Lawyers to Litigants: Thanks for the fees in divorce and family courts, $10 million from three clients alone!

Dr. Leon Koziol, Director

Parenting Rights Institute

Former trial attorney and judicial whistleblower

$5 million was spent in divorce fees by Dr. Eric Braverman, now in bankruptcy, $2 million by Professor Anthony Pappas without child custody issue, both in NYC, and another $2 million from small business owner, Mike Seale, to become a record for upstate Warren County. That’s nearly $10 million for three clients alone. Unlike other professions, there’s no insurance for this.

As I continue to warn such victims, if you have the resources, they’ll take every last dollar for every needless service they can concoct. They will remind you that “it’s the law” (which they created) that requires filings, petitions, motions and appeals. They dupe you into believing they are acting in the “best interests” of your children even though they know nothing about them, never conceived or birthed them, and had nothing to do with the demands of upbringing.

Indeed, many of these court predators never had children after exiting law school during a lawyer glut hungry to find anything for a fee. And yet, time and again you fall prey to their slick sound bites, only $5,000 up front before they bill you to death. You have fallen into the web of a black-widow spider, and you can’t do anything to escape, scrambling from one law office to another after regular disappointments or malpractice in search of elusive justice.

If you are successful in any of this, you might boast of your exploits against your “adversary” (the mom or dad of your own children). But the truth is, in the end, it’s the lawyers on both sides of this barbaric process who are celebrating in chambers or local country club. Come on man, as Joe Biden would say, why do you think they scrutinize your financials? It’s not so much to get you that so-called “award.” It’s to gauge how much they can bill you.

When you are tapped out, it’s suddenly time to settle. Phone calls are not returned so regularly. And your children have been deprived of their college funds, the other parent with an extended family and/or their faith in your example. So why should anyone wonder why a whistleblower like me was so viciously targeted? I’ve been exposing this corruption for more than ten years only to confirm that this is a gold mine beyond reach of accountability.

To be sure, what can a “lone wolf,” victimized dad, and conscientious attorney accomplish without financial or organizational support against bar associations and special interests?

So the best thing we can do in our foxholes is to educate one another on the realities of this epidemic. We must choose private resolution over greed, ego and vendettas. The latter is what these predators crave. Putting them out of business turns out to be your best weapon based on their refusal to restrain and reform their gluttonous practices.

To that end, subscribe to our YouTube channel, Leon’s Library, our highly censored website at, and get vital assistance at If your ordeal is sufficiently outrageous, contact the Citizen Commission Against Corruption, Inc., a nonprofit devoted to keeping our public institutions accountable at (315) 864-8176.

Help us where you can. At the very least we all deserve a thankful greeting card from these unscrupulous lawyers and service providers during the holidays.

A great holiday gift for your lawyer, judge, the unwary litigant and those who properly seek to educate themselves: newly published book, Whistleblower in Paris, available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, publisher Author House, or any major bookseller on-line,

Merry Christmas from the Koziol family !


An extraordinary scene created on Christmas Day 2015 by a combination of human and celestial forces at the homestead of parental rights advocate Leon Koziol

Connecting a full moon and manger scene with a giant decorated pine tree. Excelsior! (New York State’s Motto meaning “ever upward”).

It’s not about money, it’s about family relationships during this particular holiday season. I’m hoping to deliver for all victimized moms and dads in the dysfunctional system known as family court. Merry Christmas to all !

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Merry Christmas to all of America’s Moms and Dads !


A very hardy manger scene which has survived 25 years at my several homes in blustery winters and on the front of my boats during summer end parades on Lake George, rickety yes but like me, they’re still standing! They were spared this season with 65 degree temperatures. Is this some kind of omen?  Merry Christmas everyone.


Sadly there are parents who will be unable to see their children this Christmas. So many of these situations will arise from atrocities orchestrated by greedy lawyers and unscrupulous judges in divorce and family courts.

They include judges like Dan King of Lowville, New York and childless attorney William Koslosky who hates his own dad based on a fight over red skin potatoes 50 years ago. We don’t make these things up here at Leon On November 25,  2015, they caused a gag order on this website to silence our reform efforts. Well we’re still here defying that order in the posterity of such civil rights heroes as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony.

Which brings us to a very special holiday message to all of our followers. In the past few weeks I have been working feverishly and overtime to set legal precedent for parents abused in these courts. I got all of it mailed or filed by Christmas Eve: a federal mandamus action in Manhattan, a state mandamus action in Rochester and an appeal before the high court of New York, to name a few.

My adversaries have taken everything from me in a corrupt scheme to discredit my public challenge to this trillion dollar child control industry, from license suspensions conditioned on a waiver of free speech rights to an anti-filing order from an omnipotent Judge Gary Sharpe. The latter is a federal judge who was removed from a case for discovering a human gene which can decide outcomes in place of juries. Again we don’t make these things up, see for yourself in United States v Cossey, 2011.

Yeah it’s a real cluster-blunder in these courts and an unsuspecting public remains their victims. But take heart, I’m still speaking out, still filing precedent seeking litigation and still committed to removing needless state intervention into private family affairs. After 23 unblemished years as a trial lawyer successfully fighting government corruption, this remains my most important human rights cause.

Like a modern day Santa Claus I’ve sent out complaints and lawsuits to judicial commissions and civil rights violators of our most precious liberty rights in parenting. You may not have received your present this year, the hopeful benefits of these efforts, but rest assured, someday  it may happen to give you the most important gift of the holiday season, your children and mine.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night !

Dr. Leon R. Koziol