicial Conduct Commission was intended to further serve as a wake up call in hopes that both corrective action and reform can take place in an effort to prevent similar future tragedies from occurring.

A random Google Internet search of the terms “custody battle lead to killings,” revealed these disturbing recent news headlines:

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Could these unnecessary deaths have been prevented? We want to hear your thoughts.

Petraeus Scandal Highlights Flaws in America’s Divorce and Custody Courts

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By  Dr. Leon R. Koziol

What was our CIA Director doing in a domestic relations case trying to influence its outcome? David Petraeus resigned as Director of our nation’s highest intelligence agency after promoting a “non-custodial” mother deemed to be “psychologically unstable” by the presiding judge of a local custody court. This mother was not only a lawyer who knew how to influence the system from outside, but she happened to be the twin sister of a Florida socialite rumored to be one of two mistresses in possession of national security information.

The scenario gets complicated. Apparently, some kind of love triangle erupted between two women associates and Petraeus, all married, which got out of control. The scandal came to light after one mistress began doing battle with the other in order to obtain exclusive “access” rights to the Director. But this was no garden variety affair of the kind which damaged a former president and the governors of two large states. This one threatened the interests of national security while exposing the flaws in America’s divorce and custody courts.

For starters, a bimbo battle here at home is no reason to expose outsiders to secrets that could endanger the lives of our military overseas. As for our domestic court system, the scheme to influence a custody case supports what our Parenting Rights Institute has been warning all along. These archaic and lucrative custody laws are harming the health, productivity and welfare of an entire nation. It is a central argument of a civil rights case now before the United States Supreme Court which is scheduled for conference on November 20, 2012.

The case, John Parent v State of New York, asks our nation’s highest court to strike down over-broad classifications of “custody” and “non-custody” which lead to controversies of the kind which involved our nation’s CIA Director. While he was offering parenting opinions about a non-relative and his official influence to a local judge, security issues were emerging across the Middle East and South Asia. Mandated custody titles force parents to war over their offspring in a needless and sometimes barbaric contest that draws countless people away from crucial jobs.

A multi-billion dollar industry has resulted which, like other forms of economic exploitation, insulates itself from public criticism. This is why conscientious lawyers are suppressed or removed altogether when they try to advance progressive and gender neutral reforms. Indeed the John Parent case reads like a John Grisham novel with refreshing honesty which can never be matched by our ex-Director’s biographer. It has caused our institute to offer parents a court management program as the substitute for destructive court battles. Visit us at www.Leon Koziol.com.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
President and Founder
Parenting Rights Institute
1518 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
(315) 796-4000


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Child Support, Like Obama Care, Headed for the Supreme Court

Administrators Note:

The following column was published on March 6, 2010, as a special to the Utica Observer-Dispatch. It properly described child support as a welfare tax upon fathers and non-custodial mothers (roughly half of the separated parenting population). Now, this very issue will be presented before the same Supreme Court that ruled yesterday that the health insurance mandate is a valid welfare tax (transition to a socialist government). The relevant writ in Dr. Koziol’s Parent Vs. State will be filed on Constitution Day, September 17, 2012. We are asking all victimized parents of divorce, custody and support laws, to join us in a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. Together, we hope to convince our nation’s high court to hear this precedent setting case regarding crucial family issues.

Published Guest Column:

David Dudajek
Opinion Editor
Observer Dispatch
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, New York 13501

Dear Editor:

If you believe that children require money more than they need their fathers, read no further. This column is based upon traditional beliefs, biological equality of parents and our cherished rights under the American Constitution. It is made necessary by gross mischaracterizations of my child support/license suspension headlines.

The public’s diverse experience with domestic matters has made me an undeserved sounding platform for gripes having no relevance to my personal case. After commending my civil rights accomplishments, for example, writer Mary Ules “takes offense” with my sacrificial stance on child support by citing irrelevant parallels to her life as a single mother during the eighties. A gender insecure Robin Cecilia follows with a gripe in outer space proclaiming ownership rights over children based on a birthing process caused by human evolution.

The problem with this platform is that I owe no child support to either Ms. Ules or Ms. Cecilia and certainly nothing to my ex spouse. My hard earnings are owed only to my dear children, and I need no government directive, vindictive lecture or career blackmail to recognize this. It is a principle of natural law fully protected but not properly enforced under our Constitution.

Successfully observed by committed parents since the beginning of civilization, this principle has become tortured by a mandatory custodial institution of childrearing for those who simply choose to live apart. It is a gender discriminatory process which places money and children over parents as a part of a barbaric and never ending “custody” war, hence the social and moral breakdowns of our day.

Our Constitution prohibits government interference in childrearing privacy unless serious abuse, neglect or abandonment is found. No such finding could be made or even concocted when I quietly filed an uncontested divorce in September, 2005 immediately prior to my prominent bids for public office. It was based upon more than one year of successful (joint) childrearing activities in separate homes. However, when the state intervened in February, 2006, based upon a money collection formula, four years of escalating controversy brought us to the world stage at the United Nations.

During this period, my petitions for parenting time were routinely denied while money petitions were vigorously enforced. This led to the absurd result that I was paying the state and its appointed “custodial” parent to systematically end my parent-child relationships. Support money was being diverted from my children to lawyers and court costs thereby making me the sole payor for both sides of the process. This is not uncommon to countless oppressed fathers simply due to an arbitrary caregiver doctrine and their gender status at birth.

Such discrimination is rationalized for the same reason that slaves, ethnic minorities, and women were oppressed in an earlier era: free labor and arbitrary empowerment. Unlike dictatorial regimes, however, our government has perfected this oppression through legislative propaganda which exploits the child into a multi-billion dollar industry, fleecing parents of finite resources and discouraging income productivity.

Quotes and sound bites to a vast audience unfamiliar with a complex case could not hope to overcome decades of stereotypes and draconian laws designed to perpetuate this child control industry. My best hope, therefore, existed in a news conference at my home where genuine child support could be observed first hand. A father’s mortgage, taxes, play areas, and holiday enjoyment are a father’s child support, made impossible when a third of income goes to taxes, and another third to a support collection unit.

My point continues to be this: a self sufficient father has the same right to enjoy a family unit as a self sufficient mother. An American form of government encourages each to grow those units. Under the current socialist form, I nevertheless satisfied years of one sided obligations until they were abused without any child payments in return. This showed not only that I was a responsible parent, but prepared to commit my career to enforce God given rights to raise my children.

Unlike the fifties, a vast majority of today’s parents are raising their children in separate households. If we can bus five year olds to school, we can certainly allow fathers in the same communities to enjoy equal time with their offspring. Such logic, however, would negate the need for lawyers and child support transfers as the engine behind federal grants and collection unit interest revenues to a dysfunctional state government.

In short, the privacy right which I have been compelled to secure through the courts is a meaningful father-child relationship free from joint power abuses by the state and a superior creature of law known as the “custodial parent.” It may be analogized to the woman’s privacy right established in Roe v Wade.

For those still clinging to the current antiquated system, however, child support is a welfare payment because it lacks accountability. Abuses such as drug or gambling addictions, lawyer generated controversies, partner support, income destruction and father replacement agendas, are highly disguised in our overburdened courts. Still unanswered by my government is how I am supposed to raise my children without a 23 year law license.

Very truly yours,

Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Advocate
(315) 796-4000

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Could Published Column Have Prevented Horrific Murder-Suicide in Utica, NY?

Administrators Note:

The following column was offered to the Utica Observer-Dispatch for publication on Father’s Day 2012, however, it was rejected without explanation. We believe this was meant to suppress the greater message here at www.leonkoziol.com. It was also offered in a modified format to the New York Times, Albany Times Union and The Boston Globe.  Only 2 days earlier, a major protest occurred in support of Leon Koziol and his parenting rights litigation at a federal appeals court in lower Manhattan. Exactly, one week later, a murder-suicide occurred (Article 1) (Article 2) (Article 3). What you’re about to read presents a chilling and accurate indictment of the lucrative family court industry. A strong likelihood exists that the now deceased parents might have resorted to non-violent means of resolution had they been exposed to this unpublished column and profound reform efforts which underlie it.

Unpublished Guest Column:

David Dudajek
Opinion Editor
Observer Dispatch
221 Oriskany Plaza
Utica, New York 13501

Dear Editor:

Exactly one year ago, a man sat down, doused himself with gasoline and lit up a public square to bring world attention to an oppressive government. It did not occur in Tiananmen Square, Moscow or any other foreign venue. It happened right here in one of our original 13 states involving a maternal descendant of America’s first president.

Thomas Ball martyred himself in this painful fashion to protest the mistreatment of fathers in domestic relations courts. It was patterned after the identical suicide of Mohammed Bouazizi of Tunisia who gained sufficient attention to cause a wave of protests across the Arab world. Yet few beyond the city of Keene, New Hampshire took notice of the American version.

Despite efforts to isolate this event, evidence of a growing epidemic was everywhere. In our region alone, a police investigator took his life and that of his ex spouse after exiting “child support” court, leaving three children without their mom and dad. A mother took a knife to the throat of her divorcing husband and was sent to prison for 13 years, a father shot his boy in front of state police in a domestic stand-off, a sheriff deputy was killed in a similar exchange, and a purple heart soldier attempted suicide after years of court abuse.

Not far away, a mother drove her children into the Hudson River, and just when we thought it was safe to come out, at least three new incidents have arisen in Oneida County featuring parents engaged in stand-offs with law enforcement. Only last week, a man was pulled from a burning home in a bizarre case resembling the Thomas Ball incident. Had these cases involved a virus or related health factor, the Center for Disease Control would have flown in agents from Atlanta within a matter of hours.

Like so many ominous signs in our region’s history, this is a crisis which is being ignored or misunderstood. It emerges largely from domestic relations processes that continue to engage in parental abuses and gender bias. Victims denied sensible recourse then resort to violence and the taking of matters into their own hands. It is a common feature of all civil rights movements and the natural consequence of any dysfunctional system of justice.

Only last month, the USA Today placed Utica/Rome at the bottom of depressed regions nationwide. Unwittingly the feature was more important for its national forecast than a local assault because economic declines inevitably occurring elsewhere will bring similar extraordinary events. When people lose their homes, jobs and children, they have nothing left to live for when dealing with law enforcement. A meaningful study of the problem is therefore long overdue, and an opportunity emerges for local leaders to pave the way.

While our federal government intervenes in foreign countries for the sake of human rights, families on the domestic front are being sacrificed to needless custody and support wars through arbitrary money formulas and incentives. Billions of dollars in federal grants are based on the number and magnitude of support orders mass produced in state courts. This has the effect of transforming judges into profit makers contrary to their neutral character under the Constitution.

In 1925, the high court of New York adopted ancient practices of British monarchs to assert state control over all children impacted by divorcing parents. In its day, this seizure of power caught little attention because divorce was an anomaly and fewer lawyers were preoccupied with more legitimate matters of the profession. Today, separate parenting units are the mainstream and the state of California alone is impacted by nearly 300,000 lawyers.

As a result, parental authority is becoming seriously undermined while children are exploited for ulterior purposes. By simply declaring any government act involving a child to be in his or her “best interests”, the state can remove one or both parents from their gender based functions. It is a gold mine for attorneys perverting a natural order of childrearing. Adolph Hitler exploited similar propaganda to build a war machine.

This perversion is cultivated by a “separate but unequal” doctrine of laws which forces parents to name a gender merged “custodial parent” in all separation cases. Competition for a child’s favor then leads to immature behavior and breakdowns in development. Agreement, mediation and shared parenting are opposed as litigation substitutes because they would reduce conflict, thereby eroding a multi-billion dollar state industry.

With federal intervention, this industry grew exponentially as did the dysfunction of our families. Child support laws removed the needs-based formula and replaced it with a highly abused way-of-life standard even in cases where neither parent was on public assistance. This led to increased revenues and a giant bureaucracy featuring states and localities as collection agents for a central government complicit in the creation of lucrative domestic controversy.

In terms of childrearing, this fixation upon money is producing a fatherless America with devastating impacts. Data from the National Fatherhood Initiative shows that children fare better when both parents are involved. Under the current system, a father is influenced to abandon his role and any responsibilities which apply because he cannot overcome blatant male stereotypes, residual living expenses and fraudulent report tactics common to these court battles.

Meaningful reform will not occur as long as the victims allow these injustices to continue. As one veteran Family Court judge declared ten years ago, custody and visitation should be replaced with parenting plans in the majority of cases. The “oppositional framework” has long “outlived its usefulness” and should not be applied to presumptively fit parents. Such wisdom must be embraced by those seeking public office who exploit Fathers’ Day by essentially asking good fathers to accept their sub-class status.

Very truly yours,

Leon R. Koziol
Parenting Rights Advocate
(315) 796-4000

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Is Chen Guangcheng Really Any Safer in the United States?

Recently we featured a blog entry in regards to Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese legal activist who fled house arrest and sought refuge with U.S. diplomats after local officials waged a vendetta against him for exposing a campaign of forced abortions and other abuses of China’s harsh birth control policy. Over the weekend we learned from the Los Angeles Times that Chen Guangcheng is now safe in the U.S.

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We are asking our followers here at www.leonkoziol.com, to contact the following reporters (both email and follow-up telephone calls) whose names appear in this article and let them know the truth about how non-custodial parents are treated here in the United States. They may be surprised to learn that those who dare challenge our very own current domestic relations policies are often treated in a similar manner much like that of Chen Guangcheng. Perhaps these reporters could provide a sufficient explanation as to why this is?

Furthermore, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney also appears to need some schooling on our nation’s domestic relations policies. Mr. Romney was quick to criticize the Obama administration for its handling of this particular matter, however, in the next breath he stated, “This episode underscores the need for the United States to forthrightly stand up for the human rights of the Chinese people,” when referring to Mr. Guangcheng’s safe arrival in the United States. In our opinion here at www.leonkoziol.com, we believe that Mr. Romney would be wise to educate himself in advance with respect to the hypocritical state of human rights here in the United States faced by non-custodial parents, before attacking his political adversaries and advocating  for the rights of foreign countries in an effort to garner political support.

Los Angeles Times
Mailing Address:
202 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 237-5000




Mascaro reported from Washington, Demick from Beijing and Tangel from New York.

Staff writers Paul Richter and Christi Parsons in Camp David, Md., contributed to this report.

Custody Battle Led to Deadly California Salon Shooting

Custody mayhem in California could have been avoided by reform litigation being pursued by parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D. 

Regrettably, the kind of violence evidenced by this incident could have been prevented through the efforts of parental rights advocate Leon Koziol, J.D., and his test cases currently being reviewed by the United States Supreme Court and federal appeals court in New York City. This latest incident as predicted, was described in a post on his website www.leonkoziol.com only several days ago, appearing on October 10, 2011.

In a very ironic and timely twist on this, Mr. Koziol’s case will be conferenced by the Justices of the United States Supreme Court tomorrow, October 14, 2011, for a possible precedent setting decision. On the other case in New York City, the United States Justice Department, New York Attorney General and defense firms, have secured extension for their briefs and arguments.

For a fuller description of Mr. Koziol’s efforts to reform laws that harm parent-child relationships, please visit: www.leonkoziol.com. Leon Koziol is available for commentary regarding this current news story and pending litigation. He can be reached at (315) 796-4000. We are also asking our regular followers to please share this story with regional and national media connections.

As stated in previous posts, resources have dwindled to nothing in connection with our current cases. We are therefore seeking contributions from all concerned. Such cases would cost individual litigants or groups hundreds of thousands in competent fees and litigation expense. It is therefore crucial for all of our supporters to join us in this effort. A pay pal account has been set up to accept your donation. No matter how great or small it may be, every amount helps. Please consider this using the method provided below or by mail to: Parenting Rights Institute; 1518 Genesee Street; Utica, New York 13502. Once again, we would like to thank all of you for your help.

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News Media Features Story Highlighting Koziol’s Valuable Work

Congratulations to the staff at Your News Now (YNN) for carrying an outstanding segment which featured the valuable work that civil rights advocate Leon Koziol is doing with respect to preserving parent child relationships. Unlike other news outlets which seem to only care about the sensationalistic details surrounding Mr. Koziol’s personal life and professional career, YNN took the time to produce and prepare a segment that focused upon both the substance and relevance of Mr. Koziol’s work as it relates to the long over due need for domestic relations law reform in private child rearing matters. As these same news outlets continue to suppress and marginalize the importance of such mainstream issues, it’s refreshing to see an organization like YNN report the news in an objective, unbiased and informative manner all in an effort to better educate their viewers.

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