Is there a Parent Revolution Brewing in America Today?

April 6, 2017

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Since releasing my March 1, 2017 Report to the Trump Administration, I have received calls and electronic communications from across the country and Canada. At first they came predominantly from moms, 90%. Finally the dads weighed in to make it a 60-40 split in favor of moms. But this movement is anything but a gender competition. That’s what the lawyers and court predators want it to be so they can grab your last dollar and blame the controversies they cause on you when the money’s gone.

I will summarize here what I have stated to my callers. First I’m not a therapist. I will take emergency calls but cannot simply hear war stories. If I did that all day, I would earn nothing and my utilities would be shut off. Second, I will not give out free legal advice. Anyone who has bothered to read my background and sacrifices for this cause would know that my adversaries have retaliated, discredited my reform message and are scrutinizing everything I do including a gag order on this site which I had to get removed in New York Supreme Court. Third, I can give your personal cases professional assistance only through the services and products offered on my site at Finally, I am only interested in those who have something to offer the greater reform movement since few are willing to donate any money to this site.

To that end, I have received a response to my report to the Trump administration. It is simply this: They have no interest in individual cases and will react only if we show there is a problem. That means we need a rally in Washington. We need to get serious about an event on 9/17/17, Constitution Day, to take back our parenting rights. Our Supreme Court declared it to be the “oldest liberty interest protected under our Constitution,” Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000).

After 30 years litigating in these courts, the last 10 trying to get keyboard warriors to leave the comfort of their homes (pontificating uselessly to no one who cares) we need to join together to do something real for reform purposes. I have remained unsuccessful in getting a march or rally on Constitution Day for the past ten years. Now the timing could not be better for such an event. This past month I have been given some genuine encouragements from court victims. Now it’s time to stop the talking, the crying, the poor-me stories and take on the spirit of America. We need to take a stand against a corrupt court system that is destroying parent-child relationships. Let’s do it.

For serious callers, my office number is (315) 380-3420.

Breaking News! Trump-Putin Connection Revealed

Vladimir Putin

Administrator’s Note: Things may seem a bit quiet around here at, but rest assured, we’ve been busy and once again, we’ve outdone ourselves with this latest real news story. It’s an exclusive story that the mainstream news media is gonna go nuts over!

This is the smoking gun of smoking guns – It’s all the proof that’s needed to show how the Russians interfered in the United States Presidential election and guess who was smack dab in the middle of it all? … The one and only Dr. Leon Koziol.

Our story begins on September 17, 2013 when Dr. Leon Koziol testified before the now disbanded New York State Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University.

Leon’s eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark. But listen to what Dr. Koziol says at the 2 hour, 36 minutes and 5 seconds mark –BOOM!

Within just two months of Dr. Koziol’s testimony where he publicly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin and exposed judicial corruption in our third branch of government, he was soon denied reinstatement of his law license and due process in a court proceeding which caused him to lose all contact with his children.

But wait, our story doesn’t just end there – there’s more!

Here’s where things get even more interesting. Guess who was recently colluding with now President Trump’s then special counsel and current spokesperson Michael Cohen, Esq. on the behalf of the Russians before the Presidential election? …You guessed it… None other than Dr. Leon Koziol again. The only thing we still don’t know, is who ordered the wiretap?

According to an intercepted August 22, 2016 post featured here at LeonKoziol.Com, it’s quite obvious to the casual observer, that in fact, Dr. Leon Koziol had been secretly working with the Russians and the Trump Administration to not only influence the outcome of the Presidential election, but to expose Title IV-D Federal incentive grants and their influence on our Nation’s domestic relations courts.  Click Here to Read

So there you have it folks. All of the proof that one could ever need to show how the Putin-Trump connection is very real and Dr. Leon Koziol has been in the midst of it all. It also explains why Dr. Koziol has been subjected to such severe retaliation. After all, this is America and who would dare suppress one’s free speech?

Once again, you just can’t make this stuff up! If exposing court corruption means the Russian’s have infiltrated the minds of all non-custodial parents alike across America and any attempt to promote court reform will result in retaliation- You just gotta ask yourself… Who’s the real socialist here?




Good News For Abused Litigants: Supreme Court Makes Judge Removal Easier

On March 6, 2017, the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Rippo v Baker which reiterated that a litigant should have discovery rights in a proper case to remove a judge from his or her case. Should that right now be given to President Donald Trump to address the liberal bias of Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg after she conducted anti-Trump news conferences from her Supreme Court chambers? What a fascinating turn of events when the next anti-president case reaches our high court.


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Once again, I am proven correct in my constitutional arguments seeking recourse for abused litigants in my personal cases. The Supreme Court issued a decision only days ago which makes it easier to remove judges from such cases. Before getting to the specifics, some background is in order.

For the past eight years, I have filed civil rights actions against judges and lawyers who abused parents and children for profit in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Repeatedly I raised Title IV-D incentive grants and bizarre rulings which showed a systemic prejudice against “non-custodial parents.” Repeatedly I was turned down with defamatory decisions condemning my arguments or ignoring them altogether.

It was a judicial scheme to discredit my previously unblemished reputation and alarming (but accurate) public messages. For example, remember the bizarre gene theorist, Gary Sharpe, a federal judge in Albany, New York? He’s the one I asked to be removed from my 2014 case due to a human gene he announced to decide his cases, a gene he claimed would not be discovered by the science experts “for another fifty years.” Again, I am not making these things up, verify it by Googling: United States v Cossey, 632 F.3d 82 (2nd Cir. 2011).

Gary was removed from that case by a federal appeals court in Manhattan because his shocking gene concoction was deemed a disgrace to the judiciary. I took the position that a judge infected with such a mental defect should have had the self-respect or dignity to resign altogether from the bench because we could never know what other undisclosed gene discoveries may be floating around in his mind, i.e. a race, ethnic or gender gene which removes the need for juries. The federal appeals court simply did not go far enough in its decision. It should have recommended Sharpe’s resignation or impeachment.

Imagine if you or I showed up in family court claiming our discovery of a gene which caused judges to seek bribes. We would be committed on the spot. Yet Gary is still presiding in federal court and could easily become the next judge dictating how national security should be handled by our new president. The retaliation on my parent-child relations and license reinstatement applications began within weeks of my testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption where I exposed judicial misconduct that “read like a docket sheet in any criminal court.”

Judge Sharpe denied my motion for his disqualification and then went on to dismiss my case at its inception, thereby depriving me of my discovery rights which could have further proven the collusion and misconduct, i.e. documentary demands, pretrial interrogatories. Such rights are not automatic, but because a judge will rarely admit his or her misconduct, I had a heightened right to show systemic or personal prejudice through circumstantial facts and inferences. Removal could then be required based on a “totality of circumstances.” I also argued that under state law, a judge is generally the “sole judge” of his own impartiality, a bizarre self-serving rule if there ever was one.

Judge Sharpe utterly ignored my arguments and case citations, choosing instead to attack the messenger of reform, depicting my complaint and papers as “rambling” and “incomprehensible,” among other deflecting terms plucked from a thesaurus. Well I was proven correct again this month when the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Rippo v Baker, No. 16-6316 (March 6, 2017). It ruled that a convicted murderer sentenced to death could have a judge disqualified from his case based on a “totality of circumstances” even where actual bias for the state could not be shown. You will see the “totality of circumstances” argument throughout my filings over the years.

Significantly the opinion was less than three pages in length and issued without any briefing. It was based on pauper status and a petition for writ of certiorari. That should be very encouraging for those parents deprived of resources who continue to seek precedent at our nation’s highest court. It is a shame that a convicted murderer was given priority over my two petitions pending the same year which were both denied. I guess a non-criminal civil rights case to advance First Amendment and parenting liberties in addition to due process was not as high as a murderer on this Supreme Court’s agenda.

For now, it is critical that our high court reiterated the rule that federal due process allows a litigant in a proper case to obtain discovery rights to prove a bribe, misconduct or a pattern of rulings that would convince a reasonably objective person that a particular judge should be removed. Judge Sharpe denied both my discovery and due process rights despite powerful evidence of systemic prejudice which no reasonable person could accept consistent with impartial decision making.

This website, is filled with postings that explain how viciously I was treated due to my judicial whistleblower activity. Just one undisputed fact should have been sufficient to have my personal cases moved to a district where my free speech had less likely impacts on my parent-child relations. That fact is the disqualification of 35 trial judges from my family court proceedings over the past ten years, a likely record in American judicial history. Many of these disqualifications occurred without correction to the damage inflicted prior to removal.

My “totality of circumstances” included a pedophile custody judge (Bryan Hedges), fictional college degrees for elevated child support and Title IV-D revenue purposes, and bizarre parenting conditions such as “prohibited alcohol related gestures” (a wedding toast). What we have, my friends, is a judiciary in this country which is getting increasingly out-of-control and ever abusive of the people they are sworn to serve under our Constitution. They have assumed the role of “gods” as convicted ex-chief judge Sol Wachtler disclosed in his book, After the Madness.

We see federal judges today, never elected by anyone, with life terms and no relevant qualifications, dictating national security to our elected Commander-in-Chief. We have family judges doing the same with childrearing. Well here is a decision which should make all moms and dads happy. It’s not something I haven’t already been saying on this site and in my court filings, but at least my followers will have a further understanding why these parent-child predators are working overtime to destroy me and my highly qualified disclosures on this site, i.e. I had to file an action in New York Supreme Court last year to remove a family judge gag order against this same site. He stepped down weeks later (Judge Daniel King of Lowville, New York).

Here you will continue to learn what they do not want you to know. What you do with that information and your lawyers is your business. I am only the messenger, your modern day Paul Revere if you will, because they are coming for you, like it or not, in one way or another, through legalized kidnapping, tax hikes, overmedicated children, bankrupted litigants, “child support” debtor prisons, the list goes on.

My recent report which explains this Title IV-D funding epidemic is now in the hands of our new administration. I will have much more to report, including my shocking book to be published in coming months. Justice sometimes arrives in ways we never expect. Please support our cause financially on this site. Do it for the sake of your children and future generations. And as always, call me direct in emergency situations at (315) 796-4000.


Preet Bharara: Corruption Fighter or Self-Promoter?


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

 I testified along with Preet Bharara and Loretta Lynch before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption on September 17, 2013. As followers of this site, know, I exposed an epidemic in our divorce and family courts citing federal funding abuses under the Title IV-D program. I compared judicial misconduct to a docket sheet in any criminal court.

I also exposed family judges who were awarding me fictional college degrees nowhere in any record to elevate support obligations to unmanageable levels. They refused to correct those errors to the present day, making those degrees the “law of the case” and a feat which no university would dare attempt. This is just part of a shocking ordeal soon to be featured in my book, Killing Courts: A True Story of Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry.  Justice is actually occurring in unexpected ways.

Exactly three weeks after that testimony, a process was started to take my daughters from me in retaliation. These “family” judges could not come out and admit it, so they abused judicial office instead with a series of conditions designed to discredit my public message. Only two months later, that process was complete without any finding of unfit parenting. It was a process more familiar to the Third Reich than our third branch of government.

While all this serious “corruption” was occurring to an expendable judicial whistleblower, Loretta Lynch and Preet Bharara were focusing on self-promotion, ignoring my phone calls and reports to their respective offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I guess the little victims were not so important as the big time crooks who could give them a name and career advancement. Let’s face it, if you’re self-absorbed and trying to grab media headlines, exposing family law corruption isn’t exactly a sexy topic that’s going to get you any real notoriety. Instead, it’s easier to avoid the elephant in the room and look the other way.

For Loretta’s part, she was later elevated to U.S. Attorney General by Barack Obama where her principal claim to fame was a “family” discussion with Bill Clinton on a tarmac of an Arizona airport. It just so happened at the time that our nation’s top prosecutor was wrapping up a confidential investigation of Hillary’s long list of crimes during her ill-fated campaign for president.

Meanwhile a scorned Preet Bharara was out slaying one corrupt state leader after the other in reaction to Governor Andrew Cuomo who prematurely dissolved his Corruption Commission. He did so when testimony began to implicate the governor himself. For reasons that have not been credibly explained, Andy got a free pass. Even when the “Buffalo Billions” funding scandal came public in 2016, implicating aids closest to the governor, Andy was again excused. It made possible a 2020 campaign for president with Preet as a likely pick for Attorney General. Does anyone else see the logic to all this?

Now we have Preet in love with himself like never before, defying his boss, President Donald Trump, who offered to continue Preet as a prosecutor when standard political procedure was to remove hold-overs loyal to prior bosses. Preet is endeavoring to disguise his overriding ambitions by claiming a rule of independence. But where was that rule when his former boss, Loretta, was on the tarmac with Bill during an investigation of our former secretary of state?

While these political predators are busy corrupting our federal offices, the people are unable to get accountability for their “inconsequential” suffering at the hands of corrupt judges and unethical lawyers, like those engaged in the witch hunt against me. They were allowed to resign by their appeals court employers for falsifying time sheets without any public charges, ethical or criminal, ever brought against them (our standard-bearers of lawyer ethics charged with a duty of preventing over-billing practices).

Imagine what would happen if you or I stole from a court of law? It was clearly a politically expedient maneuver to quell a very embarrassing scandal within New York’s high courts. Yet to this day, nothing has been done to investigate the many cases of those who testified against our third branch of government while hundreds who also came to testify were locked outside on the streets.

A highly researched report was completed by me on March 1, 2017 which exposes an epidemic of scandalous proportion in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It is being shared with people close to the White House with the hope that the “judicial swamp” can be drained of its corruption. I have received many calls for a copy of this report but because I am unfunded and bankrupted by these retributions, I am asking for donations and investor contacts.

It is a trillion dollar industry we are fighting here. Among the calls are moms and dads at wits end concerning their court ordeals. I may have prevented yet another suicide today. For this reason I am welcoming anyone who needs the kind of encouragement I can offer. Believe me, you are not alone. If you know such a person, have him or her call me direct at (315) 796-4000. I do not seek compensation or donations for emergency calls.

Testimony of Leon Koziol, J.D., before the New York Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University on September 17, 2013. Leon’s eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:

Alarming Report calls on Federal Government to Investigate Serious Abuses in Divorce and Family Courts

Donald Trump, his family and administration could win the hearts of America if they would act on a report submitted by Dr. Leon Koziol to top officials entitled:  Title IV-D of the Social Security Act: A Federal Funding Epidemic in America’s Divorce and Family Courts

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

It’s reached epidemic proportions: a federal funding program rewarding state judges by the number and size of support orders manufactured in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It has escalated to a point where moms and dads have been forced to name a superior “custodial parent” even when they are self-sufficient, cooperative and opposed to “custody wars” in these courts.

Known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (Child Support Standards Act), billions of dollars in performance based funding is awarded to the states each year, effectively federalizing domestic relations, incentivizing lucrative conflict, injecting financial bias among  judges in favor of the state against its own citizens and creating a gold mine for lawyers, politicians and bureaucrats.

It is a well concealed epidemic protected by bar associations and special interests which has led to costly social problems, from an over medicated society to a nation with the most imprisoned population in the free world. This report explains how it has all occurred through extensive research and how our new administration can “drain the judicial swamp” in these courts.

After 23 years as a successful civil rights attorney, and another ten years advocating for reform, I completed this report not as an indictment of my profession, although my adversaries like to defame it that way, but only as it fails a moral obligation to reign in vast injuries inflicted upon innocent children and parents duped into believing this is a legitimate system of justice.

In this area of practice, Title IV-D has ushered in what I call “fictional justice.” It has turned these family tribunals, once labeled “kangaroo courts” by a Supreme Court Justice, into profit centers with an ever-diminishing concern for the true “best interests” of our children. Entire college funds have been drained by unscrupulous lawyers concocting needless issues for fee purposes.

Over the past two weeks I have been in Manhattan promoting this report for funding and government action. Copies have been submitted through various reliable contacts to top officials of the Trump Administration. It is also being submitted to a congressional oversight panel to supplement one reviewed in 2016 during the prior administration. It is highly valuable as an expert resource for court proceedings, public hearings and amicus briefs to support any Supreme Court writ on the subject of family rights against the states.

This is a trillion dollar industry which parents must join to fight for the sake of our children and future generations. Unfortunately, the victims continue to be fractured, surfing the net for incompetent free things, crying about ordeals for therapy to no one who cares, and engaging in delusional reforms from the comfort of their home keyboards. It’s no wonder the carnage is escalating.

If you would like a copy of this report, kindly make a financial contribution to our cause on this site. I am also looking for serious minded parent advocates to deliver copies to their local representatives in Congress so that a federal investigation can finally be launched.

I have been inundated with individual war stories over the years without compensation on the assumption that I am directing some kind of free legal aid society. We are about long overdue reform and welcome those who have something meaningful to offer, i.e. an investor, valuable service or D.C. rally.

Feel free to contact me direct at (315) 796-4000.



Utica, New York, Divorce Lawyer, Mark McLane: R.I.P.?

Last week at Central Park covering a Donald Trump rally on President’s Day

I had been wondering why my settlement papers had not yet come in after three quiet months on my foreclosure case. The bank agreed to walk away from a $220,000 claim on my (former marital) home due to my exposure of a joint fraud carried out in a 2008 refinance transaction. It was executed without my knowledge by my ex-secretary (convicted and jailed in 2016) and her friend, the bank’s assistant branch manager (who was fired in 2009).

No one believed me when I defended this foreclosure action as a crime victim until disclosure papers revealed that my ex-spouse, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, may have been in on it. She was actually named as a defendant in that action even though all parties conceded that she was never present at that phantom transaction. Yet the bank and its prominent law firm proceeded with the foreclosure with full knowledge of the fraud and a transaction that no competent in-house lawyer would have approved.

Welcome to my world as a one-time civil rights lawyer who successfully took on corrupt officials. It’s just another part of the revenge saga which is continuing after ten years. When I discovered this fraud in 2014, I raised it in opposition to a bank motion for summary judgment (they were trying to avoid a public trial). Had I assumed the routine merit to foreclosure, I would have lost my home in addition to everything else for standing up to family court corruption. However my research paid off. I won two motions, and both the presiding judge and bank law firm stepped down (or were fired).

That’s when divorce lawyer Mark McLane entered the fray on behalf of my ex-spouse, one of many lawyers she retained to make Joseph Flihan Jr., a millionaire, childless, salesman, the father of my children. Shortly after his retention, Mark was institutionalized for a life-threatening condition. His lawyer brother took over temporarily, and then Mark made a recovery, returning to the fray with one known lie after another. He was out to destroy my rightful status as a natural father never found to be unfit, never even accused of a crime, drug or alcohol history.

In May, 2016, Mark berated me once again in a foreclosure settlement conference, chatting loudly beforehand with my ex-spouse concerning her undivided support of Hillary Clinton. At the time, they knew my support of Donald Trump, thought to be a joke and long shot for the presidency. Kelly Hawse even added that she had been an intern for Hillary if I understood her correctly. If that was true, she could not have been very competent from all the corrections I had to make to her resumes later on.

In June, Mark learned that I would not be obtaining settlement funds necessary for his lawyer fees. On January 18, 2017, I received the latest complaint from my witch hunt ethics lawyers regarding an “anonymous complaint” made during that same month of June. It concerned foreclosure testimony which no other lawyer or judge to date (reviewing the same transcript) found unethical. Today, I learned why our final settlement arrangement had been mysteriously delayed. The newest bank counsel informed me that Mark McLane had “passed away” on January 13, 2017.

Upon belatedly consulting the obituary, I learned that he had died “after a courageous battle with cancer” at an age close to mine. I also learned that he “grew up in Lowville, New York” where Family Judge Daniel King impaired contact with my daughters before disqualifying himself, also in June, 2016. Finally, in addition to blood relatives, Mark McLane left behind “his partner of many years, Debra Flihan,” who I am told now is the sister of my intended replacement father, Joseph Flihan Jr.

In November, 2016, divorce lawyer Mark McLane was still at it, raising lies and circumstances calculated to defame my rightful status as a natural father. You would think that after surviving death only two years earlier, he would have given this whole divorce and custody scam a rest. But it is an evil and addictive calling. How was he to know that his life would be taken only weeks later. I have never published a post like this, but on today’s date, I also received yet another decision from New York’s Appellate Division in Rochester that I may never see my daughters again.

This is a sick court system that I continue to fight, one that would make the Soviet Union and Third Reich proud. It’s all about the money and not any genuine concern for children. To all my deranged, greedy and satanic family court adversaries: you may think you’re all succeeding with something here, but you still cannot grasp the real judge and true justice. So here is some poetic justice for you to chew on in your lawyer rooms while you trade, deal and bad mouth your own clients. This justice had little or nothing to do with me:

My custody judge was removed from the bench after being caught admitting to sexual abuse on his handicapped, five year old niece. The judge who violated his own recorded procedure to cause my child support license suspension is long gone from the bench and was recently defeated in an election trying to get his old job back as county prosecutor. The ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me were terminated after an investigation by an Inspector General who discovered their falsified time sheets (standard bearers of lawyer ethics charged with the duty for overseeing billing practices).

My ex-secretary influenced by outsiders to orchestrate ethics charges in my law office was finally convicted and imprisoned last year. The entire Fourth Department appeals court disqualified itself on April 28, 2010 (yet still ruling against me today), and over 30 trial judges have been removed from my family proceedings since 2008, unprecedented in American judicial history by my research.

Worst of all, my children have lost a model father due to the money-lusting “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol.  Their college funds are also long gone. As for their never retained, judge- appointed lawyer, William Koslosky, all you have to do is look at him. Justice for his crimes will come when the time is proper. Until then, “F. Lee Billy,” keep the malpractice going.

There is much more to come with a motion filed to remove confidentiality over my ethics proceedings and a report being reviewed by outside authorities. In all this chaos and mayhem, I am reminded of the blockbuster movie, Devil’s Advocate, when I finally realized that my morals might no longer qualify me to continue in this profession. I am no holy roller, but I also have no reason to justify my weekly attendance at church services to anyone. It’s a private matter, as is our nation’s parent-child relations. They are off-limits to psycho lawyers and money-grubbing court predators. It’s not me saying this. It’s always been that way, since the beginning of civilization. It’s how we all got here. Deal with it!         

A True David-Goliath Battle to Reform our Nation’s Divorce and Family Courts as the Epidemic Worsens

Leon Koziol & 60 Minutes host Morley Safer in Koziol Law Office

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

 If you’ve lost your children to parental alienation, been victimized by a “custody war” or gotten bankrupted to avoid a “child support” debtor prison, your condition just got worse. They’ve killed off your true advocates who sought to reform this corrupt system.

You can ignore or even deny this, but like our overmedicated and overweight society, it comes back to bite you hard time and again. It’s an epidemic that’s underway in our nation’s divorce and family courts caused by lawyers and fee predators which is being censored on all fronts to protect a trillion-dollar industry.

If you’re a regular visitor of this reform site,, consider yourself fairly educated. You’re also in good company. Our adversaries have been targeting it for extinction since 2010. So far, I’ve survived the retributions, defamation and child exploitation, even removed a gag order from this site in New York Supreme Court.

From judges and bar associations to politicians and bureaucrats, they’re all reading the same alarming messages here. You see, they’re not concerned about the horde of self-appointed GED court experts leading the blind in a hopeless cause, or the insider trolls benefiting from the corruption who are putting out fires on the internet, they’re worried about those who know the corrupt system, those who could gain momentum through secondary and social media, qualified advocates exactly like me.

I never asked to be here. Who would want all this persecution anyway? I’m here because they came after my family. That’s when it turned personal. And they never expected to find such tenacity, their worst nightmare, in the one-man battles I have been forced into because of apathy and lack of funding. For those of you who require proof, I have no reason to give it, it’s all over my site, but in today’s post I’ll make an exception.

Among the many accomplishments, hence the credibility of my public reform message, are the cases I won in federal and state courts over a thirty year period. I will ask you to look up just one. It has all the proof you will need of my true qualifications and reasons behind such a vicious onslaught of retaliation.

In Oneida Nation v Oneida County, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000), I represented a citizens group seeking to invalidate a billion dollar casino compact as a countersuit to a class action lawsuit to remove 20,000 landowners from their homes, farms and businesses. They existed in a politically weak region of upstate New York and struggled to find a lawyer or firm to take on a well-funded goliath.

I took on the cause and ultimately succeeded against the odds by helping to organize, fund and direct a citizen fighting machine against a lawsuit remarkably based on a 1794 treaty. And they’re now calling my lawsuits “frivolous!” I was able to get the casino invalidated in 2005, and this was one of the decisions I won to get there. Only months earlier, the same federal judge berated me before national media and a packed courtroom due to a news article he had read the prior night (true story).

But I did not let those insults (sure to cause any other lawyer to run) break my moral resolve, tenacity and ultimate victory. Yet that victory is not the real story here. If you look at the lawyers cited in the later published (cited) opinion, you will find my name affiliated with a prominent law firm, Bond Schoeneck and King, together with “of counsel” which had no involvement with our successful arguments. They were never at our trial table or podium, and I had never been associated with them.

It was an elitist, public deception which, like so many other injustices in my civil rights work, constituted a dilution and wrongful seizure of my life accomplishments. This was just another tactic typically employed in retaliation for my many David-Goliath battles protecting the little guys from government abuse. The same thing has been happening here in this family court reform movement but on a much grander scale.

As you study the complexities of the casino-land claim decision, you should take a look at all the law firms that I was up against, elite lawyers flown in from Washington, Manhattan and elsewhere. One of them is “Cravath, Swaine & Moore,” arguably one of the most prominent law firms in the world. While lobbying for reform these past two weeks in Manhattan, I had occasion to stroll past their expansive atrium and offices at 825 8th Avenue.

If you’re ever near Times Square, you should visit this massive building yourself to get a perspective on one of the most startling David-Goliath successes in the country at the time. I was featured on CBS 60 Minutes and front page of the New York Times. I was not only the law firm, managing partner and lead counsel opposing such giants, I was the ONLY counsel doing so for the citizens group that won this decision.

That was over 15 years ago. And now you know why they are targeting me so viciously today. There is a very real fear that I could succeed with long overdue reforms in our nation’s family courts if I ever became properly funded. It could lead to shared parenting laws in all states with corrupt judges and lawyers finally held accountable for the serious harm being inflicted on innocent children and unsuspecting moms and dads.

So the next time you read or hear about some defamatory statement made about me, refer them to this case. You are also welcome to call the law offices of Bond, Schoeneck & King to inquire whether I was ever affiliated with them in any way, let alone whether they had anything to do with this successful casino-land claim litigation. You should also purchase and promote my upcoming book: Killing Courts: A True Story of Corruption and Carnage in our Nation’s Divorce Industry.

We need funding folks, not therapy or war stories. If you have something meaningful to offer or refer our way, please do so not for my sake, but for your own children, families and future generations of Americans. I can be reached directly at (315) 796-4000.