Koziol To Offer Seminars


In the aftermath of parenting sessions held in New York City over the holidays, Leon Koziol, J.D. was solicited to provide seminars in Ohio and upstate New York on the subject of self representation, federal court access and litigation avoidance principles. Mr. Koziol is now offering similar sessions to large or small groups nationwide in conformity with his goal of securing long overdue reform. Parent and child exploitations by divorce lawyers and government bureaucrats are impairing business and family relationships everywhere. An inside look at these damaging processes from the perspective of a 23 year trial attorney is intended to promote real justice and conciliatory resolutions. As a parent himself, Mr. Koziol draws from additional expertise leading and representing citizen groups since 1985 in both federal and state courts. In recent years, he has appeared on the CBS Program 60 Minutes, New York Times and CNN. Depending upon the nature of inquiries, a single meeting, weekend session or on-line interactions are possible to address a wide range of interests and financial capacities. Unsuspecting victims continue to be relegated to a child control industry which depletes savings and assets with no demonstrable benefit to parents, employers and innocent children. The products manufactured by this child industry are cheaply crafted controversies which are harming the productivity and health of an entire nation. Contact us directly at (315) 796-4000 for further information that may save you, your business and children thousands of dollars in work efficiency and litigation costs.